What Happens When….. ~ Chapter 2

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Author’s POV

After having their dinner, all of them went to their bedroom to spend some quality to time with each other. (Here both the children sleep with their parents)

After settling themselves on the bed, Daksh spoke up;

Daksh: Yaay!! Story time….Mom it’s my turn, today you have to tell something about my childhood. (Cheerfully)

During their story time, Riansh always preferred telling their kids some of their childhood memories!

Riansh smiled seeing Daksh’s exhilaration.

Bhavya: No….no, it’s my turn today not yours, yours will be tomorrow.

Daksh: How can you say this with so much confidence, Mrs. (seeing everyone narrowing their eyes) sorry, I meant Miss (Sheepishly) Dumbo!! (Back to the same tone-IMPATIENT)

Bhavya: I know because……first of all I’m not Dumbo and second of all you are Bhukkad (Hungry person), Bhulakkad (Forgetful) everything!! (Anger rising with each and every word)

Daksh: Yo…..

Riddhima: Both of you stop right now…..Stop!! (Stern)

Both of them just shut their mouth as they were not at all interested to face their mother’s wrath. Whereas, Vansh had a slight smile that was reflecting on his face seeing the Fierce Riddhima the second time, just within 3 hours of his arrival. The first time was when his talks in the kitchen was interrupted due to Bhavya and Daksh’s fight!


Bhavya: I’m not gonna leave you.

Daksh: Mummmaa……Papppaaaaa (Shouts)

When they reached the studyroom and the scene which was infront of their eyes, made their mouths open.


Bhavya was holding a bat in her hand and was ready to attack Daksh! Whereas poor Daksh, left with no option, shouted for help and in reflex the bag which was kept on the chair, he took and held it in front of his upper body as if it was a shield.

Just as, Bhavya took a step to hit to hit Daksh’s bump with the bat;

Riddhima: Stoop!!

Riddhima’s commanding voice made Bhavya stop in her traces, and she looked as if ‘Your mother has caught you red-handed having ice-cream late at night.’

Riddhima: What were you trying to do Bhavya? How dare you try to him Daksh?? (Horrified to see Daksh so scared as he’s very close to Riddhima)

She goes towards him and cups his face.

Riddhima: Ohh!! Mera Baccha (My child), did she hit you somewhere? (checked if he was hurt or not)

May I know the reason!? (Angry) (turned towards Bhavya, still holding Daksh close to her)

Bhavya: Mo….mom (Scared, seeing her mother in this avatar)

Riddhima: You leave, you can’t even speak a word properly. What will you tell…!

(Turning towards Daksh) You tell me and You (to Bhavya) Keep that bat aside right now, otherwise wait and watch…..

Daksh (Innocently): Mom, it was nothing, much…..she was busy doing her H.W., while I was doing mine, and then I had a doubt in one of my math’s sum, so I thought of clarifying it from her….I just took her name, and then she started her outburst, rest toh you have seen (LOL)

(I know some of you might feel it very funny, the main idea here of mine was to show that Bhavya gets angry very fast as her father, or you can say even more :D)

After what Daksh had said, Riddhima cupped her mouth in shock and turned towards Bhavya who was terrified to see her mother soo angry.

Riddhima: What you did Bhavya….isn’t right…

There were 2 people who had a slight smile on their face seeing how the drama unfolds! (One of them you might be knowing or even both!!) One was Daksh, who was elated to see his sister getting scolding, whereas the other one was Vansh!!

Vansh’s POV

Oh God! Bhavya what have you done? You have knowingly or unknowingly put your hand in the fire….now face the consequences.

After soo many years, I’m seeing my sweet wife so angry…..My Cute Angry Bird!! (Name’s Credit – @FirstRaysOfSun)

I can say that they’ll be afraid of their mother too from now onwards. Dekho apna jalwaa meri Sherni (Show your talent my Tigress)

Opps….Bhavya is throwing draggers to Daksh through her eyes….I can say if God that given the power to burn a person through eyes, Abhi tak toh Daksh raakh mein badal jata (Till now Daksh would have turned to ashes)

I guess, now it’s time to intervene!!

Author’s POV

Vansh: Sweetheart I guess, she has learnt her lesson now cool down (Trying to cool Riddhima’s anger) Don’t you dare to repeat this mistake again (Stern, To Bhavya)

Riddhima: She better be Vansh (Narrowing her eyes)

Vansh: Let’s go!

Riddhima: Hmm

Seeing them going Bhavya narrowed her eyes towards Daksh as if saying ‘Ab tera kya hoga Kaaliya?’ (Now what will happen to you, Kalia)

Riddhima: Wait (Saying this she turned towards them)

(To Vansh) You stay with your daughter and teach her some manners. Otherwise, I’ll have to give her some good lessons!! (I hope you all might have understood)

And you (To Daksh) come my child, you come with me…..I’ve cooked your favourite dish. I’ll make you eat with my own hands.

Saying so…both mother-son left, leaving the father-daughter duo.

Flashback ends


Vansh: We know whose turn it is (smiling towards Riddhima)

Riddhima: And it is….

Bhavya and Daksh: Nooo….Stop (Startling Riansh)

Bhavya: Before you take the name,

Daksh: We have something to say (Completing her sentence)

Bhavya (To Riddhima)No partiality!

Daksh (To Vansh)And you too. On the count of 3….both will take the name together.

Bhavya: 1…2 and 3!!

Riddhima and Vansh: Bhavya

Bhavya started dancing whereas, Daksh made a sullen face.

Vansh: Haww….Don’t make that dirty face, tomorrow it’s your turn (Trying to cheer Daksh)

Daksh: Why not today?? (Ready to cry if the reason will not be justified)

Vansh (Smiling): Well it’s because yesterday was your mother’s turn, day before was mine, so today will be Bhavya’s and tomorrow yours. Age wise you know!!

Daksh (Least interested)Okay….continue.

Riddhima became sad to see Daksh’s such face…..So, to cheer him up she said;

Riddhima (Excited): I remember one of Bhavya’s moments which you would like!

Seeing his mother so excited, Daksh’s mood also lifted, and he nodded to Riddhima to continue.

Riddhima: You know what when Bhavya was 2 years old, she instead of calling Vansh ‘Papa’ used to call him ‘Bhaiya’ (Laughing)

Bhavya and Daksh: What??…..Hahahaaah!

Bhavya: But why?

Riddhima (Absent minded): Ohh….that’s because your father had come after 1 and a half years, due to this you were not every close to him in the initial days and whenever he would come to pick up, you would start crying.

And ‘Bhaiya’ you used to call him because of your Chachu (Referring Angre, who’s Vansh best friend cum brother) used to call him ‘Bhai’.

Bhavya (Thinking): Ohhkay….Mom tell me one thing, where was Papa for those 1 and a half years then, if he wasn’t living with us?

Riddhima (back to her senses): Huhh…Who told you this? How do you know? (scared)

Daksh: Areey Mom, you only told us right now!

Riddhima was shocked to the core, after knowing what she had blurted out. She has no courage to look at Vansh.

Vansh (Sarcasm): Yes Dear, tell them where I was. (Gritting his teeth)

Riddhima looked at him and with her puppy eyes and through it asked for an apology and pleaded him to handle the situation. (Kaam koi aur bigaade aur sahi kare koi aur….Wahh Riddhima)

Bhavya: Tell nahh!

Vansh (Left with no other option): Hmm….Bhavya, after 6 months of your birth, I had to go to Siberia. (Said while thinking deeply)

Bhavya: Siberia…But why??

Riddhima: But why…What?? He had some work that’s why he had to go. (Trying to end the topic, as she was the one who started it)

Daksh (excitedly): Papa, how was Siberia? No…No leave all this you just tell me, how was the food over there was it tasty or not. (A big foodie)

Vansh (making a face): The food was tasteless! (reminiscing those memories)

Daksh: Why??

Vansh: Because my fav. Cook was left behind.

Daksh: And whose he? I also want to eat the food cooked by him.

Vansh: Correction it’s “She”….and you always eat her food. (Saying this he kissed Riddhima’s knuckles)

Bhavya: No doubt!!

Riddhima: Okay…it’s past 10 already. Sleeping time.

Daksh and Bhavya: Good night, Mamaa and Papa!

Vansh and Riddhima: Good Night!!

After wishing each other, they all drifted to a deep slumber!


After a few days, 

After coming back from school and freshening up,

Bhavya’s POV

Think Bhavya think….which Hindi story you should learn. Uhh!! These Story Narrating Competitions, I hate them!

Now toh I can’t back-out, why at the first place I gave my name..Just because I thought I would find a fantastic story…Now face it, you are Bhavya Vansh Raisinghnia you can’t back-off now…Never!

Not gonna take the help of Google Aunty because most of the children would take a story from google.

Now, you’re felt with only two options:

1) Learn a self composed story.

2) Learn a story from the newspaper (In Kids corner of the newspaper, fab stories are always there)

Okay…now I’m going to pick a story from the newspaper, but now the problem is, that newspaper will come next week…Now what to do.

Think think….Idea!!

Papa’s notebook…he might have glued some cut-outs of the amazing stories in his notebook!

Author’s POV

Bhavya goes to the room and opens Vansh’s almirah (Kids are like that, without even taking their parents’ permission they open their almirah (¬‿¬) )

And once found the notebook she started flipping the pages to find an amazing story along with that she’s even having a look to see about which topics her father has glued those cut-outs in his notebook.

She found a story, but when she read it she didn’t find it worthy…so continued flipping the pages.

But after reading one thing she stopped in her traces, the notebook fell from her hands.

Tears started rolling down her eyes….before any further warnings. She was devastated, aghast and what not more!!


That’s it!!

Hope you enjoyed reading 😊

Is Riansh hiding something from their kids?? (What do you think?)

What has Bhavya seen in the notebook that has stunned her to the core??

If there are any suggestions or improvement needed, please do suggest.

Do give your POV regarding the chapter. (Peace out!!) 💕

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  2. I think some secrets she read . Episode is awesome

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