Warrior High 17th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Warrior High 17th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Parth has his hand burnt in quest of getting Vibha rid of the fire. Vibha holds his hand, Utkarsh comes and takes Parth to bandage him. Urmilla asks Vibha if she is fine, she tells them to relax it was just an accident.
Utkarsh scolds Parth while bandaging, why being a super hero. Parth says nothing happened, he must not worry as he is fine. Utkarsh says why not worry, as he is his bro. Parth smiles. Utkarsh says you consider or not, I think you as my brother. Vibha comes and says thankyou. Parth says it isn’t needed. Vibha says seriously, I mean it. Utkarsh asks him to say welcome, and says to Vibha he means mention not. Vibha leaves. Utkarsh says why was he being so rude and dry to a teacher and mocks his way. Parth asks him to go inside. Vibha turns to see Parth in the corridor, Parth notices and turns to see Vibha going.
Urmilla comes to appreciate Parth’s bravery. Niti and Siali also say he has been very brave. Urmilla announces the finalists of the competition, the names of finalists boys are Siddhardh Rajput, Utkarsh and Rohit Agarwal. There is another finalist for his bravery, and he is Parth. All the boys come to stage. Urmilla now announces the names of finalist girls, the first is Suzanne, Angela (Siali), and this year’s legend Niti. Charlie and Niti cheer as Niti heads to the stage. Urmilla wishes them all luck.
In the boy’s dorm room, the senior announces the postponement of boxing match. Utkarsh tells Parth he is here to buck him up, he is going to win. The senior tells Sid he is going to be Mr. Fresher. They talk about kiss.
In the girl’s dorm room, Suzzane tells everyone the story about her kiss. The girl’s cheer her, as Suzane boasted about her luck. Siali says to Niti that Suzanne is really insane, he lied for his own interest to her. She goes to tell Suzanne that she must not trust Sid, he lied to her. Suzanne says to her that she is saying it because she is jealous of Sid, Sid told her in and out how she tried to attract him to her side. Siali comes back silently, Niti tells Siali that one must not help each other here, as everyone here is mean. And not only Sid, everyone boy here is a cheat. Siali asks when did she start saying wrong about boys, Niti gets a flashback from party when she overheard Charlie saying to Sid that Niti is so small, she would be the last one he would date with. Siali asks what happened, Niti says nothing and heads to sleep. Vibha comes to bid them good night, as they will have classes tomorrow. Niti couldn’t sleep thinking about Charlie and herself and cried.
In the morning, everyone got ready for the classes. In the class, Kamini welcomes them all to the class. She introduces them to subjects, Biology, Ecnomics, Political Science and History. They still have to opt for languages including Hindi and English. She asks them to take forms and consult their parents before submitting them. Utkarsh hands a form to Siali, while Kamini doesn’t leave Parth’s form from hand.
Vibha introduces herself as literature teacher. Ayaz (seniors) and two other students enter the class late. Ayaz says they are just ten minutes late, they head inside. Vibha asks Ayaz to go away and do not disturb the time of class. The girl with Ayaz says that if he won’t attend the class, no one will. All the students leave the class. Vibha thinks this isn’t going to be easy for them.

PRECAP: Parth is worried as his home’s landiline wasn’t even connecting. Upon Kamini’s questioning, Ayaaz tells her that Vibha mam didn’t feel well and gave them a free period. Vibha is speechless.

Update Credit to: Sona

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