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Episode 7

Okay let’s start it

Laksh was sitting outside Riya’s room. But he was being restless. He was seeing riya and Ragini from the window only. At that time Ap comes there.

Ap – laksh how’s riya?

Laksh – no maa she wasn’t good. She was under observations now. And doctor told that. For she’ll not regain her consiousness within 24hr then she’ll go to coma.

Ap – oh god she was such a good girl. Laksh how’s Ragini.

Laksh- she became a statue maa. And i don’t think she’ll be alright till riya gets consious.

Ap – but Ragini was a very strong girl..

Laksh – maa it’s about her bestfriend who always stood beside her in all the problems. Then how can you expect this from her.

Ap – laksh i’m here you go with Ragini and eat something at home. I had already prepared the dinner.

Laksh – no maa it’s okay.

Ap – laksh if you both will not eat then how will you wait for Riya’s consiousness.

Laksh – okay but Ragini will not agree.

Ap – you don’t worry I’ll make her understand.

Laksh – okay.

And then Ap went inside and after manytime finally she makes Ragini understand and Ragini agreed to go home. She comes out and saw laksh was waiting for her.

Laksh – let’s go.

Ragini – hmm.

And they left towards MM.

At night Ragini was sleeping and saw a very bad dream about riya. And she scremed and wake up. Laksh was sleeping in the couch . Hearing ragini’s scream he wakes up and goes near her.

Laksh – Ragini what happened?

Seeing laksh Ragini hugged him tightly. Laksh riya will be fine na. Tell her na i can’t live without her and she knew it but still doing acting . Please tell her na.

Laksh – ragini don’t worry she’ll be fine soon .As you can’t live without her like that she also. Just have patience. You sleep now. I’m sitting beside you only.

Ragini slept as laksh was holding her hand and carresing her hairs. Laksh also slept beside her after sometime.

Days passed like that only. Ragini and laksh both were taking care of riya but there is no improvement in her health. That day laksh came back from office and went to hospital but there he didn’t find ragini in room.he tried to call her but didnt get that.He became tensed thinking about her safety.He went downstairs and there find ap.

Laksh- maa where is Ragini?

Ap – she got an emergency call from her hospital that’s why she left to her hometown. She tried to call you but your phone was not reachable.

Laksh – woh i went to out of town for suiting  that’s why. When she left?

Ap – before three hours. She told me that she’ll call us once she reached there.

Laksh – okay. Although laksh said okay but his mind was only thinking about ragini only. If there is any difficulty she found while travelling and many more. And what is the emergency. His thought was disturbed by Ap.

Ap – laksh why you are thinking much . She will be alright. Acha listen i’m leaving for mandir. You complete your lunch haan . I’ll be late today.

Laksh – okay maa. And Ap left.

After sometime laksh again called Ragini. Thank fully she received his call.

Laksh – hlo Ragini how are you?

Ragini – i’m fine laksh.

Laksh – why you went suddenly?

Ragini – laksh what can i do. Today after you left i got an emergency call from my senior Dr. And Dr malhotra has transferred otherwise he could have handle it. But it’s okay i was planning only to come back here. So that i can move on.

Laksh – what?

Ragini – yes, laksh i know everything. Hoe you met Khushi at night. I thought my presence was creating disturbance for both of you . so now there is no need of hiding. Enjoy your life with Khushi. And don’t care about riya. Riya’s family member were there to take care of her. Now you can marry her laksh. I tried my best nor you can forget Khushi nor you can stay with me. So better we should slipt.

Laksh – hearing ragini’s talks laksh became teary eyed. It means there is no emergency right.

Ragini – no laksh it’s true that i for an emergency and thank to god i was waiting for such a way only. Bye laksh. All the best for your life.

Laksh – ragini…..But ragini had cut the call.

Ragini – i’m sorry laksh. I know i can’t live without you but i have to do it for your happiness. Sorry maa because i broke your trust also. Riya please be fine soon . I need you.


Ragini joins hospital and everyone were happy seeing her back. She became busy with the patients that she forget her own pain. At the lunch time Ragini and other Dr went to meet that new Dr. And everyone is returning. One nurse was somewhat close to ragini. She went near Ragini.

Nurse -Ragini didi want to tell you something .

Ragini – what?

Nurse -that new senior Dr Mr sharma was eyeing you very badly. Just take care of yourself.

Ragini – no dear he was good i think .okay I’ll keep it in mind.

It’s after five days Ragini has returned. That nurse didn’t tell her again anything. And Ragini didn’t notice anything wrong in that Dr behaviour. So she avoids that and get busy.

Laksh was coming back from suiting and saw Khushi was there to meet him . He went near her and asked the reason.

Khushi – common laksh you didn’t came to meet me. That’s why i came.

Laksh – sorry Khushi but i don’t want to be with you. After my marriage..

Khushi – why laksh. You love me right and that girl wasn’t in our life don’t worry. I’ll make aunty understand.

Laksh – no but it’s really bad. I don’t know but cant see her in pain . She was suffering because of me. Let’s breakup.

Khushi – I knew it Laksh. But I’m not any ordinary girl who will say yes to you. I’ll fought for you. And about that ragini poor girl . She doesn’t even know what will going to happen with her.

Laksh – Khushi what are you telling about? Tell me what you had did?

Khushi – can’t tell you baby. But just think that after tomorrow that girl will be out of our life. And then you and me will be together again . waise bhi it’s already 7.00am . Now you can’t even go near her nor can save her. Go and sleep .I know you are suiting since night.

Laksh – he holds Khushi tightly . Khushi tell me what you are going to do. Don’t harm her. She is innocent.

Khushi – really. She did big mistake by coming i’m between us. How can be she innocent haan. Now she has to suffer .Bye bye baby see you in evening where we’ll became together again. And haan if you can then save her. And saying this she left.

Laksh became very much worried and tried to call Ragini. But she didn’t pick his call. He saw the time and realise that now Ragini is in hospital. And she’ll not pick his call. He just sent a message about taking care of her and rushes to his house. But suddenly he got a message from Khushi. …its written that

   You gave another five hour laksh to save Ragini. Think and try as you want. Because it’s very less time and she’ll be attacked sharp at 12.00.how and where can’t tell you. ..baby love you bye…..

Hey guys here is the next part. And I hope it’s a long one. See you soon. Bye bye take care. ..

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