Warrior High 23rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Vibha was sitting lost in the staff room, thinking about the misbehavior of the class. Kamini had believed on her students. Kamini comes there and asks Rishab that some people here are so much into her own problems during work time, and she doesn’t want to put responsibility on someone who can’t handle her own class. Rishab says to Vibha he understand her issues, but it takes sometime to adjust in a new place, everything will be fine in a few days. Kamini calls him, he leaves. Parth meets him and asks to call; Rishab says calling timing are over. Parth was angry; Rishab scolds him to mind his tone. Parth breaks the wall hangings glass nearby. Vibha comes out and asks if he is crazy, and asks what the matter is. Parth says he is worried about his mother, Rishab isn’t allowing him to call, what he must do. Vibha says she can’t go against rules and let him use her phone, but she can drop her message, then he may talk to her tomorrow. He agrees and says thank you ma’am, she notes his number. Both look at each other for a while, she tells him to take care of his hand and try to control his anger, not do such thing again. She leaves, while he keeps on looking at her, then moves to the other side.
Utkarsh and Siali come to class, Utkarsh says she is so sweet. Niti comes and asks what was principal saying to them. Utkarsh says she is so sweet and noticed his bracelet. Siali was angry, Utkarsh and Niti make fun of her. Siali says Utkarsh is going into a very wrong thing, it is about boxing; it is dangerous and so are the people he is fighting with. Niti says Parth is with him, Utkarsh says he will fight on his own in the ring. Niti says he is just like Gandhi ji, who never fought with anyone; so he must reject this idea of fighting. Utkarsh says he will handle this situation like a man. Siali leaves, so does Utkarsh; Niti thinks Parth will have to save him tonight.
Kamini comes running to Urmilla, she instructs Kamini to ask the finalists meet her tomorrow morning, and appreciate Vibha for the party saying she wants her to be given more responsibilities. Kamini thinks she won’t let Vibha win so easily.
Sid asks everyone if they have seen Krisanne. Her friend told him that she is in problem waiting for him. He comes to a hall, decorated with white and red balloons, Krissane comes and tells him this is their first day anniversary, one day after he kissed her. She hugs him telling him not to take tension about boxing challenge.
Sid says to Krissane that he can still feel their kiss, he kisses her cheek thinking he must control. She is celebrating first kiss, will light the whole school if he does it again. He leaves saying if he kisses her one more time how will he concentrate on his fight. Krissane’s friends meet her, they say to Krissane that Sid will win but were actually unsure saying Parth will win.
There was tension among everyone about the boxing competition, Siali stood with a wall while Ayaz helped Utkarsh warm up. Niti was about to fell down while playing badminton, Charlie holds her. She thinks about his words, jerks him away and says he must never help her again. He says she must thank one if someone helps. He asks what is her problem. She says she doesn’t want to talk to him, she hates the people who have two faces. He asks he doesn’t understand, she says if he is the last person in the world she won’t make friend with him. He must see Utkarsh, he is her true friend and would never make fun of her behind her back. She says what he said to his friends in party proved how much he is worth trusting. He is speechless. She says she only likes taking help with her friends, he asks would she tell him what a friend is. Niti says Utkarsh will, Charlie calls Utkarsh a loser but Niti gets angry and tells him to behave himself in the ring. Charlie thinks he won’t leave Utkarsh tonight.
Parth was sitting alone in the corridor. Vibha passes by, she says she knows he is disturbed. He says he is waiting because he can only call his mom at 7.30; did she reply to his message. Vibha says no, and says that she knows these are against rules but he can use her phone. Kamini catches her phone then and asks if she is trying to break the rules of the school. Vibha says he is really worried. Kamini says a teacher has no right to break any rule whatsoever, she asks Vibha to go as she will solve the matter herself. Kamini smiles looking at Parth’s muscles, holds her arm and says he can say to her if he wants any help. He jerks her away and says rudely he doesn’t need any help. She scolds him for his tone, he says I am sorry but I am really tensed right now and wants to talk to his mom. She says it is seven o clock, he can now speak to his mother. They come in, he tries to make a call then says the phone is dead. She says sorry, but it can now be fixed tomorrow. He was frustrated, she says his mother must be perfectly fine. He thinks it is really important to talk to his mom, she never keeps his phone off.

PRECAP: Sid keeps a bet that if he loses he will take a round of whole school in underwear, and if he wins Siali- everyone’s favorite will kiss him. Utkarsh asks him to behave himself.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Wow.. nice epi…

  2. Nc n swt epsd…..

  3. cool bet……..hope sid wins and siali kisses her…….

  4. if I’m not mistaken this Warrior High is an Indian version of Korean Dream High. Hopefully, this serial will be an exciting and interesting to watch too.

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