Warrior High 16th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Warrior High 16th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Urmilla welcomes everyone to the fresher’s part and appreciates VIbha’s arrangements. There is a performance by Fab5 on the song, We are the Warriors.
Kamini comes across Parth, he gives her way. Urmilla appreciates Vibha’s idea and says she expects a lot from her in future. Vibha assures her that I will not let you down. Kamini hears this. Vibha feels happy. Urmilla appreciates the performance of Fab 5 on stage, and Vibha because of whom they got to meet Fab 5. She says this is the calliber they have to compete with. She announces another round for the juniors to be played and survived. All the juniors head towards the stage. Utkarsh asks Parth to come and dance, he says he doesn’t know how to dance. Parth asks him to go, Utkarsh murmurs something and go. The juniors gather and dance on stage. Utkarh and Siali, Sid and Suzanne and Niti and Charlie pair together. Parth watches Vibha sitting on the front sofa, and gets a flashback of her. He imagines dancing with her on stage. Charlie fell off and is disqualified. Siali and Utkarsh continue while Sid and Suzanne while Niti keeps on dancing alone.
Kamini comes to corridor, irked that this girl is taking her place here. She hasn’t understood Kamini, she wants to be great in front of Urmilla ji now she will have to pay for it.
Sid stops Siali’s way, he says she has reached the final round. She won’t get a partner like him here. She asks can’t he talk something other than this rubbish. He says she has come here being hot just for them to check out. She says girls not just get ready for boys but for their friends as well. Sid puts hands around her shoulder saying he is also a friend. She jerks him away saying he isn’t her friend. He asks what does it mean, she says nothing and leaves. Suzanne comes from behind, Sid pretends but she asks what was Siali doing here. He makes her sit, and says she wanted to be his partner. Suzanne heads to leave, but Sid makes her sit calming her down. She confesses to him that she loves him, he says really. Sid’s friend watched their romance. Suzanne asks if he loves her, what is wrong in doing a kiss right now. Sid comes to his friends, and tells them to forget about it. Siali comes to Utkarsh, both look for Niti.
Kamini was in the corridor, she catches a couple of students and forbids them from doing anything like this in future. Sid comes to Suzanne, then he recalls Siali’s words about him being mean. He thinks this girls dearly loves him, it would be unfair with her to kiss her and leaves. Sid’s friends tease him, he makes up that he came to take mouth freshner. He thinks where has be got stuck, he will be mocked if he doesn’t kiss. The friends including the seniors watch Sid there. Utkarsh, SIali and Niti watch Sid and Suzanne. Siali says he was talking about kissing her, Utkarsh feels angry at this. Suzanne hugs Sid.
In the party, Sid and Suzanne come together. The senior congrats Utkarsh from reaching the finales. The senior says Sid isn’t amongst the ones who lose. Utkarsh says miracles don’t take long to take place. Utkarsh stops Parth, and talks about him not participating. There is fire, Utkarsh reaches for Siali. Vibha’s dupatta get onto door, Parth struggles for getting her rid of it. He burns his hand.

PRECAP: Urmilaa declares the names of finalists. It were Sid, Suzanne, Siali, Niti and Utkarsh.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. great epi. wats wid sid nd suzzane??

  2. Hey guys, who do u think will be mr n miss fresher of this year?

  3. sravana bhargavi

    Even parth is a finalist i guess

  4. Parth…
    He is just awesome

  5. Koi mujhe dekh sakta he ki nehi?!!
    Guys plz tell me ur opinion, who do u think wil b mr n miss fresher of this yr?

  6. I think kamini is behind the fire accident, wat do u ppl think?

  7. Hi everyone …… I m new over here and m liking this show….and by the way her name is krisann nt Suzanne..

  8. Hey its krissan not suzzana….

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