Warrior High 6th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Utkarsh is shocked to see Urmilla’s concern and says he is alright. She asks about his brother, then asks where the other students are. Sid and Siali come out, Krissane asks how he is. Siali tells Niti she slipped as she was bring water; Sid came there and gave his hand to her but she didn’t take it. Sid said she could take his hand, but then the earth quake came. Sid said they must leave and picked her up. Niti asks how her foot is and how is she. Siali says she is fine, and they hug. They ask about Utkarsh. The girls were worried about their famililes, a friend asks her to use her cellphone to update on friend’s group about her safety. Krissane says it was a disaster, and so many people lost so much in it and what she bothers about is her status. Sid asks Krissane if she is fine. Krissane says yes, it was a disaster, isn’t it; her makeup kit even broke. Sid says thanks god, for a moment he thought she has changed. Utkarsh and Urmilla also come out. Urmilla tells them they are all safe now, no need to worry. Utkarsh asks where is Parth, Urmilla asks has anyone seen Parth. Parth brings Vibha then, Dadi hugs her and cries making her sit. Utkarsh hugs Parth and asks if he is fine. Urmilla says she can understand they must be missing their families, they are all there for them. She is just like their mother. They got the information, there is a chance of reoccurance of earthquake in next eight years. They must stay outside for a while as they can’t go inside. She asks Rishab to arrange beddings and Kamini for Hot chocolate and biscuits.
Dadi calls some crying girls to her, she says there is no need to fear as no one suffered any injury. This isn’t time to be afraid, Warrior High’s students are really brave. She asks the children to come to her, she will tell them all a story.
Urmilla talks on phone that everything is alright. It were parent’s calls, she promised them that she will make them call them. She asks Kamini to make students call parents, and send Sid.
Dadi begin the story, there was a thunderstorm. There was a guy named Dhruv, he was known as the Afraid one. He didn’t understand what to do now as the whole his house was in water. He climbed a wardrobe and sat there. He noticed the water level was rising. He was afraid even more now. He then saw a ants hole on the corner of wardrobe and was again afraid. He thought these ants will kill him now. He noticed ants going into water.
Sid comes to Urmilla, she was concerned about him. Sid says it doesn’t seem so. Urmilla asks who would care about him then. Sid says there is no point in repeating those conversations again.
Dadi says all the ants went together into water and passes all the water and went out.
Kamini brings hot chocolate to Kartik. He says thanks to her. She offers him biscuit, as he has been standing there for a long time. The peon gets her a pack of ice, she gives it to Siali to press against her bruise.
Dadi completes the story, that when atlast Dhruv steps down he came to know there was a cupboard and the water only came till his feet. So this story was about overcoming their fears. Peon comes to announce they can all inform their parents. Niti leaves, Siali and Utkarsh come behind her. Niti says they all have parents, but only the three of them have no one bothering if they are alive or not. She is the most unlucky one, she has parents but bothering apart they wouldn’t know where she is. Utkarsh poses to ring a call, Siali receives it. Utkarsh asks to talk to Niti, Siali poses to become Niti and asks Utkarsh, if he remembered him now. Utkarsh says he always remember her, she is his best. He asks Niti if she got a guy, or she still sleep with kajal on at night. Niti hug them. SIali says they don’t need anyone until the three of them are together.

PRECAP: Charlie tells his father it was because of Niti he is safe, she helped him out of dorm. His father recognizes Niti as the girl who got him defeated in boxing match. Utkarsh rolls over Sid at night while sleeping in ground. Urmilla watches this.

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