What to decide? -Ragsan- LAST PART

Hi sissy’s. I hope u remember this story. I had started it as OS but it became two part. M giving link to the first part, if u forgot..

What to decide? -Ragsan -OS

Raginirying on bed.


Rag: sanskar, after marriage if any misunderstangs come between us, then wat will u do? Will u leav me?

San: how can u even think like that? We will sit together and sort out everything.

FB ends

Rag: wat happened to u sanskar? U forgot everything that u promised me.


She looked at voice.

Rag: zoya bhabhi?

She ran to her and hugged her.

(Aditya and zoya r ragini’s neighbours who stay in London. They had come for a week to spend time with their parents. Ragini is very close to zoya. She shares everything with her)

Zoya: wat happened ragu.

Rag broke down into tears.

Zoya took her to bed and made her sit. She gave her water to drink.

Zoya: stop crying. Now tell wat happened?

Rag tells everything to her.

Rag: bhabhi. I did true love na? then y he’s not understanding me?

Zoya: stop crying first. Ragini, u r still innocent, u r unaware of life’s or world’s reality.

Rag: ??

Zoya: at our teenage we start to see dream abt our future life and our love. When we get our love we feel ourself on cloud nine. M not saying its wrong. Its correct. But our real life begins when we come out of college days and enters into real world. Our life changes after marriage, especially for girls. Many hurdles come between us. In fighting with them sometime we get so involved that we forget that our love is waiting for us. Sometime they forget which one we have to do. They get confused. There they accept there defeat. But the person who knows to balance everything. He’ll succeed. Here same happened with u. sanskar accepted defeat. He’s not able to balance his life.

Rag: but bhabhi. Wat I did is that wrong? I mean abt buiseness ? I just want sanskar to make his status in society. He’s calling me to his home. But if I do so, I’ll loose my selfrespect. Again I cant show my face to my parents.

Zoya: u r not wrong ragini. But in future u shud choose correct path. U shud first think of them who stood with u in ur bad condition.

Rag: my parents. After getting loss in first business they still invested for us. But sanskar is not accepting that they r helping us. I tried to make his parents understand. But its of no use.i don’t know is it coz of his mom he’s saying like this. wat if he leaves me? I’ll b alone.

Zoya: Ragini don’t live in imaginary world. Accept the truth. If any person doesn’t respect u then he doesn’t deserve u. Don’t cry. Give first preference to them who always stood beside in all good and specially in bad time. And remember, time keeps on changing. Nothing is permanent. There’s darkest hour before the dawn. If u r feeling pain now, it means u have bright future. Don’t think abt sanskar. If he understands u, then he’ll b with rite side. He’ll be with u. Don’t force him. If he doesn’t want to stay, then let him go. Sometimes staying far from our loved once makes realise the importance of that person. U b with ur decision. Let him take his decision.

Ragini keeps on crying. Zoya hugs her caressing her hair, and says.

Zoya: I know my words seems bitter to hear. M sry. But it’s reality. I’ve already faced and suffered. I don’t want you to suffer like me.

Rag: no Bhabhi. Don’t ask sry. U gave me strength. Now m able to take decision.

Zoya: all the best dear. I know u’ll get happiness soon which u deserve.


Next day.

San: wat u decided Ragini?

Rag: closed her eyes feeling pain.: I’ll stay here and start my buiseness.

San: u’ll do it alone?

Rag: if situation comes like that then m ready for that too. I don’t let that person down who helped me in all the times.

San: so for u, ur parents r more than me.

Rag: m not comparing anyone. M still telling u r my life. I love u most. But I can’t support in wrong decision.

San: u don’t want to stay with ur in laws?

Rag: I want to. But first I’ll stand on my leg, then only I can face them.

Sanskar sits on chair angrily.

San: it was my wrong decision to marry u.

Hearing this Ragini was shocked with flowing tears. She never expected that her sanskar will say this.

Rag: sanskar. How can u even think to tell like this? We love eachother.

San: u don’t love me. U never loved me. U just wanted a slave who will stay with ur parents.

Rag: little angry: sanskar. Don’t again say like that. U r thinking anything. U r creating ur own thoughts which r not true.

She went near her and cups his face crying.

Rag: I love u so much sanskar. Can’t imagine life without u. Y don’t u understand me? Just think once standing in my place.

Sanskar removed her hands.

San: m leaving tmrw.

He went out saying this. Shekhar was hearing this from outside. Ragini saw him and wipes her tears. He goes to her and kept his hand on her head.

Shek: don’t wry. I’ll not blame u for ur decision of marrying him. It’s not ur fault. I know my daughter Wil never think bad for anyone.

Rag: sry papa.

Shek: we r with u. Soon sanskar Wil also understand.


Sanskar started packing his things. Ragini was seeing this like a statue with continuous flow of tears.


Ragsan were sitting in dhaba having lunch. Something went in ragini’s eyes. Sanskar stopped eating and blows in her eyes.

San: I told u to have lunch in restaurant. There no dust comes. See here, ur eyes got red.

Rag: smiling. Sanskar m ok. It’s just little dust.

San: wat dust? I can’t see a single drop of tear also in ur eyes.

FB ends.

Rag in mind: that day a single tear hurted u and today m crying Infront of u and it doesn’t effect u. How much u changed sanskar.

He went with his luggage without turning back. She sits and cried.

Night Ragini feels thirsty and goes to kitchen but stopped hearing her parents talk.

Jan: shekhar. Ragini is our first child. We took care of her like princess. But now I can’t see her in this state. How bad mother am. Can’t even help her daughter.

Shek: don’t cry like this infront of her or else she’ll also broke down. We have to b her strength.

Ragini went back to her room. She thinks for sometime.

Rag: mom, dad. I’ll never let u down. I can’t b a good daughter. I brought tears in ur eyes. I can’t punish u for my deeds.

………… ..

After two days. Ragini comes to shejan.

Rag: coming Sunday is gud day. I asked pandit ji. We will start our business on that day.

Shek: but.

Rag: m ur daughter. Trust me.

Both smiled.


Ragini started her buiseness. She was acting like happy. But inside she’s still hurt. Somewhere she was expecting sanskar and his love.

Few weeks passed. She didn’t get any call or msg from him and not she did. She controlled herself from being emotional.

One day she saw sanskar standing at door. She thinks it’s her imagination.


She turned at him. He was actually standing there. For a moment she wanted to hug him. But she controlled.

San: Ragini. Can we have a talk.

Rag: seriously: say wat u want to say.

San: m sry. I dint realize our love. Now I realized ur importance. U were rite. First we have to stand on our legs. We have to earn self-respect then only world Wil respect us. When I went back home I cudnt find better job which can complete our needs. I heard my sister’s taunts. But I was helpless. After few days mom brought Bhai and Bhabhi to home. She gave more importance to them than us. It’s simple reason, coz Bhai was earning and was giving money to mom whenever she wants. So no one cared me there.

Rag: so?

San: I know I lost my rite on u but still m asking, can we start our life fresh.

Ragini got tears in her eyes but she didn’t show him.

Rag: I shud discuss abt this with my parents, then only I can take decision.

San: I’ll wait for u. Coz I know ur have first rite as they were always with u.


Sanskar apologize to everyone. No one easily forgave but said yes only for ragini’s happiness.

They started to live together and work together. But there was nothing like earlier. They were stopped showing their love. Specially Ragini.

One day sanskar took Ragini outside. She refused but he insisted. Then she agreed. He took her to date. Everything was decorated. A table and two chairs kept between. Ragini saw that.

Rag: I think we shud leav now.

San: pls Ragini. Give me only few mins. Then it’s ur wish.

She stops there.

San: m really sry for my behaviour. I know I did very bad with u. But pls don’t behave like stranger with me. M not able to bear. I know in these days u suffered a lot only and only coz of me. I promise u. I know first also I had promised many things. But now being a husband m promising u, I’ll always b with u. I’ll never leave u. I know u r hiding ur love. M ready for ur any punishment. But be like my earlier Ragini. Pls. Can’t u forgive me once?

She can’t hold her emotions and hugged him crying. Sanskar also hugged her with tears in his eyes. Both were standing like that for few mins.

Then they look in eachother eyes. Thier eyes were talking so much.

Rag: u will not leave me rite?

San: never.

Rag: ur parents?

San: being a son I won’t leave parents they gave birth to me. but I’ll help them whenever they need. But my first preference is u and only u. Ur self-respect in my respect. This date is prepared from our earnings from new buiseness. I know little more time we need to settle. But m sure being together we can do anything.

Rag: pakka promise?

San: pakka promise.

Rag: wat if u leave again?

San: smiling, u can kill me.

Rag: hitting him playfully. Idiot. I love you.

San: I love you too.

……… The end………

Hope u liked it.
Its real story. Ending also real.
M very happy for Ragsan.
Sry for taking long time to post. Coz it’s ongoing story. As I got wat happened I wrote.

Don’t forget to tell ur views on this.

M waiting to know ur views.

Love you all 😘😍

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