When love turns dark ArDeep SS Part 3

On the last day of college…

Deep proposed Payal with red roses:I have confessed my love to you many times.But today I am proposing you.Will you marry me?

Payal blushed taking flowers from him:Yes.I too want to marry you Deep.

Deep carried her in his arms and twirled around.
Suddenly his eyes fell on Arohi’s teary eyes.
He thought:What happened to Arohi?While all are happy why our cupid Arohi alone not happy?
Arohi ran away weeping.
Deep:Payal…I will go to the wash room and come.
P:Ok Deep.
Without Payal’s knowledge Deep followed Arohi.
Deep found Arohi with Virat.
Virat:Arohi…you only united Deep and Payal.Then why are you upset now?
Arohi:I united them as they love each other.I am happy for them.But still I am an ordinary human being Virat.I still love Deep and I can’t bear the pain of losing him.I feel really sad seeing him with Payal.

Deep was shocked:Arohi!
Arohi looked at him with a shock.
Deep:Arohi..I thought you are our genuine friend.But now I realized your true colour.You pretended to be our well wisher and is lusting me secretly?
Arohi wept:No Deep.You are misunderstanding me.
Deep:Don’t try to defend yourself Arohi.I heard everything which you told Virat.Till now I considered you as my trustworthy friend.But now onwards you are not my friend.I hate you Arohi.
Arohi was embarrassed:Deep..please don’t tell this to Payal.I don’t want her to hate me.I can’t bear it Deep.Please…

Deep:Let Payal also know your true colour.
AROHI:Please Deep…no..I beg you.
Deep:Stop shedding crocodile tears Arohi.

Virat:Deep…Arohi is not pretending.She can’t control herself from loving you when she sees you.Is that a fault?
Deep:It’s her fault Virat.Only Payal has the right to love me.
Arohi:Ok..But if you tell this to Payal things will get more complicated.Do you want that?
Deep:Ok..I won’t tell this to Payal.
Arohi was relieved:Thank you Deep.
Deep:Not because my anger got melted seeing your fake tears Arohi,it’s only because my Payal won’t be able to bear pain if she comes to know her best friend’s true colour.But stay away from me and Payal.Never come between us.Otherwise I will tell it to everyone.
AROHI:I promise..i will never come between you and Payal.


Payal was shocked hearing this.
Deep:That’s why Arohi broke all ties with us.She did’nt attend our wedding as I told her to stay away from us.Though she promised that she will never come between us she broke her promise and is staying with us shamelessly.

P:But Deep…I am not able to believe all this.
Deep:Do you think i am lying?
P:No Deep.I know you can’t lie to me.But still…
Deep:Still what Payal?Arohi has come here purposefully to create distance between us as she wants me to be hers.She is succeeding as you started arguing with me for her.
P:But Deep..how can she come here to create distance between us?She never knew that she will end up in our house.I only brought her here when she was unconscious.I am sure that Arohi does’nt have any bad intention now.She is married and she agreed to stay here as she is homeless.

Deep:She has left her husband Payal.So her tag of being married is not is not an issue for her.I think her husband is innocent.He hates her..may be because he came to know that she loves someone else now also.Her own parents must have abandoned her because of her immoral character.After reaching here she must have thought of separating us and get me for herself as she is free now.So Payal..let her go back.
Payal was confused.
Deep:See her off and come.

Payal went to Arohi’s room.She was shocked to see the bags being unpacked.
Arohi smiled:Payal…I thought about what you said and decided to stay back.
Payal was shocked.
AROHI:Deep may be angry with me for not attending your wedding.But what to do?I had to go abroad for my higher studies.Admission was ready.
Payal thought:Arohi is talking just opposite to what Deep told me.
AROHI:I have decided to melt Deep’s anger.So I am going to do something.
AROHI:I will make jalebi.You know that during college days he used to die for my jalebies.
Arohi went to the kitchen and started making jalebies.
P:Arohi,what is the need of all this?

AROHI:Payal…I will have to make it to melt Deep’s anger.
Payal thought:Oh God..what will I tell Deep now?

After making jalebis Arohi was satisfied:Jalebies ready.

Deep was sitting in his room.Hearing footsteps he turned back calling Payal.He was shocked to see Arohi.
Payal came.
AROHI:I have decided not to go and decided to stay back to make you my friend again.
Deep was stunned.He stared at Payal angrily.Payal became upset.
Arohi started feeding him jalebi forcefully.

Payal felt uncomfortable seeing Arohi feeding Deep with her hands.
She thought:What is this Arohi doing?

AROHI:Now you are feeling better.Right Deep?Anger level has gone down.Right?
Deep was silent.
AROHI:I knew that my jalebi can do that.
She patted his cheek:Bye for now.Because you are craving to spend time with Payal.
Arohi walked out.
Deep stared at Payal angrily:What is all this Payal?

Payal was silent.
Deep:See how she decided to stay back and made jalebi for me?Did you see how she fed me jalebi with her hand?She is trying to woo me.
Payal :I think you are right.She was being too sweet to you.
Deep:Good that you started understanding that.
Payal thought a lot about what Deep told about Arohi and Arohi’s behaviour.

After some time…
Payal went near Arohi.She stared at Arohi.
P:Arohi…can I ask you something?
AROHI:Yes ask.
P:Did you love anyone in our college?
Arohi became dull.
P:Tell Arohi.
P:Whom did you love?
Arohi was silent.
P:Tell Arohi.Don’t test my patience.

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