What’s your take on Manish’s entry in AKAJS?

Zee’s Aapke Aa Jane Se recently brought in actor Manish Goplani in a negative role. Manish is playing a complex multi-layered character Ghungroo. He keeps many secrets of his past. He wants to ruin Sahil to take revenge on Badi Amma. He belongs to Agarwal family. He has come back with a strong motive of revenge. Sahil and Vedika celebrate their anniversary. Vedika takes up the challenge to protect the family from Ghungroo. Vedika isn’t aware of Ghungroo’s plans. Ghungroo is an expert of hypnosis. He hypnotizes Puneesh into ruining Sahil and Vedika’s anniversary. He challenges Vedika. He doesn’t want Vedika to outsmart him.

Agarwal family faces tough time because of Ghungroo. Sahil’s life falls in danger once again. Vedika knows Ghungroo is doing the wrong. Agarwal family gets defamed in the society. Badi Amma/Vimla accuses Vedika for provoking Ghungroo for revenge. Sahil gets protective of Vedika like always. He defends Vedika. Badi Amma is concerned for entire family. Vedika accuses Ghungroo for his masterplan. Ghungroo acts mad, while hiding his true intentions. Vedika and Ghungroo’s war begins. Ghungroo is confident of his powers. The show gets interesting with the entry of Ghungroo. What’s your take on Manish’s entry in AKAJS? Let us know your opinion.

  1. The less said the better. The director is bringing all unwanted n out of job actors in the serial. For eg usha, useless guddu, his mad cap sister then twit n stupid pankti her father n another idiot panktis mother. No fun left in the serial now. Since the time panktis character waas introduced the setial has gone down completely. And now last but not the least this ghungroos character.

  2. I wish i cud see manish in the positive appearance… as his looks, attitude and acting are immensely powerful… but the ways he is akajs are definitely bringing vibes through his character…

  3. Total Bakwaas

  4. I want manish positive appearance in aapke aa jane se serial.Not negative in aapke aa jane serial.

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