Weekend Shots by Verna- Journey of Omkara’s life Part 34

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Episode 33
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Let’s move to Part 34..
Om cleaning up Gauri’s apartment and found some of his belongings with her. His happiness have no limits and that gave him a big hope about their relationship. When he cleaned up her bedroom he found anher old album under her bed. When he saw that album, it looked like some old photos, it was full of a women with her different pics and poses in different times of her life. Om was confused and was thinking that he know that women. At last there was a pic of new born baby in her hands in hospital bed. After long thinking and connecting Gauri’s life and words he guessed it should be Gauri’s mother. He placed it on her bed. Om share this with Rudra and he advised him something. He don’t believe Rudy but nods without belief. He checked time and remembered he have to pickup her from office. He disconnected call and left.
It was sharp 5.30 PM, Gauri came out of her office building and Om parked his Bugatti Chiron in front of her. They smile and Gauri get in his car. They had casual talks and share about their day. Om didn’t tell her that he was the one who cleaned her apartment. Gauri was excited to share about her day in her office and keep talking. Om lead his car to opposite direction to Gauri’s apartment. She ask, Omi.. what r u doing? U should take right. He said, Right and signs thumbs up but still traveling in same route. She tell, I said take right.. u r driving to left.. What’s going on? Om smile and say, we have time.. let’s go to beach. She excitedly ask, Beach? But we didn’t plan for it earlier. Om say, if its pre planned then it’s called event.. there is not more fun in that.. but surprises and adventures will happen without planning. Gauri like his words and idea but don’t understand what he is cooking in his mind. She determined to live the moment.

They both reach resort and go to beach restaurant. Gauri enjoying view and lost in it. Om ask for her food order. She said she is very hungry and ordered lot of chats and snacks. Om felt his stomach full just by listening to her menu. Gauri ask, didn’t u order anything? Om nods no with smile and ordered coffee. Om say, today is the best day in my life.. Gauri smile and say, so that is the reason u r giving treat.. so what happened today? He was about to say but think Rudy’s words for a while and say, that’s personal. Gauri’s face turned down when she heard that word personal. Om sensed her but remained silent. They start having their coffee and snacks. Gauri was silent and starring him, eating her snacks like she’ll never eat in her life. Om found her strange and questions. She shouts, didn’t u listen to me.. I said I’m hungry.. and huffs at him thinking, How dare he use that word PERSONAL with me (Take spoon full of food and have).. am I stranger for him (stare like burning him with her eyes).. Go to hell.. I don’t care ( turns face and have some drink). Om can’t control his laugh at her antics. He was just clicking her pics and show off like he don’t mind her and busy with phone. Gauri is done with this and leave that place.
Om took his time to sip coffee and then go to her. He ask, So.. U enjoyed all this right? She turns and look sharply. Om signs her to speak. She huffs and turn facing sea. Om smile and say, ok cool my pagli.. I know u r angry with me for not sharing with u.. sorry.. really sorry (Hold his ears with puppy face). Gauri was pleased but don’t want to give up and continues her anger. She walk from that place. He run behind her begging apology and finally Gauri gave up because she couldn’t see him like that anymore. They both play with tides for sometimes and sit in beach and talk. After sometime there was deep silence between them and Om was very eager to ask her that question. He say, Gauri.. shall I ask u something? She turns to him and nods. He say, actually I wanted to clear this doubt since we met in Gaurav’s office.. but I never had chance to raise this question.. even we were not that much close to ask this. Gauri look surprised and nods him to go ahead. Om ask, U remember that day we first met in Mumbai at Shivay’s office? She nods yes. I know in what situation u was and the time u met me at office.. I sensed u had some big hope on me when u came in my cabin. But, I acted like fool with my anger.. I want to know about that Gauri.. He hopefully wait for her answer.

Gauri was stunned with his question and didn’t expect it suddenly from him. They share an eye lock. She think for a while and smile/ blush herself. She turn to him and say, I’ll tell u Om.. but not today.. pls don’t force me.. pls. Om can’t say or emote anything so just noded. She ask him to drop her, they leave resort. On the way, Om was very silent and Gauri wanted to pull his legs, so talk teasing him. She say, don’t think that I didn’t tell u because u irritated me.. really.. even if I was asked before that this will be my answer. Om just turn and smile at her. He dropped her and left. Gauri entered her apartment and found it was very clean and well organized. She think Om’s maid must have cleaned and went to fresh up. She is just physically present there in her apartment but her heart and soul is with Omkara and can’t stop thinking him even for a sec. She wonder that she have gone mad and think to call him. Before that she call her besties Meerun and share about her change in behavior. She get advice from them too.
Meanwhile Om was very happy for what all he got that day and shared this with his family. All are happy and Saumya, Prinku excitedly ask, when will u propose Gauri? Om blush and say, I have not yet decided.. but will do it ASAP. It was 9.30 p.m. when they finished their talks with their respective friends and family. Om busy admiring her picture in his cam, so that he didn’t hear loud noise from his phone when Gauri called him. Rudra came and pickup call. When he said, Gauri.. U? Om startled and look up. She ask, Is Om busy? Why didn’t he attend my call for past 10mins? Rudra wanted to tease his brother and would be Babhi so he said, Yeah he is busy admiring something.. sorry sorry.. admiring someone. Gauri rushed up from her place and ask, What? Someone means? Who? Is that a girl? Where is she? How is she related to Om? Meanwhile Om panicked as Gauri would mistake him with Rudra’s stupidity and try to snatch his phone. He run away from his clutches and talk to Gauri. Rudra is having double fun teasing his Bhai and Babhi. He say, yeah she is a girl.. in fact she is like our family.. soon to be our family.. U know she is the one who bought O out of his bad times.

Gauri’s imagination have no limits.. she think there are only 3 brothers in Oberoi family.. Shivay married Annika, Rudra in love with Saumya.. only Om is left.. Rudy said she is soon to be their family.. she helped Om.. it means.. she almost cried and two droplets rolled down her cheeks too. Om can’t stand anymore and snatched phone from his hand. Same time Gauri dropped her phone and lost control, she sit on sofa with shock. Om found call disconnected and worries. Gauri’s world became upside down in a second. Om call her back and couldn’t reach her. He worry more and scold Rudra for his stupid behavior. He again and again try to reach her, but she doesn’t attend his call. Gauri is crying badly. All her life’s bad times flash in her mind and worry whether Om is also going to leave her. Suddenly a message popped up in her mobile screen. She was not interested in checking it but moved her glance. It was Om’s message and first thing he wrote was “Please don’t misunderstand Gauri.. please.. It was Rudy’s prank.” Few other messages followed “Actually I was busy with some work and so he attended your call..” “He just pranked.. There is nothing like he said.” “Please attend my call” Gauri felt some relief but not convinced fully.
Om called her after 2mins and he did not even wait for her “Hello” he just started talking once call was connected. Gauri didn’t utter a word. Om explained everything and tell her not to mistake him. There was deep silence between them, where Om is still worried one side and Gauri weeping silently and try to control her tears on other side. He ask her to talk. After gew secs Gauri ask, Really? Don’t u love anyone now? Om wanted to shout that he is madly in love with her but controls and say, I have no answer for this now Gauri.. I’ll let u know at right time. Gauri weeps silently and say, ok.. ok.. I’ll talk.. to u tomorrow.. bye. Her broken voice made him restless.

Precap: He took painting to her apartment to console her. Om ask her to open it and she was stunned seeing painting.

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