Warrior High 30th June 2015 Written Episode Update

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Siali was thinking that going outside the school is against the rules how she can let Parth do such thing, but she also think that he is trying to help Veebha ma’am, Siali was confused. Siali was going up where she heard Sid speaking to some boy telling him about the secret gate out of the school, the key of that gate is used to be with Kamini. Siali plans to takes but it is too risky for her.
At night while going to doom Utkarsh ensures Parth that they will help Veebha as they have told Silai to help them. Utkarsh tells Parth that you don’t have to take tension.
At night Siali went out of the girls doom and opened the Staff room and searched the key, as she found the key she put it in a book and prepared to leave but Sid came saying that his idea worked, you came and took the key. Siali disagree. Sid says that you are not that smart so he is here to help, Sid says that he is not here to help Parth or Utkarsh, he is here because of you. Sid holds her arm and says that you had always said him the does not care for anyone else so here he is today because he cares for you. Siali shuts him up; Sid says he is speaking the truth. Siali says that you are no longer the head boy so you are not allow to stand in the staff room, Sid replies that you are also breaking the rule. Sid speaks that you must leave, Siali prepares to leave but suddenly turns back on Sid due to which they both collapse, Sid notice that somebody opened the door so he rolls down under the table with Siali. Sid takes Siali’s hair off of his face Siali panicked but Sid tells her not to speak. As Rishab left the room they both get out of the table, Sid excitedly said that they both have something. Siali replies saying that she is no mood of hearing your cheap talk. Siali tries to open the door but Rishab has locked it from the outside, Siali was afraid that she is trapped here. Sid in a very good tone says that he came from the window so we can go out of it; he opens the window and help Siali to go out. As Siali was going to the girls doom Sid was hopefully whispering; turn back, he whispered it three times, Siali turns and leaves smiling. Sid was very happy.
Utkarsh was tensed because of the situation they have entered and was waiting for Siali to find a solution of it. Siali came to the boys doom with Nitti, she called Utkarsh and Parth. She gave the gates key to Parth, she tells him that she has told the gatekeeper to let you cross the security check, she also warns him about the risk. Utkarsh gives him his clothes and hugs him. Parth leaves thanking Siali.
Utkarsh was going back to the boys doom but Angela was standing in front of him. Utkarsh thinks in his mind that she is a big problem and if she had seen all what just happened she will tell everyone. Utkarsh asked Angela what she saw; she said that she saw all that just happened. Utkarsh was very afraid and requested her not to tell anything to anyone as she is a very good friend of him. Angela tells him that she does not like to open others secret she in fact likes that just to help his friend he took that big risk. Utkarsh said her that from today she is also included in their plan.
Veebha was waiting outside the staff room while the room was being opened. Veebha came in and sit but kamini entered acting like she is having a headache. Kamini scolds Veebha on her carelessness. Kamini sends her to check the girls.
Sal, i Utkarsh and Nitti were discussing the risk they have taken it. Angela comes and blackmails them that if they will not arrange a party she will tell the principle that you broke the rules. Siali was very angry at her and Utkarsh.
Veebha went to check the girls; she took their attendance and then leaves. Krissan was thinking that where has Angela put her diary she plans to take Sid’s help. Sid and Charlie were walking in the corridor where Krisssan came, she stops Sid but she said that he is not in a mood to talk. Krissan tells her that there is a girl Angela, Sid quiets her saying to solve this girls problem in your own group. Krissan gets upset and tells her that you don’t care about me anymore. Krissan and Sid went into a little argument and Krissan breaks up with him. Sid at first be a little emotional and then was very happy that she left. Charlie tells him that you are an idiot that you left such a hot lady. Sid replies don’t worry about me but instead find out who is that person whom Krissan is into.

PRECAP: Veebha and Parth were walking together, Veebha was thanking Parth that because of him her family was so happy but suddenly some people came on a bike and one touched Veebha on which Parth gets furious and beats them.

Update Credit to: Sona

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