What’s your take on Ishq Subhan Allah’s current track?

Zee TV’s popular prime time show Ishq Subhan Allah will be bringing highly dramatic tracks around Nilofer’s sudden death, which will be a big conspiracy against Kabeer and Zara. Zara gets accused for murdering Nilofer, which isn’t the truth. Miraj’s planning gets succeeding. He actually wanted to kill Zara. Zara was negligent and blames herself for the shocking incident. Zara also gets the blame from Zeenat’s side. Zeenat brings the truth of Nilofer’s truth out to the family. Kabeer supports his wife. He gets troubled by media. But, he knows how to handle the reporters.

Kabeer becomes a shield for Zara. The media and police reach Zara for questioning. Kabeer believes Zara is innocent. Zara answers the police in her defense. Zeenat feels Zara could have saved Nilofer by taking the right action on time. Kabeer calls it destiny, which isn’t in anyone’s control. Kabeer and Zara’s relation faces much ups and downs. Kabeer promises Zara to solve their problems. Miraj’s planning to break Kabeer and Zara’s love will go on. What’s your take on Ishq Subhan Allah’s current track? Let us know your opinion.

  1. Kabir’s house feels eerie and ghostlike. Always dark and uninviting and empty. Never a happy family moment. House looks and feels like a horror movie.

  2. Nina

    Zara and Kabeer’s marriage life turns into an always working discussion club.

  3. Ashok Tikamdas

    The show is getting irritated she could have called the police or ambulance from the car.


    Why is this show still on tv? Inshallah this show will end soon.

    1. there is nothing wrong with the show, all other shows are kind of similar just because this is muslim family and you all are kind of being take this show off. Its just a show.

  5. all rubbish …joke of relations

  6. There is no update on this show for today! Supposed to see update hours ago. am missing it. Thank you!

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