What do you think of Silsila’s post leap track?

Colors’ Silsila has recently introduced the leap with two little girls. Kunal-Nandini’s daughter Pari becomes a good friend of Mishti, Kunal-Mauli’s daughter. Kunal isn’t aware of his other daughter. Kunal just wants to fill Nandini’s place in Pari’s life. He regrets the truth that Nandini is no more. Kunal tries to become a good father, while fulfilling duties of a mother too. Similarly, Mauli raises her daughter single-handedly. She manages all her life’s problems alone. Mauli is seen as a confident woman after the short leap. Pari and Mishti’s lovely friendship reminds Mauli of Nandini. Mauli soon learns that Pari is Nandini’s daughter.

Mauli feels Kunal and Nandini are living happy with their daughter. She receives a shocking news of Nandini’s death. Mauli sympathizes with Kunal and Pari. Mauli decides to move on in her life with her buddy Ishaan. She is happy that Mishti finds a fatherly figure in Ishaan. Mauli and Kunal are seen as poles apart individuals after the leap. The show brings Mauli and Kunal back together when the truth of Mishti’s biological father comes out. Mauli and Kunal file for Mishti’s custody. What do you think of Silsila’s post leap track? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. Pari hai toh bhai, ab mishti bhi chahiye. Mauli ko chod diya hai toh mishti ko bhi bhool ja. Ek ladki ko sambhal nhi pa rha hai do ko kaise sambhalega. Mauli ne toh btaya tha uski beti hai phir ab kya fayda hai. Mauli chahiye ab shayaf isliye mishti ka use krega.

  2. I’m not interest again when drasthi out from silsila

  3. Pls upload the written updates of the show shown in voot. As i cannot see any episode thru voot. Thank you.

  4. Please put the episode written today …

  5. Mauli should not go back to Kunal. he had rejected her for another woman. He should have the decency to step aside and live on the path he had chosen.

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