What do you think Suhani should do?

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Suhani has been getting many shocks in the form of revelations by every person. Dadi had many secrets and she has used her evil trio Rags, Menka and the super vamp Soumya against Suhani. The poor girl keeps on crying and the fact about her dad also cheating her with forcing marriage on Yuvraaj. She thinks Yuvraaj has been bearing the burden of her and their marriage against his will just to get the loan amount and keep Birla family business good going.

Suhani thinks of two things, either to leave the Birla House or stay back to give a final chance to her marriage and Yuvraaj. Soumya gets after Suhani to break her more by constantly making her feel that Yuvraaj does not love her and he has always loved Soumya. On the other hand, Dadi asks Yuvraaj to marry Soumya which leaves him speechless. He gets thinking what to do and decides to refuse to Dadi. Suhani gets pressurized by Dadi to leave home, while her mother Lata asks her to stay back. What do you think would be right for Suhani to do? Should she stay back and fight to make her marriage survive at the cost of her self esteem, or should she unite Yuvraaj with the one he loves? Let us know in this fun poll.

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  1. if i were at her place,…
    i would have said to yuvraj that,…its completely my dads fault, that he
    black-mailed you,…and abhi bhi kuch nahi bigdha hai,..we can get divorce now.

    but with that i would like to warn you about again committing another mistake by marring soumya because she was my best friend and still she did so bad with me,….even tried to kill me,..she is dangerous…

    so think wisely and wait for the right person.
    have a good life, take care. GOOD BYE.

  2. she should leave yuvraj and birla house so yuvraj will feel her absence and he’ll realize that he loves suhani

    1. Yes its correct

  3. She should show the video recording to Yuvraaj and fight for her marriage. It wasnt a crime for her to get married to a man who did not love her, as she wasnt the first neither will be the last woman to do that. Many people who get married for love end up cheating one another or even not being happy in their relations, while the ones in arranged marriages end up loving one another after growing their love together as husband and wife. Saying that Suhani should respect the Mangasutra she is wearing and fights to save her marriage. The only person who has a right to break her marriage is Yuvraaji no one else not even Pratima or Dadi. So if Yuvraaj tell her that she should go and he doesnt want her in his life then Suhani has no place in Birlas house, otherwise she should live her life happily and let the dogs barks as much as they want lol!

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  5. […] Also check ‘What do you think Suhani should do?’ […]

  6. its not abt wat suhani shld do…. its shld be abt wat yuvaraj should do… he should first tell all his feelings to suhani and make her stop crying.. poor girl crying a lot since days… and then give a tight slap to sowmya, rags and dadi….

  7. […] Menka says its not final, Yuvraaj did not say yes or no. Dadi says we will ask him now, he is coming. She asks him his answer. He looks at Sharad and says he is ready. Saurabh asks for what. Dadi asks him to say. She says I will tell everyone and says Yuvraaj agreed to marry Soumya. They all are shocked. Soumya smiles. Pratima asks what….Rags and Menka congratulate Soumya. Pratima goes to slap Yuvraaj and scolds him. Dadi says Pratima and Pratima stops the slap.’ […]

  8. They need to kick Soumya out of that house. She does not belong there and also give Rags some oher own medicine.

    1. N even teach de wicked Dadi a lesson

    2. belindaharyini

      i think sourab and anuj should marry someone so that rags and mehanka will understand what are the imp of hub and wife relation

  9. D best thing is suhani shld leave yuhvraj n brila’s house so he will miss her n knw her value……he shld b d one to beg her n her family to come back to him…and suhani shld be successful after leaving d house and souwmya should show dadi and co her true nature by making dem her slave’s in d house so dey will miss n value suhani…also dey shld b broke and ask suhani 4 assistance. ..dat will b great n mind blowing

  10. shameless soumya does not even realize how uvrajis brother and mother hate her… she should be the one to leave that house. all my life I have never seen a shameless woman like soumya… even dadi is also shameless enterfering uvrajis life.. soumya and dadi are very ugly…. beautiful women in these series is like Gopi and Sandhya

  11. When suhani will leave the house,yuvraaj will be punished.then the relation between rags,menka and soumya will crack.tab aayegi maaja.

  12. very boring writter

  13. She should leave I dnt get what she is still doing with him shameless behavior any woman with a bit of self respect would leave him by nw.

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