What’s your take on Gathbandhan’s current track?

Colors’ Gathbandhan brings a separation track of Raghu and Dhanak. Dhanak is unhappy after Raghu called off his marriage with her. Raghu forcibly hands over the divorce papers to Dhanak. He convinces Dhanak for signing on the papers. He makes a decision to marry Maya. Dhanak doesn’t divorce Raghu. She is trying hard to revive her relation. Raghu doesn’t forgive Dhanak easily. He wants her to put more efforts. Raghu and Maya have a big celebrations for her birthday. Dhanak makes plans to save her marriage. Dhanak still believes in Raghu’s love.

Raghu appears stone-hearted. Maya’s plans to win Raghu turns succeeding. Raghu’s mother Maai wants Raghu and Maya to live happily ever after. Maai doesn’t find Dhanak a good match for Raghu because of their distinct backgrounds and personalities. Dhanak puts Raghu’s loyalty and love at test. Dhanak hopes that Raghu’s love wins over his ill feelings of anger, hatred and revenge. Raghu and Dhanak’s separation track will soon end. Raghu will be marrying Dhanak once again to fulfill the incomplete Gathbandhan. What’s your take on Gathbandhan’s current track? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. Watching bad people commiting crime and getting away with it and good people always struggling and trying to prove themselves can never be interesting.

  2. I hate this track! I hate this cheapster Maya since day one and Savitri Mai. Im fed up with this show. Its unbearable to see how Raghu hurts Dhanak bc of his mom and cant bear this track seriously!

    1. Shesha485

      The track is not much interesting but not also boring. Its average.

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