Warrior High 21st May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Warrior High 21st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Urmilla announces that for the whole week they will judge the candidates for their leadership qualities. Utkarsh and everyone is shocked to hear Utkarsh’s name as candidate with Krissane. When the staff leaves, Siali says to Utkarsh she knows he isn’t ready and can talk to Urmilla.
Krissane and Charlie tells Sid he wil win for sure, though Urmilla should have selected him. Krissane says to him in corridor he may ask her anytime he needs her help. Niti says to Siali this decision isn’t right, Siali says she talked to Utkarsh and he is ready. Niti tries to argue but Siali says she and Parth wanted to divert Utkarsh’s mind the other day. When he will have responsibilites, he will forget about his problems.
Vibha stops Parth outside the class and asks if Utkarsh if afraid because of Urmilla’s decision. She tells Parth he was the first choice of all the teachers, but Urmilla thought it will make Utkarsh forget about his pain. Sid hears this. Parth says it is a good decision, because he isnt worth being a headboy. He says a head boy has to control his fellow students, and he can’t even control himself when angry. Vibha says though he feels angry but he is responsible too. Parth smiles that she trusts him a lot. Vibha says she trusts him because along with his weaknesses. They share a stare, Vibha gets nervous and rushes to her class.
In her office, Urmilla thinks she wants to make him so busy that he won’t get time to be sad; you will be ok my son. Sid enters the room, he angrily asks her was Utkarsh the right candidate for the responsibility. Urmilla says all the teachers selected him. Sid asks when does she started lying to him. Urmilla says she doesn’t know what he is talking. Sid says he knows she selected his name, why so importance to him, and she has changed since he came to school. He says she will tell him lie no matter how many times he ask her, but he wants to tell her he will be the head boy this year. Urmilla stops him but he says this time he will talk to her when he has won the challenge, he turns to say he is the son of Pratik Ranjput, won’t accept defeat so easily.
Kamini finds a letter and red rose on the table, she was lost smiling. Kartik comes to her, both have a couple dance together but Kamini laughs realizing about her day dream. She dances in the staffroom, Niti opens the door of staffroom then. She hears Kamini smiling that her Kartik ji also feels the same for her. She says she is greatful to dadi, who brought her this happiness. She says she will also have a small home, where she will cook for her Kartik and they will have little children. Niti smiles that this is good there is excitement in Kamini’s life as well, she must get married soon and leave else she will pour her entire frustration on them.
At night, Siali asks Utkarsh to come with her to mess. Utkarsh says he isnt hungry anymore. Krissane hears this all, she thinks Urmilla must have pitied him and selected him as candidate. She thinks no matter what, no one must know she helped Ayaz and be sweet.
Parth and Utkarsh enter the dorm, Utkarsh says to Parth he must take a step. He goes to Sid, Sid doesn’t respond. Utkarsh says he wants to thank him because he helped him against Ayaz. He apologizes him for taking him wrong. Sid says he would have done the same to anyone. Utkarsh says he wil be there for him ever if he needs him. Sid gets rude and says he isnt his friend, he must get to his own bed. Parth takes Utkarsh to a side, he tells him Sid isnt worth being a friend. Charlie asks Sid why he shouted at him. Sid was irritated, he thinks Utkarsh has been a pain for him and he needs to get rid of him soon. Charli says his friends won’t let him and Niti be one.
In the garden, Siali walks barefooted to grave of maa. She says I am sorry, I couldn’t save her as Utkarsh handed you to me. She says she is responsible for this condition of Utkarsh. Sid comes, sits besides her and asks what she is doing here. Siali gets angry and asks if this is his school. Sid says technically yes, but she has his permission to sit here. Siali stands up and says ouch, Sid holds her foot onto his lap and asks what happened. She says may be it was an insect bite. Both share eye contact, Siali withdraws her foot. Sid says why she shouted as if bit by a snake. Siali says the stung was painful. Sid says that girls are really weak, thought physical pain is less as compared to mental pain. Siali says she didn’t ask him to help her and leaves.
In the morning, the boys say that Sid will win with maximum votes. Sid says it is a challenge to show some people their position. Utkarsh hears this.

PRECAP: Niti and Seemi say to Siali that she deserves to be a candidate. Krissane assures Sid he will win. She insults Niti for posting poster for Siali, saying Siali won’t win.

Update Credit to: Sona

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