Warrior High 25th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Anvesha finds Utkarsh’s file and makes a call. It was to orphanage, Anvesha introduces herself and asks about Utkarsh Rajput. Mother says not Utkarsh but Niti has also joined. Anvesha asks can she tell her about Utkarsh. The mother says he is really nice, he came at 2 years with a girl Siali who was 3 years old; an NGO left them. She tells Anvesha that Siali has been missing since then. Siali was also a bright student and attempted for position at Warrior High but her answer sheet was misplaced. Anvesha asks did they made a complaint to police. The mother says she did her best. She asks Anvesha if she should inform Utkarsh about her, but Anvesha says she must wait now. She asks about Utkarsh’s family background, the mother tells her that the NGO had found Utkarsh and Siali on road. Anvesha asks how he got his sir name, the mother says Siali knew his full name as Rajput; they thought they were brother and sister but they weren’t, however their bonding didn’t weaken. Anvesha recalls Siali introducing herself to her when she had met Utkarsh.
At night, everyone went to bed. Siali was still awake. Rishab walks through the corridor and peeks into the dorm room. When he is gone, Ayaz checks him out. He asks them all to get ready, time for action. Everyone get up and dress up. Ayaz takes Sid and Charlie asking them to show this aggression in the ring. Rishab comes to Anvesha’s room, she asks him to take a seat. She says she has an important duty, she asks him to pull out the files of Niti, Angella and Utkarsh and tell their details to them. She asks him to keep it confidential, and stay in touch with her through email. He tells her about midnight match amongst juniors to sort some issues. Anvesha hopes the issues are sorted like warriors. When Rishab has left, she smiles at the photo lying on her table saying I remember you midnight matches.
Niti meets Parth in corridor and says she brought it for him. He asks where it came from, she says she has borrowed it. Siali says she stole it, Niti says it is for good. Parth says thank you so much, Utkarsh asks him to stop it. He says they will get his smile back now. Siali says they don’t have parents, no one will know their importance more than him. He says they have solved his problem, they bid him farewell saying they will meet him in ring.
After Krissane and her friends’ performance, Sid comes to the ring. Charlie also enters. Sid tells Charlie to never consider their contestants as weak. Utkarh comes to the ring and watches the box. Ayaz asks where is Parth, is he afraid. Niti says he will just be here to defeat them. Ayaz says if they win, they must take the box but if Sid loses he will run in underwears through the whole school; and if he wins their Angela will kiss her. Krissane comes to Sid questioning about the kiss, Sid and Ayaz ask her not to worry as she is the hottest girl.
Parth calls his maa, she was shouting as being beaten and the phone cuts off. He gets worried, while Siali comes behind Parth looking for him. Siali wonders where Parth has gone at this time.
Kamini comes open haired, dressed in saree. She makes a video call with a boy, some boys come to library door. The boys ask why isn’t she revealing her face, she asks why is he in such a rush. She talks to the boy then says she will just be there and goes.
In the ring, Siali comes alone. Ayaz asks didn’t she find her champion. Siali says she looked for him everywhere but he couldn’t be found anywhere. Ayaz says if in one minute nobody comes into ring, Sid will be declared winner. Utkarsh goes into the ring, instead of Siali’s resistance. Sid and Utkarsh confront.

PRECAP: Sid tells Utkarsh to beat him, he must tell him when tired. Utkarsh is beaten badly in the ring.

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