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Hi I am Sona….Sonakshi Bose …Known to be the best nutritionist of Delhi….Look at my fate…I am standing in the middle of a road with a bottle of beer in my hands….Who will believe that a nutritionist like me will be in this state one day….I was also not feeling well that day…And I know the reason very well…I had been skipping my meals…Been crying till late nights ….Until and unless I decided today that I will forget that man ….I thought that partying could take my mind off the man but I couldn’t even enjoy there…So here I am in the middle of a road all alone…I suddenly started feeling dizzy…Then I saw that man …The one who broke my heart… Because of him I am in this state… The strong independent Sonakshi Bose had died because of him…I am totally broken now… I couldn’t see him…He was my Obhodro Dixit…The one who filled colours in my life…And also the one who had taken all the colours away…Obhodro…It’s cute isn’t it…I call my Dev with this name…Sorry I used to call…And he is not my Dev anymore…Because he broke up with me…

This is all because of me…Look at Sona she has started drinking…. She is not the girl I know… Sona never allowed me to drink black coffee…And today she has started drinking beer… She is not well…I wanted to go to her…But she will never allow me to come close to her again…But I cannot see my Sona in this state…I rushed to her but…. A pain has overpowered me suddenly..I guess it’s because I could not see any other man beside Sona…Even though I knew Jatin and Sona are childhood friends…Still I always felt insecure with his presence..And there he is again helping out Sona…I wanted to talk to Sona…But with what face I can go to her….I broke up with her…I blamed her for everything… I had not only broken her heart …Today Dev Dixit himself is broken…. I can’t face Sona …I will leave…

Dev leaves from there . Jatin takes Sona home. She lies on the bed and Jatin covers her with a blanket. As Sona closes her eyes. She reminisces the most beautiful phase of her life her LOVE STORY…..

I always wanted to be the princess of a fairy tale who was waiting for her prince charming . My prince charming and I met in a most unromantic and unexpected way. And I am sure no one would be interested in that. And I am myself am embarrassed to say that I and my prince had met in a lift and suddenly the light went off. Now naturally what would be anyone’s reaction they would be scared right . But this man was calm. He actually laughed at me as I was scared of such a small thing. I decided that I would teach him a lesson. I was carrying a plastic cockroach in my bag as it was April fools day and I wanted to fool one of my friend. I slowly took it out and threw it on that man..I wish I could have seen his face . He was scared to death. As soon as I started laughing he understood that it was my trick. So you can then expect how our journey must have started with a terrible fight.

Few days later I was appointed as a personal nutritionist of Mrs Ishwari Dixit. But who would imagine that my boss her son would be the man with whom I had a terrible fight few days ago. He was also shocked but he could not deny me nor my work. I got to know he was Dev Dixit .,the youngest business tycoon and the owner of Ishwari Communications. Everything was well and fine. Dev and I became best friends soon. Actually I am already I love with this man. But I can’t say it to him. He doesn’t believe in love.

And I didn’t want to lose him or his friendship. So I didn’t confess to him. But god loves me so much . It was my birthday the next day. I was sure my family was planning something for me but I don’t know what. Every year I am curious to know what my family was going to do but this year I was also curious to know what Dev was going to do. But I couldn’t meet Dev the whole day. He said he was busy in meetings . I was upset the whole day and was very angry with Dev. So I decided that I would leave before he comes. I left. It was 11:10 pm now. Dev didn’t even call and ask why I left without meeting him . I locked myself in my room and was crying bitterly. Thank God Ma Baba had to go to a wedding and Dada and Elena had gone to watch a movie. The doorbell rang. I wondered who must have come at this hour.

I opened the door just to find Dev standing at my doorstep with a cute smile on his face. But suddenly the smile faded away because he had seen tears in my eyes . He consoled me and asked me to come for a coffee. After we drank coffee he took me to the places which were really close to his heart.. The clock striked 12 am . Dev hugged me and wished me. I was happy to be in his embrace. He kissed me on my forehead. I know what you guys must be thinking . Apply brakes to your brain because nothing romantic happened . He didn’t propose me. Next day I was busy with my family till evening. And after that the time was reserved by Dev. Dev and I had gone to a classy restaurant and had an heartful meal. Later Dev drove me to some place. It was beautiful . It was like you could stay there for your whole life beneath the star filled sky.

Within moments the sky was covered with lanterns and this could only be done by Dev.

I hugged him and thanked him . He whispered in my ears that the party was not yet over. This time he blindfolded me so that I couldn’t see the next surprise.
Dev stopped at some place and helped me out. He took me somewhere. I really didn’t know where we were and what we were doing. I was feeling as if I was in air. Dev removed the cloth from my eyes and to my surprise I really was in air.

I was in a hot air balloon. It was like a dream. I turned towards Dev who was on his knees with roses in his hand. Oh my god was he proposing me .
Dev – You are the best thing that has happened to me in this 27 years. You taught me how to live . How to smile. You remember the first time I met you I guess it was the first time I laughed so much. Sona I know I am not perfect but my imperfections can be made perfect by you. I want you to be my side in every decision.

See Sona I told you whatever is there in my heart. I want to say that
I (Sona) was completely shocked. Dev loved me . He just proposed me in the most romantic way amid the clouds . What could I say tears were were welling up my eyes…I hugged Dev. ” I LOVE YOU TOO DEV”. I couldn’t control myself . Dev was also really happy .


I woke up from my sleep. I didn’t want to sleep anymore. I didn’t want to recollect my past anymore. I didn’t want to think about Dev . I just wanted to enjoy as Saurabh Dada’s wedding was fixed with Ronitha . And today we were going to shopping. Jatin and I were busy purchasing gifts for the guests when he suggested that it was our turn now to purchase clothes for ourselves. I asked them to show a good dress for wedding. I could feel someone looking at me and Jatin. But couldn’t see anyone around.

Sona is purchasing clothes for her wedding along with Jatin. How can she marry him when she loves me…I know I broke her heart but she cannot move on so fast..This must be her Baba’s decision. I cannot let her marry him. I heard their conversation that they were getting late for the engagement party. She was getting engaged. I was unaware of all this so I decided I would stop it…Because Sona is only mine …She is only mine…I was boiling with anger…

Dev with his misunderstanding left for Sona’s home. Everybody had gathered . Bejoy had announced that it was time for ring ceremony . Just then Dev entered.
Dev- Sonakshi I know I broke your heart but you can’t move on so fast…I love you…And I know you still love me… Please don’t marry Jatin… Please..

Sonakshi- just shut up Dev . Stop your drama . How much fun you will make of me and my family. I request you to go away. I don’t want any problem in my Dada’s wedding.Just leave.
Dev was happy . His Sona was not marrying Jatin. He didn’t want to trouble her so he leaves from there. The wedding preparation s are in full swing..It was the sangeet night. Sona was going to perform with Jatin. But to her horror instead of Jatin Dev comes up to the stage and dances with her. She didn’t want to dance with him but didn’t have any other option. So Dev against Ishwari’s wish started convincing Sona to come back to his life. Even Ishwari couldn’t see Dev broken so she asked him to get “DEV KI DULHANIA ” fast.
After Saurabh’s wedding Dev took Sona again somewhere. He took her to the same place and asked her to marry him and promised her that he would never leave her side. And would always support her. Sona agreed.

7 years later….
It was time for a family photo . Dev was waiting for Sona. Sona comes down beautifully dressed. He hugs her. Then they hear someone shout

“Mom Dad it’s time for a group hug”
Dev and Sona smile looking at Soha and Golu their twin children….
Dev and Sona’s love grew more and more stronger with passing days.. Indeed the title Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise bhi is justified….

Guys I hope it was not boring and you enjoyed it hopefully..Please share your views . I tried to elaborate as much I can but it is an OS so I couldn’t do it much…
Please ignore the mistakes..
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  1. Akshita

    Awwww such a cute Os plzzz do come up again with such cute is??
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      Thanks a lot akshitha …I will try to write another OS soon…
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    Its so cute…..lovely write up!
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    Awesome blossom shruti??

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  4. lovely os …plz do come with next os soon…

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    Its a really nice n cute os
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    i really loved it

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  9. Darshana

    I actually thought of reading it but then due to some or the other thing..i missed …but thank god u send the remainder it else I would have missed such a awesome OS…
    ya it was awesome..lovely…beautifully written????????…”Dev ki dulhania?…nyc line!….i loved each and every part al though I was kind of shocked by reading the first part(sona with a beer bottle)…truly by ur os the title “kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi ” is justified..
    I guess now I should stop my bak bak..already told a lot na??
    love u?

    1. Darshana

      Commenting ..forget to say something..just opened the links..the scenes are so beautiful?

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    It is awesome shruti… A truly fairytale story.. 🙂 loved it.. ???

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    I loved your OS Shruti!! All your OSs r superb..

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