Warrior High 3rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sid asks Siali not to make voice. They come across Rishab, who recognizes him as Siddart. Kamini comes from behind, she says to Sid he knows the rules here are really strict. They have come late, so they won’t get dinner. Sid says he reached with real difficulty here. Kamini taunts them and asks them to go to their rooms. Kamini asks for Siali’s box, Sid says there is something to eat it in specially for principal. She allows keeping it. Sid tells Siali that her room is upstairs.
Utkarsh was in the corridor, Siali goes to her room from behind him.
Suzanne takes Niti to a corner bed, and calls the girl around. She says this bed was of Shiwali, she was lost some years ago and she has heard that she died. Her friends say they have heard she sleeps her at night. Niti was afraid, Suzanne teases her to be a coward and says she has no option as they won’t use this bed. Siali says wrong, she will take that bed. Niti comes to hug her, Siali hushes her up to be quiet. Suzanne asks if she is that Angela girl, Niti says yes she is Angella. Suzanne says no wonder she can be her friend. Suzanne says don’t tell me she came with Sid. Siali says he also lost his train and helped her come here. She goes to bed curtly. Siali doesn’t understand her.
Utkarsh comes to sit with Parth, he says this place is really beautiful. Parth was uninterested. Sid comes bad, his friend asks how he came here. Sid says he missed the train, and tells his friend the box is of a friend.
Siali says to Niti that it is good she gave her the idea to take the uniform of the missing girl. She tells Niti there is no ghost. Suzanne says they can’t have their beauty sleeps accomplished, as according to the traditions of this place tonight will be night call. Sid also tells the boys about night call, at 10 the lights will go off. They will have to hide, else the seniors will get them and will treat them badly. Utkarsh says seniors would know all the places here to hide. Sid says to have him caught, they would need to be smarter than him. Niti and Siali talk how much they missed each other. Siali says she came here only to return maa. Niti says she doesn’t want to play this hide and seek game. Siali says they have no options. Niti says she doesn’t understand, the seniors here would be parents of juniors. Suddenly the lights of the school go off, and everyone run screaming.
The seniors come in hoods, the boys say if they have ten minutes they will have five minutes more to run. This will make it even interesting. Everyone finds a place for themselves to hide. The seniors go looking for students, all along the corridors. Utkarsh asks a boy to hide, the boy says seniors won’t have an idea that he is still in the room. The seniors enter the room, one of them says everytime there is an oversmart person who stays here. He asks him to come out with them and drag him out. They head to leave for outside, but stops and opens the cupboard door and takes another boy out.
Parth and Utkarsh was hidden, the seniors said they can run and hide but they can’t escape. The boy with them fainted, Parth takes Utkarsh away.
Suzzane comes to hold Sid’s eyes, he smile and says hi. She asks why he missed the train. He says he missed it. She asks him to fine a romantic place for them to hide. Charlie laughs at them, Sid and Charlie run away leaving Suzanne.
Charlie show Sid that the window of library is open. A teacher meet the juniors who come to her, she doesn’t say a word to him and leave. The seniors get the junior again.
Utkarsh spread panic around Parth saying the teachers are even involved with them.
Siali and Niti come behind the building, she asks her to go to a side. Siali watche the seniors coming and gets to library. Sid holds her by arm and asks what’s up. She is irritated if she only had to meet this fake man. A senior enter the library, and calls Siddardh Rajput and all the juniors their seniors are here.

PRECAP: Vibha tells Parth and Utkarsh to read the history of the only six students who survived this night call, batch 2013. Both head to library. The Kaisi yeh yaarian team tells them surviving isn’t the only option, they must learn to fight back. The get united against the seniors.

Update Credit to: Sona

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