Weekend Shots by Verna- Journey of Omkara’s life (Part 4)

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Hi my drs.. I’m back with my next Weekend Shot 4.. I’m really happy for ur response and eagerness.. but what to do my drs.. I can’t handle and write 2 stories at a time.. so only I’m separating my 2 FFs.. pls forgive me for my helplessness and lack of time. I’ll try my best to keep u entertained. Lets move to story..

At wayanad chembara peak:
Shivika and Rumya r surprised to see Gauri in his painting.. but Om was shell shocked and confused how Gauri got in his painting. He stares at them. He said, I have no idea how I painted her.. maybe she came in between and stood there.. They all look but did not find Gauri, they look suspiciously and teasing way. Rudra cups his mouth and tease, Come on guys.. yesterday his camera went out of focus and focused Gauri.. today his eyes went out of focus and his heart focused on her.. What is O’s mistake in this? Am I right O? Om nods yes in confusion but realized how Rudra pranked him when they all laugh at him. He starts chasing Rudra and shout at him to stop. Rudra runs around Shivika and Saumya and begs help. But Om chase him and caught him, he beat him to end his revenge. Then they have some brotherly time on greeny meadows. They all have lovely time and return to their resort by dusky evening.

When they reached resort everyone had good talk about their trip. When they all went to freshen up, Om was again disturbed by Gauri’s thoughts.. he runs and lock his room and rushed near window with his camera and focused on her tree house. He became sad when he saw her curtains closed. He went and sat in couch placed near and put down his head. Gauri occupied his thoughts fully. He got call from Janvi and talk to her. He went to fresh up and standing in front of his mirror. He remembered how Gauri acted in front her mirror and smiles. He keep starring at him in mirror for sometimes with smiling face and Gauri in his thoughts. He wash his face and come out and saw his painting placed on bed and mesmerized with the beauty of her and nature. This is my best one ever, he thinks to himself. He just went to check again and zoomed, to his surprise her curtains opened but didn’t find her in room. He is waiting for 5-10 mins but can’t find her, so he turned. Suddenly he felt something and and saw there. She was there covered by bath robe and towel on head. When he saw her face he started smiling. But suddenly his brain commands “not again” .. he gets sad and thinking.. but his heart pushed him and said “don’t listen to him.. just do what u like”.. he get happy and followed its words. He saw Gauri drying her wet hair with towel.. then she stood front of her mirror and started acting childish which made Omkara to laugh. Then she switched on TV and started singing and dancing for song. He enjoyed her acts, but he was disturbed by Saumya who was calling him for dinner.

He can’t resist himself from searching for Gauri whenever he gets chance. After dinner, traditional dance forms of Kerala like Kathakali, mohini aatam were arranged for their guests by resort management. All their guest were invited and Om was eager for Gauri. Shivika and Rumya noticed his restlessness and smile at each other. Guests are seated around camp fire and performance started. He saw Gauri and her cousins coming and his face brightened up. She sat opposite to him. Everyone present there enjoyed Kerala’s traditional dance forms, but two eyes didn’t care about it. Yes its Omkara who was busy watching Gauri.

After cultural performance host invited guests to perform and enjoy themselves. Few young women interested and went on stage and few were dragged by their friends. Annika and Saumya go and start performing with others for Saarattu Vandila song (its a light music Tamil song from recent Maniratnam movie Kaatru Veliyidai.. I like tat song because its a full package of celebration with amazing visuals and I felt dance moves will be cute if Annika, Saumya and Gauri dance for this song). O’bros were amazed and cheering their Oberoi ladies. Suddenly Annika and Saumya wink at each other and run to Gauri. Om surprised but little shocked. Gauri refuses but dragged by them to stage. She too gave an amazing performance with all others.. but Om just looking at her and his vision blurred on others. Shivika and Rumya noticing all this. Then time for mens turn.. O’bros and others danced on Lungi dance song. Then host tell its time for couple performance. Om pushed Shivika and Rumya. All couples start dancing for saree ke fall sa song r rajkumar movie (OMG! Actually I personally want our SSO & Annika to dance for this song.. wish my dream come true some day in our show and yes of course Rumya’s radha teri dance was my fav on Shivika wedding.. so this will match for them too 🙂 :-)) and they all enjoying well. Omkara was sitting quite and looking at Gauri.. his imagination went to next level, he started dancing with her for Gerua song from dilwale (I’m really sorry my drs.. actually my imagination level is high in this, because I can’t frame words to express how I feel they both dance.. but very intense and romantic dance moments they have.. pls imagine urself for this one time..really sorry).

When his imagination ended, his face got dull and soulless. He can’t find Gauri there. He went in search in near by places but he didn’t find her. That night, he was not able to sleep well and Gauri’s thoughts overpowered him. He was not able to understand such a big change in him within these 2 days.. after a long thinking process he accepted that Gauri affects him a lot and he decide to talk to her next day. He prepared himself to talk with her and went to sleep.
Next morning he woke up early and got ready and bother much about looking cool and handsome. He got a long box with him.Saumya was suspicious and enquires him. He just smile and left. He went to reception office and enquired about Gauri’s rooms, but to his shock they left resort that morning just before he reach. Om was upset and not able to bear this sat on couch placed there. He was reminiscing thise two days.. how she got in his camera, their meet near pool, at tea stall and rain.. and his painting. Shivika and Rumya come in search of him and found him sad. Rudy enquired and tell them about Gauri departure. Om place his hands on that box in which her painting was kept, which he wanted to gift her. He felt sad. He say again fate played cheat game with him.. he curse fate for playing with his emotions every time.. he tell them he is not blessed to get real happiness in his life and walked out from there. Shivika and Rumya gets sad for him and go to console him.

Precap: OmRu see Gauri crossing traffic signal in Mumbai. Rudra extremely excited but Om doesn’t react and turns his face.

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Hey drs pls tell me ur views on this track.. this will be very much different from DBO.. in this Omkara will be running behind his love Gauri, where in DBO its Gauri who just feel for Om. This will be completely love and romantic story with little fights and misunderstanding.. if u really want me to travel in same track pls comment and if u want some other track pls say what it is and how u expect.. I promise I’ll try my best to give u all ur wished track.. but pls open up and talk drs.. happy weekend.. love u all 🙂 🙂

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    1. Verna

      Thank u so much Uf.. I r supporting me since beginning of both FFs and keep supporting dr

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much Rasika keep reading

  2. It is superbbbbbb dear… Songs selection are awesome…

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much Nikitajai.. its all my fav songs.. I’m happy tat u too liked it.. keep reading dr

  3. Very beautiful, amazing and of course awesome…… I loved ur current track so continue it plz……

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much Chandini.. Thanks for u suggestion

  4. Gowsi

    Awesome….Plz continue….R u from tamilnadu?

  5. Update the next part soon pls.

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much khyana.. will do soon keep reading and supporting dr

  6. Verna

    Thank u so much Gowsi.. I’m really sorry dr.. now I don’t want to reveal my identity.. but for sure will tell u one day.. pls don’t mistake me dr..
    And one request.. can u pls tell y u raised this question? Just if u don’t mind..

    1. Gowsi

      Bcoz of that(sarratu vandila) song…..actually I’m from tn so….u don’t mind

  7. B.k.maha

    Today episode is awesome….. Keep going dr… Superrrrrrrrrrr dr….

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much maha keep reading and good luck for ur exams.. I’ll announce ur msg in tomorrow ff

      1. B.k.maha

        Thank u dr…

  8. Wow super track I like your scence

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much Samhitha.. keep reading dr

  9. Amazing dear ;
    We are also expecting story like this from our gaurika.
    Thanks for gave us good ff.

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much Hafsa.. will try my best to satisfy u.. Keep reading

  10. Deepika Edward

    It’s Awwwwesome???

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much Deepika Edward.. Keep reading dr

  11. Bavatharini BABU

    hi Verna, i am a silent reader but ff just changed me. I want to ask 1 doubt, in episode 3 how does gauri knows omkara’s name ?

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