What’s your take on Raghav’s entry in Udaan?

Colors’ Udaan took a shocking and unexpected turn with the end of Suraj’s character. Suraj was revived in the show in the form of a new character Raghav. This brings hope for Suraj and Chakor’s fans, since Raghav might be revealed as Suraj later, or he may help to bring Suraj back. Raghav is Suraj’s lookalike, who helps Chakor in keeping her promise given to Anjor. He gets into Suraj’s role by accepting Chakor’s deal. Raghav would be seen entering Rajvanshi haveli as Suraj and getting in terms with real relationships, which he hasn’t experienced ever in life.

Tejaswini and Anjor aren’t aware that Suraj is dead, and Raghav is someone tricking them on Chakor’s word. They love Raghav as they loved Suraj. There will be twists when Raghav’s connection with the haveli comes up. Currently, the track gets lots of tear shedding moments for Chakor. Suraj has left Chakor forever, which brings a big sorrow for Chakor. Just she knows the reality and keeps it to herself. It gets tough for Chakor to hide the tears from family. She also prepares Raghav for fitting in Suraj’s role well. What’s your take on Raghav’s entry in Udaan? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. It’s going same like saath nibhana saathiya….. like ahem and jaggi…. nothing new…

  2. I want Suraj back

  3. Me too. I also want suraj back!

  4. I like Raghav he has charm but he’s a light weight compared to Suraj, no one can replace Suraj. would enjoy this track more if I knew he was Suraj.

  5. Saraj plz come back

  6. It’s like the same story in every serial so please don’t copy the concept and instead show that Raghav is actually Suraj who escaped from Vikram something like that

  7. I prefer Suraj; he should be back; anyway did not find his body so I believe he is Ragva but why another role.

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