In your way where you live Teri Galliyan Arshi SS Part 9

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Thanks a lot Vavachi,Raina,Veronica,Kavita…

Arnav in his cabin…
He smiled thinking of how he did’nt take the lunch box from home purposefully to bring Khushi to the office.

He thought:Today will Khushi bring the lunch box here?
Suddenly he saw Khushi in front of him.His face blossomed.
K:Why are you always forgetting to take your lunch box?You are too engrossed in your work that you are forgetting to eat food on time.
He smiled.
She kept the lunch box on the table.
K:If you don’t eat properly I will never cook food for you in future.
Arn:What the!How can you talk to me like this?
K:Why not?If you behave like this,I will stop cooking.Then you will understand what real hunger us.
Arn:Ok fine…Then stop cooking.Because I am not going to eat your lunch now.

K:What?You are so arrogant!
She left the cabin angrily.
K:What does he think of himself?
Arnav smiled caressing the lunch box.
Arn:Mad lady.
He opened the lunch box.
Suddenly Khushi who was outside thought:He said he won’t eat lunch.Then I should take the lunch box back.Otherwise it will be wasted.Oh,how did I forget to take the lunch box back?
She walked to his cabin.Reaching the door way she witnessed Arnav eating lunch.

Slowly her face blossomed.

Like an innocent child Arnav was licking his finger.

K:So childish!
Khushi burst into laughter.
Suddenly Arnav saw her.He was embarrassed.
Khushi smirked:You said you won’t eat lunch.But what happened now?

Arn:I ate it just because I did’nt want the food to be wasted.But I did’nt enjoy it.
K:Really?If it was’nt tasty why were you sucking the last drops of curry from your fingers?
Arnav stammered:That is because…I….I…

Khushi smiled:Don’t try to lie again Arnav.Anyways I felt happy seeing you eat.

Slowly Arnav smiled.
Arn:It was very nice.Thanks for the lunch Khushi.
She became very happy.They shared a cute smile with each other.
K:Ok…I need to leave now.But one thing.Don’t forget to take the lunch box daily.
Arnav was embarassed.Both of them laughed.

Days passed…..

Arnav smiled thinking of Khushi:Khushi..I love you.But how will I confess my love to you?

Arnav bought a beautiful decorated box.

He wrote on a piece of paper:Khushi…Let’s forget the past and start a new life which is filled with love…only love.Because I love you.If you love me please come and tell that you love me.But if you don’t love me please don’t tell me directly that you don’t love me.Because I won’t be able to bear it.Just keep silent.I will understand that you don’t love me.
He folded the paper and kept it in the box.
Arnav gifted the box to Khushi.
Arn:Khushi,a small gift for you.
She was very happy:For me?It’s so beautiful.Thank you Arnav.
Khushi took it inside the room.Arnav was anxious.
Arn:Khushi will open the box and read my note.
Khushi kept the box on the table.
K:Let it be here as a beautiful show piece.WAking up every morning seeing Arnav’s gift is beautiful .

3 days passed…
Arnav was upset.
Arn:Khushi didn’t reply at all.That means she doesn’t love me.So as per my request she is not telling that openly to me.

Arnav wiped his tears.

Khushi remembered how Arnav stared at her while drying her hair.
K:Arnavji…I know that you love me.Then why don’t you confess your love to me?I will make you confess your love.But how?

Suddenly Khushi got an idea.

We recommend
  1. Veronica

    Arnav and Khushi lunch scene was funny and lovely. ARNAV writing his feelings for Khushi on a paper and Khushi keeping it safely without opening it was a bit funny but Arnav misunderstanding her silence could bring a new interesting plot. And Arshi small small romantic moments are really nice.

  2. Super dear

  3. Krkavita

    Arshi lunchbox scene is similar to the show. Loved their nok khok. Arnav sending the gift to khushi with the love note was romantic. Khushi knows that Arnav loves her. I guess Khushi read the note but Is expecting Arnav to confess it to her verbally. She got an idea to make him confess. Waiting to know what she will do.

  4. Riana

    Awsome…love it!!…Sorry for short commnt due to net issu…☺

    1. Jasminerahul part is also updated.check out plz

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