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Annie meets up with someone at school who is stressed over chemistry and tries to calm him down. She says that I am not a topper but will help you with the subject as I have a lot of methods which will make it easy. She says that I have to go to class but will tell you about them when I see you in the library.
Sidarth is walking when Siyali crosses by him. He stops her and says that if you are going to the staff room then we can go together. He looks at her and says that why are you making such a face as we have to work together the entire year. Siyali replies saying that I have to focus on my work not on someone and have no interest in bad habits. Sidarth smiles and says that she talks a lot and follows her in the room.
They enter the staff room and are congratulated by the teachers and are then informed about the rules. As Vibha mam explains the rules Kamini mam keeps on interfering in the speech. Soon Vibha mam looks at Rishab sir nodding to what is going on. As Kamini mam insults Sidarth on his habit of walking late at night, Siyali smiles. Vibha tells them to keep their dormitory clean and hygienic.
Vibha looks at Kamini mam and she tells her continue on. Vibha informs them about their duty further on and says that to what happened in the school in the past few days must not happen again. Kamini mam tells not to move from their path as by doing this only then can they guide the others. After giving them a warning she tells them to leave.
Sidarth comes out and says that I got so frustrated with that talk and rules. He says that we have to work together as fighting won’t get us anywhere. Siyali says that maybe for the first time you have said something wise and shakes hands with him. Siyali walks to the dorm and Sid fails to stop her even after saying a poetic verse.
Siyali informs the girls about the rules and says that no student will do the work of another and all will do their work by themselves. Krissane says that she won’t polish her shoes by herself while Siyali says that if anyone does your work then the both of your names will go the office.
On the other hand Sid says that there are no rules but if you do anything wrong then you all will get trapped. He says that you can sleep whenever you want but just don’t get late to the classes. On the other hand Krissane is arguing with Siyali about the rules and says that my friends will help me and you can’t stop me. Siyali asks of who wants to help Krissane and everyone steps with Siyali and leaves Krissane. She leaves the dorm room saying that this is not over. Nitti and Seemi are smiling over to what has just happened.
Krissane sees Utkarsh and says that even after losing the competition he looks so happy, what a loser. She sees Sid coming through the halway and turns away. Nitii says to Siyali that I feel like a VIP since you became the head girl. Nitti says that we maybe orphan and not have even the half of what these al have, but today we stand equal to them.
Parth and Utkarsh come and join the girls as well. Utkarsh tells Parth about Siyali’s wish of coming to Warrior high since they were in the orphanage. Parth says that I came only here because of my mother as she wanted me study at the place where my father used to teach. Siyali asks about who the other person was then and Parth explains that it was his stepfather and he considers him as a nobody. Siyali says that it means that you have a long connection with this school.
Parth talks his father and says that he was a great man and even till today everyone knows his name. Parth says somehow I think that he is disappointed of me wherever he is. Utkarsh says that you are a great person and he would feel very proud of you, he further says that you are the greatest person I have ever seen. Soon the students come and they go to play.
In the staff room Vibha mam comes and Kamini mam asks her about the progress of the syllabus and the tests. Vibha mam says that only a few chapters are left, Kamini mam starts to scolds her and says that why is it that every time that you have problem. She says that your work can cause a lot of problems to the students as they might not be able to prepare properly due to the lag in course.
Kamini says that you know about the work and do you want me tell Urmilla mam about this. Vibha says that you know how important this job is for me. Kamini tells her to prepare the hindi tests by tomorrow. Vibha says that my hindi is not as good as yours. Kamini says that you want to say that you don’t know your mother tongue. She says that I have given you a job and it is your choice to accept it or not. Vibha agrees while Kamini smiles and leaves, Vibha says that you know my Hindi is weak and why do you give me such troubles all the time.
Sid says to his friends that we have a party tonight and tells them to keep quiet when they get excited. He says not to tell anyone especially Siyali and her friends. Later Sid goes through the ground and tells to Utkarsh who is getting ready to play football and tells him to be careful and not hurt anyone. He tells Charlie about the party and tells him not to tell Siyali and avoid telling her.
Charlie says that if there is no Nitti in the party then what fun would it be. He goes to Nitii and calls Utkarsh as well and says that we friends have organized a surprise party. Utkarsh says that who has given the permission while Charlie says that it hs been arranged just not tell Siyali and Sid. Utkarsh and Nitii agree and Charlie leaves.
The two of them go and tell Parth about the party. Parth asks about the party but then says that he has no interest in them and says that who has given the permission and who is giving the party. Nitti says that this man is even more crazier than Siyali. Parth tells them to shut up as he is standing right here while Nitti and Utkarsh says that they don’t do back biting. Parth agrees on coming and says that he is only coming since he has asked him to but will leave soon. Utkarsh tells Parth not to tell anyone else about it. Nitii looks at Charlie who is smiling and says that a nut has gone loose in his brain. Siyali comes and asks of what they were whispering on

Precap: Siyali comes and asks Rohi of what the dress is for. On the other hand Sid tells everyone to go to sleep as all of them will go for a morning walk at 5 am. Parth is Vibha mam in the library and take something out of her hair.

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  13. Rahul again sees Prerna and Dishank talking.. he was jealous and asks Prerna why she is helping junior. She says she us not answerable to him.. Dishank is weak in chemistry so she is just helping him in that subject as he is a junior.

    Vibha looked stressful .. Uttkarsh asked her to keep calm and listen to her heart. He says his mom is in his heart and he takes all decision by asking his heart. She should do same and not take stress or else she will not be able to complete her work.

    Siddharth asks boys to sleep and they will go to morning walk at 5AM. Kamini was shocked and wondered how Sid is performing his duties well?
    On the other hand Niti asks Siyali to sleep. All girl pretends to sleep.

    Urmila takes Uttkarsh and Krissane out. She says she has planned out something for them as they lost head boy/ head girl’s position even after working so hard.

    Parth doesn’t want to go to party so he decides to read book in library.
    Vibha was writing Hindi and working there. Parth asks lots of questions to her like she ate dinner or not? what she ate? Vibha gets irritated and asks why he is asking so many questions today? He says coz she only said he is boring so he though of talking today. Vibha smiles and asks him to get a book for him.
    He was lost in her while taking out book from shelve.
    Something was there inside Vibha’s hairs Parth takes it out.

    Uttkarsh thanked Urmila mam for ice cream. She thinks she knows how much his child loves ice cream. Krissane wondered why Urmila is giving treat to them as they lost. Winners deserve treat.
    Uttkarsh asks her to eat her ice cream as its melting. She says she doesn’t want to celebrate her defeat. Uttkarsh says winning loosing is part of game. They worked hard but may be Sid Siyali worked more hard. Urmila was impressed.
    Krissane says she will become fat if she ll eat ice cream. Uttkarsh says even if she eats ice cream she will be hottest girl in school. Krissane was like is she really hottest girl of school? Uttkarsh says yes. And Krissane becomes happy.

    Precap – VibhArth scene , And WH party.. Sid – Uttkarsh’s dance

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  17. Girls were getting ready for party in washroom.. Simmi asks Niti to get ready.. Niti says she will get ready after crowd leaves. As all girls leave .. Niti dresses up. She sees herself in mirror and says she has to look hot like other girls. She was not satisfied with her dress. She does make-up. But still she was not satisfied but thn she thinks this look of hers is OK as no one is waiting for her specially in party.
    As she comes out of washroom. Charlie was passing by.. she was about to fall.. Charlie hold her .. They share eyelock and Tum miley in background.
    Niti says she is going to call Siyali now for party. Charlie stops her and says they ll call her later as still Party preparation are left.

    In library.. Parth asks Vibha to help him in prouncing a word and asks her meaning of word. Oh humnava in background.
    Parth thinks Uttkarsh will come here finding him and Vibha will get to know about party. Parth leaves saying he is sleepy. Vibha assures Parth she too will sleep as soon as she completes her work.

    Uttkarsh says Krissane let’s go to party. Krissane thinks how he got to know about party.. She asks him and Uttkarsh says Niti told him.
    Krissane says she is going to change as she can’t go in party in this dress. Uttkarsh says what’s wrong in this dress? She looks good in this dress too. She says he will not understand as its girl thing. God made girls so that they look pretty always. Uttkarsh asks thn who made them? lol He asks how he is looking. She says he is looking good and leaves to change.

    Parth comes to party Uttkarsh compliments him that he is looking hot and girls will be impressed. A girl comes there and looks at Parth .. As girl leaves Uttkarsh taunts see I told you. Parth says shut up.. you are enjoying alot. He says he is in party only coz of him and will leave soon.

    In library Vibha imagines Parth .. Parth was looking at him and she was blushing. She was kinda hallucinating Parth and smiling.

    In Party.. Niti sees Sid coming and asks Charlie to call Siyali too. Charlie says some idiot spoil the plan of surprising Sid. So they ll call Siyali later.

    Sid feels uncomfortable while dancing with Krissane and leaves.

    Niti changes the music.. Sid says its his fav song and Uttkarsh too says same thing. They both start dancing on Hum dono hai alag alag lol.

    Siyali comes to Party & asks all to stops the music.

    Precap – Parth says Siyali not to get angry on Uttkarsh Niti as someone told them its surprise party for you and Sid
    Siyali points at Sid and says it was your plan right?

    Niti says to Charlie he wanted Siyali too yo suffer with his friend Sid when they ll get caught for party. Siyali is so angry now coz of him.

    Dream sequence of ‪#‎VibhArth‬ romantic moments. Parth takes Vibha’s hands and kiss them.

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