What’s your reaction on Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke ending this month?

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke, that started airing on Zee TV from 21 May 2012, is all about celebrating adolescence depicting the lives of two teenage girls, Gunjan and Rachna. The teenage years mark the real beginning of a person’s blossoming youth and the events that occur in one’s life in this period leave permanent imprints affecting his-her personality. The teenage years are when one faces their first crushes, loves, despair of love, mistakes, joys of friendship, togetherness, heartbreaks, emotional turmoil, rebellious feelings. The story tries to encapsulate all these fine nuances of life beautifully and give the audience a taste of their growing up years.

With the return of KT(Kabir Tripathi) in Rachna’s life, Rachna still loves him and wants him in her life. The duo is stuck on their way to Lucknow, so decide to spend the night at a motel. Well during the night, KT and Rachna come really close, but are still unable to express their feelings to each other.The show will end the story on a good note. Rachna and KT will unite and tie the knot towards the end. What do you think about this show ending soon? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. No!!!! I will miss gunjan and rachna

  2. Its about time as the story has gone to a different track for a moment that does not make much sense and interesting. I actually stopped watching this series for awhile

  3. No dont stop pls…i’m begging to u all…pls…i will miss everyone in this show..i want to c the gunjan’s baby

  4. i don’t want this serial to end. i love rabir rachna and gunjan make a nice pair. a symbol of true love between sisters. my first hindi serial. i love it. this serial has a lot of potential till now. it needs to complete 1000 episodes. . we are requesting to zee tv not to end it but they are not listening to us.
    if they end this serialin one week , what about-
    1. rabir track. piyush has just made an entry to this serial and we want more rabir scenes.
    2. pihu track.
    3piyush’s strange behaviours revealation.
    4. bindia track…….
    some says that it is out of it’s story, but it isn’t. the story still shows the relation between sisters. if they really want to end it, they should bring sslk 2 like punarvivah and choti bahu. they should think about viewers emotions. new show don’t make problem if thet continue sslk in new time slot. sslk rocks

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  6. Don’t end sslk.I miss rachna n kabir a lot. I luv their cemistery.sslk story incomplete bt sslk is end. How can do dis zee tv.luvRabirforever.

  7. how can they end sslk without the return of bittu and the evil deeds of gayatri and her sister? so sslk should not end now and show some romantic scenes of rabir. we, viewers are not bored of it yet. so it should complete 1000 episodes. if zee tv really want to end it , they should bring sslk 2 with same mahima and piyush and roopal and ankit

  8. this unfair of rabir love story plz change the time but not go to off air

  9. Please don’t end Sslk , give a new time slot before ending the show , like zeetv did with all other shows , it’s not fair to the fans and Sslk team !

  10. agar ap sach me chahte hai ki hum see TV dekhge to plz sslk off air mat karo plz

  11. humare sath asa mat Karo plz

  12. This is one of the few shows on Zee which is not only about drama and evil plots and plans. This show focuses on social issues which are present in the world today, especially faced by those youth. I am not sure why all the positive shows on Zee (which happen to be my favs) don’t have great ratings – SSLK, Neeli Chatri Waale and DAK. Is it that people only want to see murder (QH, Bandhaan), lies (JR,SS), theft (JR), adultery and abuse of women with no resolve (KKB). I already miss APH so much and that show that replaced it (SS) has not filled that void. I hope this Hello Prathima doesn’t do the same. I will miss SSLK. My fav on screen POSITIVE couple (since no more Avni and Raj) – Gunjan and Mayank.

    1. u r right, kristelle. ppl see boring shows like saath nivana saathiya, yeh rishta ka kehlata hai, qubool hai etc. good shows like sslk, everest. aphg etc. interesting shows get lower trps. specially qh can be end as it is a finite show

  13. Kimberly Yash

    How can they do dis to sslk??? They hav alwayz been givin rabir less screen space n not focusing on rabir properly! We viewers hav been awaiting the return of our rockstar “Kabeer” (the man of sslk) n now wen he returns, they giv us dis off air crap! SSLK deserves to stay on air n Rachna n Kabeer love story deserves to b given proper attention frm the writers! We fans want to c Rabir love story properly n their post marriage life!!!!

  14. reshma Wilson

    Rabhir story is incompleted thn I don’t know how can it possible I will miss the most. Adorable jodi rachana and kt

  15. anjali mehata

    ass mat Karo plz we want sslk plz ap ye show ki timing change karo but show off air mat Karo

  16. Plz don’t off air sslk because Rabir’s story is incomplete. Plz give extension for some months & give new time slot for sslk but don’t off air. Plz accept our humble request plz.

  17. Please dont take this show off air. We love Rachna n Kabeer

  18. This is the worst shock i ever had !!! Please don’t off air sslk .How can they do this to the show bcoz Rabir story is still incomplete !! This is the best show !! Plz give new time slot to sslk !! They’re being unfair to Rabir !! Kt just entered the show and it is goin off air !!! Plz don’t off air sslk

  19. Veneise Pringle

    What is wrong wit the team of sslk?? Are they nuts to put sslk off air n Rabir story is incomplete!!! Kabeer n Rachna’s track has always been sidelined! They never get proper screenspace, they writers alwayz pay more attention to other stupid tracks n that’s wat made dis show flopped! Wen KT entered dis show for d first time, then trp rised to 3 frm 2 caz everyone was interested in him n Rachna being together, but u ppl never focused on dem n show flopped!!! Now wen they had a chance to make trp rise again wit KT re-entry, they decide off air! Stwwwww……..

  20. Kt and rachna always get higher TRP , Kt just come Back into the show , they should give the show few months to see what the TRP is like before pulling off the air !

  21. This is unfair how can u end this show this show is the best show right now on tv.first u people end punarvivah never get to see out aarti n yash lovestory and next show u people end is our next favourite show aur pyar ho gaya and now sslk for what to bring another crap like sasural satrangi……

  22. The show was beautiful, loved it so much, could not digest the Rachna track, going for so much older guy, it should continue, may be, to show the lessons Rachna might have learned, zee tv could show the path for the youth to take……gunjan was a very good character, wish they could show more of that, again, to lead the youth 🙂

  23. I always wanted to see some good and reasonable episodes of rabir and I am very depressed to know the end of the show. If possible i would like to request the creatives to make a sequel out of this show. I had great expectations from kabir and rachna(Piyush and Mahima). According to me, it’s the first love story which had uniqueness with the age difference and the way they showed their affection towards each other. No one can ever match their steps as rachna and kt. Please bring up a new story and a new time slot for the couple.

  24. So sad when I know that the show will end.. It’s the only show I watch.. I love Rachna and Gunjan.. I love KT and Rachna pairing.. I hope zeetv consider to change the time slot rather than end it..

  25. plsss , v don’t want sslk to go off air!!! sslk is d longest running show on zee so it deserves new time slot before ending!! v want to c further episodes of kabeer and rachna,, their chemistry is just mindblowing,,, so humble request to U pls bring a new time slot slot for sslk,,, rabir is d most lovable couple of indan television

  26. Chinenye from Nigeria saying don’t end the show. This is the only reason I watch Zee tv.

  27. yes very happy dat finally dis track is endingggg…

  28. Sasha Kumarie

    SSLK team n Shakuntalam telefilms r frigging crosses! Gunjan alwayz gettin everyting n wen Rachna time comes, she gets nothin! Don’t know wat kind of ppl u r but looks like Gunjan is everyting for dis show! Wat happen to Rachna???? Is she som ghost that u can’t her to giv happiness to her??? Wen Rachna n Kabeer could finally make trp rise caz viewers want dem, u ppl decide to put sslk off air! Anywayz its good this show wil go off air becaz Rachna is very talented but her talent in actin isn’t recognized! Don’t know if gunjan possessed u ppl that she mus b center of dis show! Rabir rocksssss

  29. I think this is a foolish move. How can Gunjan give birth in a month of pregnancy? Why can’t they marry KT & Rachna? They should’ve done that a long time ago, but the writers prolong the damn show, until it reaches the end and this is the result! I think it’s better that you change the time for the show, rather than taking it off air completely. It makes no sense. How can it end on a good note? I wanted it to end after the 6 month break when Gunjan ended up loosing her memory and they made Rachna marry KT’s crazy brother, but when KT came back in her life, it got interesting, now they’re ending it? Sorry for the RaBirians and Mayanians though. I don’t get to watch, but i keep track of the updates. Will miss you SSLK. Zee TV has now given me a reason to never watch them again

  30. I loved the show in the beginning, but they have put to many twists and turns into it.
    I will miss them but the quality of the writers has gone down the drain.

  31. This show could hav gone on more longer if sslk team had focused on Rabir! But instead sslk team focused on Mayan! Rachna n Kabeer popularity is way more than Gunjan n Mayank. Everyone wants Rabir track but these stupid idiotic ppl in sslk team keep doing Mayan tracks which r boring n waste of time. I hate zee tv! R u ppl in shakuntalam telefilms blind that u can’t fans requesting Rabir trackss??? Mayan tracks don’t make it. Jus becaz gunjan is frm the city n Rachna is frm a village, that doesn’t mean u make Rachna get miserable life n gunjan get wonderful life! This is the exact reason y english serials r better than u indian serials, english serials don’t show these shit.

  32. It’s ridiculous that Zee TV didn’t give the return of Kabir and more screentime for Rachna and KT a chance and decided to axe the show so quickly after his return. That’s absolutely ridiculous!

    This was one of the best shows on their network and also a good family oriented show with good messages for the Indian audience. I’m so sick of the good shows getting axed. I’m done with Zee Tv.

  33. Vaishnavi Macdonald

    Hi. Thankyou soo much for all your love and these touching messages for sslk. We all will miss sslk very much. Thanks for being such loyal viewers of the show.

  34. SSLK team is being cruel to Rabir! Wen KT comes bak to spice up dis show, u ppl say its time to put d show off air! This is share shit! I hope that Rachna n Kabeer becomes a couple in another show n witout Gunjan n Mayank in that show becaz Rachna never gets anyting she desires, Gunjan gets everyting! Gunjan gets nice love story, nice marriage, nice post marriage life etc but Rachna gets corrupted love story, no proper marriage n no post marriage life! I would suggest to Mahima n Piyush that their talent in acting was wasted in dis show becaz even though they were lead actors, they never got wat they r supposed to get as lead actors n that is screen space n importance on the show!!!!!

  35. Pooja Usha Nanan

    Please I Beg of you Continue Sapne Suhane LadakPanke I Love the Show very much! Love RABIR Rachna and Kabeer Very Much! Can’t Live without them! Give them a chance to Get back up in the charts!

  36. Why can’t you bring back SSLK at a different time? There are still alot more interesting stories that could have been told. There have been instances where other serials were brought back for a retry (eg. ek muthi asman)

  37. sorry, I meant to state Sanskar was brought back for a retry.

  38. i will miss kabir rachna n gunjan mayank wish if the story could have a nice ending where by gunjan gets her baby n rachna marry

  39. The time has come to end this as the writers have run out of good ideas. They beat the Charu idea to death and I am totally fed up with the character Mayank. He needs to go. Tired of the manipulations of these people. It was fun in parts and thought after the leap it would have gotten better but they put Gunjan with Mayank again and it “went to hell in a basket”.

    Its best to end it now than for the fans to start hating it even more.

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