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Kamini comes to Vibha’s class and asks where are her students on the first day of year. VIbha says she punished them for coming late. Kamini asks where they are, they come out and Vibha doesn’t find any. She tells Kamini that she punished them to stand just here. Kamini asks the peon to gather the students from play ground. She laughs at Vibha that she has a long way to go. Ayaz comes there and tells Kamini that VIbha mam was ill and gave them a free period. Vibha asks Ayaz to stop it and don’t lie. Ayaz asks them to ask it from the whole class. Vibha says they are all lying, Kamini says she trusts her students that they don’t lie and this must not happen with her again. She asks the students to get to their class.
Ayaz stops Vibha outside the class and says sorry maam, I asked you not to make an issue of this. VIbha says she can’t tolerate it and goes inside while Ayaaz and the other two were still out. Ayaaz says what she thinks of herself, she can’t teach them what to behave like. Utkarsh overhears them, Ayaz takes Utkarsh canteen.
Suzzane stops Sid and asks for his optional subject. Sid says he is taking boxing, will she as well opt for it. Suzanne says she will take dancing. Siali asks Utkarsh that what have they thought about the subject selection. Utkarsh says history geography and political sciences, he doesn’t know anything other than this. Siali suggests about taking maths, Utkarsh asks is she insane. Niti also say she doesn’t want to study maths. Siali says why they always think about everything easy, they must try difficult things too. Both Utkarsh and Niti deny the idea of maths. Utkarh asks about her choice, Siali says she is Angela and can’t take anyone else’s decision on her name. Both hug and tell Siali they won’t let her go from here.
Trishaam gets a call, her parents ask if he has selected chemistry and maths. Trishaam says he has interest in economics. His father strictly says they are all engineers in the family, it is a tradition and he has to continue with this. His mother says that they have sent him to warrior high for his best interest, he says alright and leaves the peons room.
The peon announces Parth’s name. He dials his home number, no one picks it up. He tries the other number it was also not reachable. He wonders if everything is alright. The peon asks him to finish it up as it is next student’s turn, he must try in the evening now.
Charlie asks Trishaam what happened. Sid also comes there. Trisham says he doesn’t want to study Chemistry and Maths, and his parents are pressurizing him badly. Sid says everything will be alright. Trishaam says why has he to be an engineer for family tradition, why can’t he study anything else. Utkarsh says he feels lucky that they don’t have parents, in this matter. Niti asks to fill their forms now.
Charlie comes to phone, his father asks how his fresher’s party. His das asks about his subjects, Charlie says his were already decided he would take PCM with boxing. His dad suggests about taking music, but Charlie is irritated and says he hasn’t made a body to play guitar.
Parth comes to show his form to Urmilla. Urmilla appreciates saying it is great that he has selected PCM with boxing. Charlie comes inside, Urmilla asks what has happened to him, is he ok. She reads his subject choice and says he may go now. Niti comes as the next student, both look at each other and Niti passes him by. Sid is the next, Urmilla asks Kamini to give them a moment, she asks Sid what is he applying for. Sid says he doesn’t want to study maths, and he doesn’t want to study Physics and Chemistry. She says Pratik Rajput was an excellent student, she wants him to stand with his name. Sid resists, Urmilla shouts at him that she has gained Sid this name with much difficulty. He asks Sid what is his name, he says Siddhard Rajput. She calls Kamini and says SIddhardh has changed his mind and he will now study Physics, Chemistry and Maths. She leaves the offices for lunch after Sid.
Utkarh watches Ayaaz and team play a prack for Vibha. They go to call Vibha, but Utkarh watches Siali and asks her not to let Vibha come here. He asks her to take her to library or say anything but to let her be here. He himself walks to the tree where the bucket had been tied to the tree. Urmilla comes there and notices the bucket. She asks Utkarsh what he is trying to do, and calls Utkarsh to herself. She asks if he wants to mess around with teachers of warrior high, she has warned him before as well. She asks what his name is, he says I am Utkarsh Rajput. She is silent for a while. Kamini comes to them, Urmilla tells her to call him in her cabin as she wants to speak with him. Kamini asks Utkarsh how much times she needs to tell him about the rules here. She takes him to get punished. Ayaaz and his friends peek from behind the wall, he says they must see if he takes their name or not.
Urmilla asks Utkarsh should she call his parents, or his dad. He says he only has a maa. She ask did he think he will get away without being punished. He says it wasn’t him, someone else. Urmilla asks the name of the person who did it. Utkarsh says he can’t tell her the names. Urmilla asks if he is trying to save his friends, he will have to face the consequences if he doesn’t name them. Utkarsh says he has been taught to be a shield of his family, and the students here are his family. Urmilla says she appreciates his loyalty, he will get punished anyway and says he will skip tonight’s dinner. Kamini ask why such a small punishment. Urmilla asks will she teach her what to do, she may leave now. Her mind echoes with Utkarsh telling her his name. She had engraved on one finger S and a U on another finger.

PRECAP: Ayaaz announces a confrontation of Sid and Parth for winning the box.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Wow….awesome one…I think utkarsh is urmilla’s son….the story is going interesting. …loving it….

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