What’s your reaction on Sony’s IKNMP end?

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar aired on 18 November 2014 on Sony TV. It’s been one year and the show ended. Though it was not meant to be finite, the show first shifted to another time slot of 5.30 PM and then made way towards closure. The fans can have a better satisfaction that plot was not dragged much and ended well in time.

On the other hand, fans would miss to watch their Neil-Ragini and wonderful chemistry those actors shared. The show was homely and could connect with family audience well. It created waves on its start and was part of high fame throughout. But as every good things has to come to an end, this show has also bid adieu to its fans.

The show dealt with the challenges in the relationship of a divorced couple, Dr Nachiket Khanna/Neil and Ragini Patel. They stayed apart for many years and then reconnected because of their children. The couple married again after solving their misunderstanding by which their marriage broke up. After all odds, the couple got a happy ending. Neil was known for not valuing relations, and was shown to sell off his everything for the sake of his family. The show was different and interesting. It was one of the mature concept show dealt well on Sony, after Bade Acche Lagte Hai. Would you miss this show and its lovely pairing Neil-Ragini? Let us know in this poll. You may leave comments too.

  1. am really miss this serial very much please take part-2 am waiting i miss u neil and ragini very much i love u both

    1. pls,iknmp ko aur kro

  2. This show was Very different to other shows it showed love in a very pure manner. Would have loved the other characters to grow in the show because for me it was not just about ragini and neil it’s was everyone who who was around them too, I think it would have been nice to see them gel and grow as a family and face their ups and downs and see how ragini and Neil overcame those situations. But anyhooo all the best to everyone and hope the actors come together again for another show. God bless!!!!

  3. i will miss the show badly .can it extended further?

  4. After getting attached to this show with the heart you have ended this show…its like gave a birth to the baby but I won’t take care of the baby..continue the episodes from where it ended..try to make a new record of this show than other shows..i am awaiting eagerly fr the continuation hope you guys dnt dissapoint audiences hearts&minds.

  5. I used to wait for this show I will miss it v badly

  6. Iknmp is the best serial ever. It can be extended further. I will miss lovely pair of nera(neil and ragini)

  7. I would really miss INKMP very much.

  8. Iknmp is best serial ever I will miss very badly

  9. My favorite. Show pls come back really missing u

  10. Loved this serial so much specially the chemistry between Neil and Ragini…going to miss it and wish we could get see them together soon in a new story.

  11. i have not missed any episode.

  12. Sad cos I loved the show. Why end it. Will surely miss it. So much maturity and chemistry between Niel and Ragni. Wish it continued.

  13. Rekha Kudligi

    I loved the show for the kids especially Agam and Suhani, they acted so good. Sunni Tai, Pam ,Dr Aman and Nieditha are soooooper actors.

  14. this serial really very close to me so i cant accept it to end pls take part 2 or to continue with the end heart touched serial miss u and love u ronit roy and pallavi

  15. I really miss it a lot …seaaon 2 please

  16. This serial shows the meaning of true love………………also the true value of family is shown…….i wish these kind of shows must be promoted rather then the senseless drama shows…….

  17. This was the first seriel if which I had watched ALL episodes! Will miss NeiRa a lot and IKNMP, I love you! I wish ekta gets a second season of it, alog with a second JA season!!!

  18. Loved this show,

  19. I dnt believe that show has ended. Was expecting to continue as a new beginning…. Will miss the show very much..Need a part 2 series as well

  20. Miss the show very much?

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