When Love Turns Dark ArDeep SS Part 2

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When Love Turns Dark Part 2

Payal sat near Arohi:Arohi…no need to be scared.You are in our house.
Arohi was relieved.
P:I found you unconscious on the road and so i brought you here.The doctor said you starved and that’s why you fainted.So drip was given.Why did’nt you eat anything Arohi?
Arohi burst into tears.
P:What happened Arohi?
AROHI:I was stuck up in a bad marriage.My husband tortured me every single second.Because he had an extra marital affair.So I left the house.My own family abandoned me as they think that after marriage a girl has no place in Maayka.So I wandered around homeless.That’s why I starved.
Deep-Arohi were shocked.
P:Oh no..your parents and your husband are so heartless.Who is your husband?
AROHI:What is the point in that?I have left him and he is no more my husband.
P:Where will you go?
AROHI:I don’t know.

Arohi cried.
P:You stay here Arohi.
Arohi was stunned:But Payal..
P:You were our best friend in college.So it’s our duty to help you.
Payal looked at Deep:Right Deep?
Deep said hesitatingly:Yes.
P:So you stay here Arohi.
Arohi hugged Payal:Thank you so much Payal.You are an Angel who helped me when my own family abandoned me.
Payal-Arohi became emotional.Payal caressed her.

Deep was irritated and he left to their room.
Deep:Damn it..Arohi will stay here.
He turned back.Payal was there.
P:So you don’t like Arohi staying here.Right?
Deep:Yes.I want privacy.I don’t like anyone spoiling our paradise.Because of her our wedding anniversary got spoiled.

P:Oh Deep.Arohi is in distress.As friends we should help her.Right?

Deep:Arohi has no one.So are you planning to make her stay here for the whole life?
P:Deep…why are you thinking too much?

Deep:We need to think Payal.
P:I can’t think too much about the future like you.But all I know is I want to help Arohi now.I am not that selfish to leave my friend to suffer alone.
Deep:You are proving that Arohi is more important for you than me.

P:Deep…why are you thinking like this?
Deep:Your behaviour is forcing me to think like this Payal.
P:Nothing like that Deep.I just want to help her.
Deep:Ok help….I won’t stop you.
Deep lay on his bed closing his eyes.Payal became dull.

The next day Payal served breakfast to Arohi.
P:Eat well.Here I won’t let you starve.

Arohi smiled.
Payal took Arohi out.Arohi started becoming fresh.
P:After coming here there is change in you.Your pale face is becoming bright.I am so happy for you.
Arohi smiled.

Deep went near Payal.
Deep:Payal…you are always after Arohi.Now you don’t have time for me.
P:Nothing like that Deep.Arohi needs our presence now.You were also her friend in college.But now you are not even talking to her.At least I should take care of her.Right?
Arohi who overheard this felt sad seeing them argue in her name.

Deep:Ok…now onwards you sleep with Arohi,don’t come to sleep with me.

Deep walked off.
Payal became upset.

Arohi started packing her bag.Payal went near her.
P:Arohi,what are you doing?Why are you packing your bag?

AROHI:I am going Payal.
P:Why suddenly?
AROHI:Because I know that Deep does’nt want me here.

Payal was shocked:Arohi…

AROHI:You may be wondering how I know that.I over heard your conversation with Deep.Sorry i was not supposed to listen to that.But I …
Payal felt embarrassed:I am sorry Arohi.Actually Deep is not like this.But…

Arohi cried:Deep was a very good friend of mine in college.Then why is he behaving like this?Why is he ignoring me?Why does he hate me?I don’t know.
P:I am sorry Arohi.Don’t be upset and please don’t leave.
AROHI:No Payal.I have to leave.
Payal held her hand:No..I won’t allow you to leave.

Payal went to Deep’s room.
P:Deep…Arohi overheard our conversation and because of you she decided to leave the house.
Deep was surprised:Oh really?Very good.

P:How can you be so heartless and cruel Deep?
Deep:Enough Payal.Don’t fight with me for that Arohi.Now I hate Arohi more as because of her we both are fighting now.
P:Oh Deep…why are you always blaming Arohi?Tell me..we both were Arohi’s close friend in college.Then why are you so indifferent to her now?You don’t even talk to her.
Deep:Not now Payal.Since our college got over my attitude towards Arohi has been like this.That’s why I did’nt invite her for our wedding.
Payal was shocked:What?You had’nt invited Arohi?That’s why she did’nt attend our wedding?You told me not to invite Arohi as you wanted to invite her by yourself.But you did’nt invite her at all and you lied to me that Arohi went abroad and that’s why she did’nt come.
Deep:Ya..I had told her not to come for our wedding.
Payal was shocked:What?Arohi played cupid in our love story and still you told her not to attend our wedding?But why Deep?Tell me.

Deep:Arohi our cupid?It was all her drama.
P:What nonsense!
Deep:I hid it from you as I did’nt want you to know the true colours of your friend.But since problems are created because of Arohi I will tell you everything.Be prepared to face the truth Payal.

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