Warrior High 2nd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Siali goes to pick the box, she slips and Sid hear her shout. He drops his bag and turns back to see Siali having got the box. She asks him to give her his hand, he helps her up. He asks if she is crazy, what is it in there. She says it is really important. He opens the box, and asks she put her life at stake for this frog. She says when we loves someone, we can do anything. He says he is just helping her, and in Warrior High pets aren’t allowed.
He announcement says they are about to reach the platform. The students arrive at warrior high. Utkash and Niti are excited, Niti says Siali was right this is an amazing place, she might get lost over here. Utkash says even the lights are expensive, the touch the floor to find no dust. Utkash is saddened that Siali deserves it all and not him. Vibha asks them to join the lines. A lady passes by the corridor and introduces herself as Kamini Chiterlekha Singh and for them a madam only. She expects them to follow all the rules of this place, she asks Niti what to abide by. Niti says rules. She says she has been serving here to twelve years, and teaches Hindi here. She spoke strict Hindi. She says those who won’t abide by her, their smiles won’t stay here for long. She turns to Vibha and says she seems to be a new teacher and asks her name. Vibha says Vibha, Kamini recognizes her as Vibha Anand. She says now she will know how difficult is being a teacher. She asks Vibha to bring all the students inside, turns and asks if Vibha hasn’t listened to her. Charlie and Vibha ask all the students to keep their mobiles and beauty products in the box here. They all keep their phones, Kamini stops a girl and asks about her phone, the girl says she has no phone. Kamini holds her face and strictly asks for her phone out of her socks. Charlie takes knife from a boy. Kamini asks the girl for her phone, the girl says she just kept it there. Kamini asks where, the girl tries to undress herself, Kamini asks her to go. Suzanne takes her phone, her friends ask how she does this and asks if she would let her use her phone. Suzanne says it depends upon what she can do for her. Vibha asks them to go for dinner, and goes inside. Kamini comes back and asks everyone to stay in their lines. Parth gives her looks, she smiles and announces them to have dinner. Charlie announces they have to be in beds at sharp 9 pm.
Sid asks who is that special person, because a boy and a girl can never be friends only. Siali says the place they have been brought up has true love. Sid makes fun of her. Siali asks how far are they.
The boys come to the room, one of them was really excited that it was his brother’s bunk and he had left some CD’s for them all. Everyone takes their beds. Utkash says to Parth that their bunk is the same, God wants them to be friends. Parth doesn’t get Utkash’s hand, Utkash says the place he lived had a peaceful environment like family, everyone here is strange. He was excited and asks Parth if he will be his friend. Parth quietly takes his hand.
Kamini informs the girls, that a girl hasn’t yet reached the school. Suzanne thinks she must have lost the train like Sid. Sid and Siali come to warrior high, everything about warrior high echoes in Siali’s mind. The mother had told her that she also deserves to be in warrior high. They move inside the campus.
Sid asks Siali to come inside, Siali says this place is beautiful at night. She wants to be here the next year, but Sid asks her not to make noice.

PRECAP: Sid tells everyone that tonight, after 10, the light will go off and seniors will come for our hunt. We must hide tonight. A guy comes hunting for Siddhardh.

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