Warrior High 6th July 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kamini says that your parents will be called to see your report cards, while a student came and tell Kamini that Angela fainted and she is in the bathroom. They ran there to see here, Utkarsh took her to the school hospital. Urmilla asked what had happened to her, she asked Rishab to call the doctor but he tell her that he is on holiday. A doctor came in asking Urmilla what happened and if he could help, Urmilla tells everyone that he is Charlie’s father. He came out to call his doctor in order to help Angela where Charlie saw him and was angry that he warned him not to come to his school.
Krissan dragged Utkarsh out away from Angela, Utkarsh asked her why she did this. Krissan told everyone that she read her diary and she read that Angela has AIDS. Everyone was shocked to hear it. Utkarsh said to Krissan that is she not ashamed to make fun of a sick girl. Utkarsh speaks that he does not care how sick she is, he will always be his friend.
Utkarsh was thinking of Angela when Urmilla came from behind and asked him that when she will be awaked. Urmilla tells him her condition is serious but doctor Mehra is looking after her. Utkarsh began to cry and ask Urmilla whu god take away every good person first he took my mother and now he is taking Angela from me, and he left. Urmilla was looking to her finger.
Siali was saying that it was her fault. Sid came and asked her that why she is blaming herself. Siali tell him that it is all her fault because Angela told her in the morning that she is sick but she forced her to attend the class. Sid said her not to take tension as Krissan must be lying. Siali ask Sid that he does not trust her girlfriend, Sid justify her satatment and tell her that they break up. Sid ask her to believe in God. Sid shared his and Siali love topic again but Siali leaves to see Utkarsh. Sid tells himself that he is an idiot.
Urmilla came out with Mr.Mehra thanking she is very thankful of him. Krissan and other students were talking to maintain some distance with Angela. Mr. Mehra told everyone that this disease does not have any side effects on others. He also told everyone that he is very disappointed that you are planning to leave your friend when she needs you the most. Urmilla also tell the same thing to everyone. Mr. Mehra left saying that. Utkarsh was crying, Parth and Siali wiped his tears. Nitti came to Charlie that she is very disappointed to say that you are ashamed to have such a good father.
In the staff room Veebha asked the teachers that why are that all upset. Rishab tells her that Angela fainted today in the bathroom and we got to know that she has AIDS. Kamini was ashamed of her behaviour with Angela for all these days. Veebha thought that Angela is Parth and Siali’s friend so she must go to see them too.
Veebha was searching Parth, she found him sitting in the corridor. Veebha came and asked him that is he okay. Parth tells her that he is afraid of death, he is afraid that people near to him left him as his father left him and his mother alone. Veebha tells him to be okay and she wiped his tears as he was crying. Parth hugged Veebha tightly.

PRECAP: Nitti took Siali and all others to see that Sid was dancing wearing girls dancing clothes. Angela tells Utkarsh that she is afraid, Utkarsh tells her that Angela is not frightened of anyone. Angela refused and tells him that she also thought that but she can see her death in front of her eyes and she in unable to do anything.

Update Credit to: Sona

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    1. Its ending this Thursday conform

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    1. Nope dear…. they like each other…

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  15. Don’t worry friends warrior high is not ending…its coming up with its second season soon…so be happy:-)

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