Warrior High 7th July 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mr. Mehra asked for Charlie from a student, he told him that he is in the gym room. He came to the gym room and saw Charlie boxing, he told him that he seems like he is preparing for a boxing match. Mr. Mehra asked him about the girl Charlie like. Charlie told him they are in relation right now, his dada asked him the reason, Charlie told his father that Nitti is a dwarf
Mr. Mehra told him that it means that you both have a connection just like your and mother and I have. Charlie apologizes from his father.
. Utkarsh started crying, Veebha advice him to make Angel’s remaining days a beautiful memory. Utkarsh was thinking about Angela and spoke to himself that he has to be strong.
All the students were heading to their dooms speaking about Krissan and Sid’s breakup. Siali tells Nitti to go to the doom she is going as she has to talk to Veebha. Siali saw a girl telling Sid that she loves him and she gives him a scrapbook that she made for Sid which had everything in it about Sid and of Sid including his pencil, bubble, wrapper e.t.c. Siali angrily came to Sid to tell him that he will never stop hearting people. Siali tells him that love is done from heart, and you only love once. Siali tells him that you don’t love any one. Charlie was standing there and agreed with Siali. Krissan came speaking loudly then what was the love Sid had for him. She speaks that Sid is disgusting, she tells Siali that she loved Sid for eight years. Siali and Krissan both insulted Sid together and went holding hands.
The doctor was giving Angela medicine and checked her eyes when Utkarsh came in telling her that if she didn’t wanted to give the test she could have told. Angela tells Utkarsh that she is afraid; she tells him that she can feel the death in front of her eyes and she can’t do anything. Utkarsh wiped his tears and tells her that let it all go, ignore it. Angela refused and tells him that that is what she had done her entire life now she can’t. She said that she hasn’t touched anyone; she can’t touch anyone because she knows that if she will touch anyone it will affect that person too. Utkarsh hold her hand and asked her to slap him, he starts slapping himself but she stops him. He tells her it does not spread. Utkarsh takes her out in the garden and ask her to breathe the fresh air. Utkarsh forcefully take her gloves off and ask her to touch the flowers. Utkarsh tells her that he love her smiling. Utkarsh tells her that they come here every day from now. Utkarsh gave Angela his hand in order to come inside, she thinks a bit but then come with him.

PRECAP: Krissan and Angela were fighting that Utkarsh is theirs. Parth and Veebha were in the library, Parth had aveebha in his hands Veebha told him to leaves as she heard someone coming but Parth didn’t so Veebha slapped him.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. First

  2. Where r u prads

    1. Sry yesterday won’t be able to come as….. someone was constantly saying me I luv u so was dealing with him I guess u are prachi right….??

  3. Just two more episodes
    gonna miss veebarth and sidyali

  4. Who told u , that warrior high is gonna to an end @ ashrutha

  5. If anyone knows when its repeat used to come

  6. Yeah epi gonna end.. gonna miss warrior high.. expecting season 2 very soon.

  7. nice episode

  8. When warrior high is going to end ?
    Can anyone tell me the exact date plz

    1. Yep… it is ending this Thursday and this news is confirmed by all wh actors on insta and twitter

  9. Hey guys did u ol noticed that there was no scene of sid dancing in girls clothes in todays episode as mentnd in d precap……

  10. Touchng epsds r gng on……utkarsh..u r just superb..
    Siali is feelng jealous..so sweet..
    Yes,shikha..may b they cn show tht scene tday’s epsd…
    Yup..gng to miss warriorhigh a looot…one of d sweet serial ever….ll eagerly wait fr seasn 2…

  11. Zalnab, cnt tell abt d exact date bt thisweek is warrior high’s final week….
    P, they cn shw d repeat at 1.00 pm…..

    1. hi fairy !! tis piya .. it wl end on thursday … m surely gonna miss it

    2. yup….will miss it a lot…
      thnks piya fr ur info…

    3. Thnx for the update
      We will gonna miss it !

  12. Srry..dnt knw why they r nt shwng d repeat….

  13. gonna miss it……

  14. vry gud utkarsh m proud of u bt why r sid n siali fighting??????
    n sona thanks for update bt i had some problems in reading due 2 his/her mistakes… hope u wl understand..

  15. dnt wrry piya….siali is just feelng jealous…..hp sid ll cnfess his love soon….did he cnfess??
    i hd missed sm epsdes…
    befr endng seasn… want all d couple tgthr…..

  16. plzz post today’s episode….very eager to knoe

    1. I saw a bit….. it was…sid asks niti how to impress siyali and she agrees

  17. Highlights –
    Angela after lots of hesitation gave her hands in Uttkarsh’s hand.. Kal ho na ho in background..
    Angela asks Uttkarsh to go & sleep as its late.. He says none can stop him from spending time with her friend.
    Angela writes diary.. Uttkarsh tries to read what she is writing but she stops him saying its personal. Uttkarsh lies down his head and sleeps. Angela admirers Uttkarsh and caresses his hairs remembering her moments with Uttkarsh.. Hui main Teri joganiyaa in background.
    Next Day.. Krissane comes to Angela and says sorry .. Angela asks why she is after her all the time? Krissane says coz she is getting close to her guy and she is jealous of Angela. Angela says she isn’t interested in Sid. Krissane says its not Sid as they brokeup, its Uttkarsh Rajput. Angela says Uttkarsh is mine I love him. Krissane says your dying so he is not yours he is mine. Angela says so what if m dying .. I HV right to love. Angela says even you can die in accident so Uttkarsh is mine.
    They fight.. Kamini comes there and scolds Krissane.
    In library Parth say Vibha his hearts beats fast when she is with him. He says he loves her. He asks her to say I love you.. She asks him to leave as someone came but he didn’t listened so she slapped him..
    Krissane came there to Vibha to complain about Angela.
    Vibha tries to talk to Parth but he ignores.
    Parth’s mom came ..
    Sid calls Niti to take advice from her so that he can impress Siyali. Niti says if he wants to impress Siyali he should do classical dance in girl’s costume. He agrees and says to call Siyali in rehearsal hall after an hour.
    Everyone comes to rehearsal hall and was shocked to see Sid in girl’s costume. Sid said he can do anything in love.
    Precap – Parth’s mom complains Urmila mam that in your school student teacher love story going on. She taunts Vibha. Parth comes there and says he is in love with Vibha mam. Vibha doesnt love him.
    Urmila says so as I said if your news is wrong your son will be expelled.
    Krissane says Uttkarsh I really like you.. And thn she holds her arms saying so now we are together.

  18. guyz…d credit s goes to warrior high ‘s admirers..
    just hv gt only ths highlights….

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