Warrior High 24th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Parth was waiting in the corridor, thinking about his mother and father. His mom had send him here. His dad was against him coming to warrior high. Her recalls the beating of his mother. His hand had been bandaged, and he thought his mother had promised to take care of her. Siali and Niti come downstairs and find Parth sitting alone on the bench. He was silent, Niti says one must share his worries, may be we can share your problem. He says he wants to talk to his mother, the school’s phone is dead. Siali asks if everything is alright, he says he isn’t sure until he talks to her. Niti hopes she could help him but they don’t have a phone.
Sid was practicing with boxing, Krissane comes and says she smuggled a protein bar for him. He ignores her and concentrates on his practice but she hugs him from behind and asks to stop it. He shouts at her not to bother him when he is practicing. He says her rudely that outside the room he might be his friend or lover, but inside he is a warrior, she must leave. She argues but he shouts at her. Vibha watches this all.
Krissane comes to corridor, Vibha comes to her and says their respect in their own hands, why would someone respect her if she won’t respect herself. Krissane asks Vibha if she asked for an opinion, she is a college dropout. She doesn’t have plans like hers in life, her father is the top industrialist of the city and she might straight go to Harvards or Oxford, so she must not tell her how to treat her boy friend. Vibha tells herself to control herself.
Charli and Sid come to confront Parth and Utkarsh. Charlie asks Utkarsh to see his nose for one last time, Parth comes forward and asks him to talk to him. Sid says now there will only be boxing, Parth says before touching Utkarsh they both will have to beat him. Sid asks him to make it a bit more interesting, Sid says if he loses he will run the whole school in his underwear, Siali says good for him. Sid says if he wins, their darling will kiss him. Utkarsh gets harsh, Sid says ok she would have to kiss him on cheek. Parth says what if he doesn’t accept these conditions, Sid asks if he has took the defeat. Siali says Parth will fight and win as well.
Utkarsh curses Sid as cheap. Siali asks him to calm down, it won’t be what he is saying. Utkarsh asks Siali to stay away from him. Parth says he will take care of them both alone. Utkarsh was still enraged, he says had he known there are such cheap people in school he would never have come here. Parth goes behind Utkarsh, Niti says to Siali that he is right, they were better in their orphanage; no one cares for another here. Niti says these people aren’t wrong, but they themselves are in the wrong place. We don’t belong their category, they would never adopt us.
Vibha was walking alone in corridor, worried about what was going with her in the warrior high. She thinks what is this all happening to her, nothing is coming under control. Se calls her dadi, she smiles and takes her call and says she was missing her. Vibha says she wishes to be near her and sleeping in her lap. Her dadi asks why is she worried. Vibha says she is just confused, if she gets to be linient students take her not as serious but when she is strict they get irritated. Her dadi tells her that this time she has to be what she actually is, she was the best students of warrior high and would’ve been Oxford graduate if she didn’t have to leave her studies. She tells her to go out and stretch her arms, be confident and seek for happiness being strong. Vibha hangs up and thinks dadi is right, she first need to assure her own self that everything will be alright.
In the dorm room, Krissane took selfies with her friends, she is irritated on her friends. Siali and Niti come in, Krissane says those who appear innocent are the most cunning. She says they must not rely on Angela’s innocent face, she was after her boy friend. Siali says excuse me. Krissane says she knows she has been asking for kiss from Sid. Siali calls her an idiot, and says she isn’t interested in Sid at all, and Sid wanted to kiss her not her. Krissane says she is lying, Sid isn’t interested in her. Siali tells her to shut up, she isn’t interested in her at all. Niti picks Krissane’s phone and asks Siali to come out. Outside the dorm room, Niti says now Parth can call his mom. Siali asks if she stole, Niti says she borrowed it for sometime only, she can’t even file a complain as it isn’t allowed to keep phone. She checks on her photos saying they are more than 3 thousands photos she has. Siali was worried what will happen tonight.

PRECAP: Anvesha calls the orphanage asking for Utkarsh. The mother says that he came with a girl Siali from an NGO to them. Niti and Siali get the cell phone to Parth, Siali says they can understand the importance of parents well, Utkarsh says they can do anything for friends.

Update Credit to: Sona

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