Wet love ( Kabir and Sanchi One Shot )

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The sudden splatter of rain outside lashing onto the window pane brought her back to her senses. She rushed to close the window as she was struggling with the force of the wind ,she noticed a figure standing in the garden below soaking in the rain.She recognized him and with a worried expression rushed downstairs.

” Kabir,what are you doing ?” shouted Sanchi as she rushed onto the garden

” Come inside. You will fall ill,what is this madness?”and grabbed his arm to pull him in.

He looked at her with a faint smile playing on his lips , grabbed her hand instead and pulled her towards him .She still kept on uttering ‘Kabir’..’Kabir’ .He took her in his arms and dragged her onto the other side of the garden as she tried to once again persuade him to come inside

He shushed her with a finger on her lips and told her ,’You know why i love this city ? …because of its unpredictable character…see how it is raining when just a hour ago it was burning hot…just like us…our first rain Sanchi ,we should not miss it ! ”

She loosens herself from his grasp and says , “just like us ,your health too is unpredictable..the slightest change in weather and you fall ill…we shall enjoy the rain from inside ” and she catches his arm to drag him in .

Suddenly it thunders loudly scaring her who runs into his arms and he wraps her laughing and they stand there like that till Kanchi fans ka dil nahi bharta seeing it???? ..

She looks at him and water droplets from his face fall on her as she closes her eyes again

He  stops laughing as he stares at her face ,the sensation of her soaked body wrapped around him.

She murmurs ,” Kabir, andar chalo ,tumhe bukaar ho jayega. “

He cannot stop staring at her as if in a trance. He  carries her inside and offers to change her clothes not blindfolded .She shies away and then he pulls her again towards him and hugs her and she hugs him back till Kanchi fans say ” okay bas” ?? and then Kabir with a towel dries up Sanchi seductively and they are lost in each other and we are lost in them .???

Then suddenly lights go off and he pulls a frightened Sanchi closer to him and hugs her tight again and they decide to stay that way till lights come back.

He then hold herbclose and then lights a candle.He holds it near her face and then they do ” nain mattaka” ( in simple language ” eyelock ” )????️?️? till wax falls on his hand and she  panics .

She takes his hand and removes the wax  and kisses it. He pulls her close and the shadows play on her face.With his other hand he caresses her cheek and her ear as she closes her eyes.Then he lifts her chin and they do some more “nain mattaka” before she shies off again and moves away. Kabir holding the candle with desire deep in his eyes walks towards her and back hugs her holding her close. Now they both are holding the lucky candle and then he nuzzles her ears ,neck and rests his chin near her cheeks caressing her and then whispers something and she blushes.Then he turns her and pulls her close,his hand resting on her cheek and moves closer to her lips and suddenly “jhonka hawa ka”??  ( in simple language ” wind blows” ) enters from the window and the candle extinguishes leaving everything in dark as we hear the candle falling on the floor .

The rain has stopped leaving behind the fresh smell of earth and the moon which sneaks out from behind the clouds in the darkness of the room  as the curtains fly and the moonlight lits the room.You see Sanchi breaking out of his embrace and turning towards the window,all shy ,her fingers touching her lips as she smiles.

He comes and turns her towards him passionately encircling his arm around her waist and grabbing her close.She does not dare look at him even in the darkness she could sense his rapid heartbeat,heavy breathe and the eyes burning with desire.She hides her face on his chest feeling his heartbeat stronger .He whispers her name as she raises her head ,he then bends down and picks her up and sits on the window sill with her on his lap staring at her .Our shy girl is busy playing with the buttons on his shirt as he grabs her hand and places her palm on his heart and holds it tight .

The warm glow of the moon making her look even more beautiful to him and he keeps on staring.She slowly removes her hand and then rest her head there as he embraces her and pulls her close to him. He closes his eyes in absolute peace and so does she for them time stopped then and there .They had no idea how long they sat like that or when the moon shied away behind the clouds leaving the lovers in peace as darkness fell only the little stars glittering in the sky ,witness to their love through eternity …

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