Weekend Shots by Verna- Journey of Omkara’s life (Part 5)

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Hey my drs.. thanks for ur response on yesterday’s WS.. now its around 10PM when I’m starting to pen my FF.. here its raining heavily in my town.. God.. its such an amazing feel to enjoy rain.. don’t worry I’m not dancing in rain.. just sitting and watching how my Rosy, minty and other babies are getting wet and dancing in rain.. I mean to say my cute little kitchen garden.. I’m still single yar..Hahaha.. But thundering scares me sometimes and disturb my mood.. after a week of hottest hotness in my town I’m feeling some chillness and cool breeze pampering me.. and yes.. like I described in my earlier parts I can feel chill in my spine.. my mom and dad r busy in rain water harvesting.. and I’m here sharing my stupid stories with u.. woowww.. wat an amazing feel it is.. its soo cool here.. I’m really jealous of those ppl who live in hill stations.. U ppl r really blessed to live in heaven babies.. Ohhh.. another ritual happened now.. power cut.. If it drizzle then the first blind rule is power cut.. no worries, I’ll finish my FF till power comes.. and a sad part is our hero and his family r leaving Kerala and I’m here enjoying the same climate.. right now I’m flooded with more imaginary thoughts but I wrote my stupid precap without even realizing this thunder shower treat.. its ok.. I’ll give them as One shot for u ppl.. Ok don’t scold me.. we r jumping to Part 5 story right from here..

At Wayanad resort, Om frustratingly entered his room and throwed gift box. He holds his head and walks to and fro with disappointed face. Shivika and Rumya follwed him and him walking like mad cat. Shivay stopped them from reaching Om and asked them to leave him alone for sometimes. Om sat on his bed facing his head down and closed his eyes. He can’t control Gauri occupying him. He thinks about her and throw pillows. He hit his hand on near by side table and try to be calm and closed his eyes.

Shivika and Rumya r very sad for Om. Rudra about cry seeing his anger/ frustration. He hugs and ask Shivay to do something that he can’t see his O in such state and also scared if he chooses wrong way. Shivay consoles him and say don’t worry Om has become more stronger now and I have belief in him. Annika and Saumya feeling sad. Saumya say, its our mistake to tease Om bhaiya with that girl.. so only this happened today and bhaiya is hurt. I feel guilty. Rudra scold himself for teasing him more.. he s hurt because of me.. it my mistake.. I did wrong my O. Seeing this Annika too felt guilty and blame herself. Shivay ask them to shut up as its all of their mistakes and we all r responsible for this. Everyone will apologize to him.. but before that we are ending this vacation here.. I think we should leave this place before it gets complicated to Om. Just go and pack ur things.. Everyone agree with him and go to pack things.
Om lying on couch and staring out at his window. Shivay sit opposite to him and others stand outside and wait for his reaction. Shivay calls.. Om.. whatever happened is because of our stupid cooked up stories.. Rudra come and hold his hand and say I’m really sorry O.. it was me who started all these.. u r always right.. I’m a duffer, dumb fellow.. Annika and Saumya again started their stories and apologized to him. There was no response from Om, he s still looking outside window. Everyone get tensed. Shivay call him again. Om took deep breath and turned to their side. He smile at them, then pat Rudra gently and stood up. Ok guys.. all set.. lets move.. come on. All r shocked and confused with his strange behavior. Om picked his bag and mobile and proceeded.. he turn and ask, what happened? R u guys not ready to leave Kerala? Come on lets move.. he behaved more casual way and said with smile in his face like nothing happened. Shivay and others were much worried for him. They look at each other and left their tree house.

Om was walking heavy hearted and flooded with memories of Gauri. He promise himself to forget her soon. Annika and Saumya saw Om standing near car and went to talk to him. Annika tells, Om.. I can understand how michmichi u feel.. its none of ur mistakes.. pls don’t feel sad for this.. everything happens for a reason. Om was sad till that but turn to her with smiling face and tell, no bhabi, y should I feel bad or sit sad for happenings that is not in my hands and I’m not responsible for.. and moreover I got habitual to this pain.. now my heart is not able to feel pain, instead, I’m feeling like laughing at myself for this situation.. and Laughs and turns. Shivika and Rumya can feel how deep he have got hurt this time.. his words fully described his pain. They were all stunned to see him laughing and smiling even at this heartbroken situation. They were confused and worried more for him. Rudra sit next to him flight and hold his arms. Om understood y he came and sit next to him and smile at him. He pats his cheek and tell, u dumbbell Oberoi.. Ur O not a kid anymore and not weak one like those days.. stop pampering me.. ok. Rudra jokes and sit with him.

They reached Mumbai. Next morning Om started to his office earlier. Shivay ask, Om this much earlier to office? Is there anything important? Om replied, Yes Shivay, I have to close a deal with Mr. Mehta in Pune, so I have to go earlier and leaves. Shivay worries for him and tell Rudra to follow him and keep eye on him. So Rudra accompany Om to his office everyday and where ever he goes. 4 months passed, Rudra and Shivay confused with Om’s normal behavior and suspects if everything is ok with him. Rudra also tell Shivay that Om know why he is accompanying him everywhere and promised to him that he won’t go in wrong way again.. he is just busy with his works. Shivay say, its good if Om has really moved on. Rudra interrupt and tell.. no bhaiya.. do u think our O will forget something so easy.. that too in this matter? He is very sensitive and emotional till now bhaiya.. but all these incidents happened in his life and I feel he is hiding all his pain from us. Shivay ask what do u mean? Rudra say, yes bhaiya.. I noticed him twice.. he still loves and remember that Gauri. He have same feeling for her. Once I saw him holding photo of Gauri and staring at her. I didn’t talk anything about that to him.. recently, before 4-5 days he was busy in office and I know it was hectic day.. but when I saw his file I found Gauri name written in his handwriting. I’m sure he still likes Gauri.. but I can’t understand his problem with her. Did anything happen in resort? Shivay and Rudra confused more and looking at each other.

One morning, OmRu on their way to office in their car. Om checking files and tell Rudra about important points in presentation. Their car waiting in traffic signal and suddenly Rudra saw some college girls crossing signal. He didn’t listen to Om’s points. Om noticed him and hit him with file. He ignored Om and suddenly focused on one girl.. he saw Gauri and shouts her name. Om was shocked to see her but doesn’t react more. Rudra shake him to see the same girl who he met in Kerala. Om don’t respond to him and continue his work. Rudra was irritated by his behavior and jumped out of car, Om tried to drag him inside but he lost his clutch. He runs behind her to find where she is going and what she is doing in Mumbai. Om was irritated and leave to his office.

In evening, Shivay came home earlier as Rudra asked him and Shivika Rumya gathered in Rudra’s room. Saumya ask him to tell. Rudra stand silent and thinking. Shivika also shout at him to tell. On other side, Om was restless and disturbed to see Gauri again in front of his eyes. He can’t control his emotions and anger. He went to his art gallery and sit in lonely place. They can’t believe what Rudra said, Shivay confirms whether it was Gauri he saw in signal and followed. Rudra conform it and shock them with one more information. He tell, Gauri found me following her and confronted me.. she called me Rudra.. how did she know my name? O and her did not even talk well in Kerala but she called me by my name.. how? All of them were stunned.

Om was feeling disturbed and sit down in lawn near his gallery. He saw lovers/ couples passing by and smile at them gently. He thinks, y am I not spared by this fate.. y did she come again in front of me.. what is the need to come in front of me for no reason. She should be living her happy life with her loved ones.. but this should not happen.. I have to do something. He leave from that place.
Gauri in her hostel room lying on bed and thinking. She started crying and hugged her pillow tight. She is not able to control her tears. She take her mobile to make call.. but later decided not to call and placed her mobile back. She was crying badly and fall asleep.

Precap: Om behaving rude to Gauri and ask her to stay away. Rudra was shocked to see Om like that.. because he never misbehave like this, especially with women.

Sorry for my long stupid story about me guys.. pls tolerate it.. also pls give me ur views and comments on this FF. Do support me yar.. u ppl r not at all giving ur views.. pls if u r not interested to comment on this it ok.. but tell me how I’m doing.. take care my dr.. love u all 🙂 🙂

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  1. What happened Vernaji, please don’t be disappointed. I have already mentioned that I will be a regular reader of your ws, but due to my exams I am not able to comment daily…..?

    You are going in a very nice way and I like it, but who is actually om hating gouri, just because he couldn’t fins her all these months, I didn’t get that point?

    I am a die heart omri fan reading only omri stories, sad that I have to wait till next week?

    1. * but why is om actually hating gouri
      * He couldn’t find

      1. Verna

        as I said.. in this story.. Om will be behind his love and win her.. opposite to DBO.. keep reading and supporting

    2. Verna

      Come on dr.. that secret is starting point of this story..don’t worry.. u’ll know that secret by next week.. till tat stay hooked 🙂 🙂

  2. Weekends made special by you. Glad that something did happen between the two at resort else it would seem Om’s infatuation.
    Curious for the resort backstory.

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much for ur kind words dr.. Keep reading

  3. Nice..keep it up..

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much Saku.. Keep reading and supporting dr

  4. Kiya

    Awesome Dr… Don’t stop writing verna. I am eagerly waiting for ur ffs. U know that….

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much kiya.. Keep reading dr.. and I know 🙂

  5. Deepika Edward

    Waiting for next episode ?!! It’s just awesome ?! #GauriKa

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much Deepika Edward.. stay hooked till next.week

  6. Rasika


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