Warrior High 16th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Parth leaves the movie room, Utkarsh asks Ayaz if this is Hollywood film, he has just seen one or two of them. Ayaz says he won’t forget this. He watches a few scenes and asks what is this vulgarity, he is leaving. Ayaz stops him and tells him to chill as this is boy’s true film. Ayaz says in such films, one gets education about the most important thing in life. Utkarsh sits and says he hasn’t seen this thing before.
The girls cut the cake, Krissane asks Siali if she is enjoying. Siali says yes she is, thanks for inviting. Krissane asks if she hasn’t eaten the cake yet, she will make her eat with her own hands. She rubs the cake over Siali’s face, while all others hoot. Siali resists but some of them holds her. Krissane asks you idiot Siali, did you like the cake; how she even thought they can make her their friend. She doesn’t deserve to be their friend, they all shout Loser Loser at her. Krissane asks them all to clean her face now, they all open water bottles.
Krissane opens water bottle while a few girls hold Siali, they pour the water over her. Krissane says she is still not clean, one of them brings a bucket of water and bathe Siali in it. Krissane says now, whenever she thinks about making friends with them, she must remember this cold water; she will forget about being their friend. The girls leave, switching the lights off and leaving Siali alone. Krissane asks about her phone in the corridor, she sends Seemi back to get it. Siali takes a tissue paper to clean her face, when she notices someone coming and hides beneath the table. Seemi comes in and watching a teacher taking round hides behind a table too. When the teacher has gone, Siali goes out of the hall, so does Seemi.
Siali enters the boy’s movie room, she thinks about what exactly are they watching, she must get out else they will spot her this way. She watches the instructor coming outside in the corridor, she gets in again. Sid comes at the door, drags Siali out and is shocked she see her this way. He looks at her drenched from head to toe, face filled in chocolate, then takes his coat off and drapes it around her. Siali hides herself in his chest, hearing footsteps. He holds his hands then keeps them down again, Siali straightens up. He removes cake from her hair, she jerks her head. He asks her to drop her to girl’s dorm. Siali leaves, Sid follows her. In the movie, Ayaz tells Utkarsh he told him this is boy’s true movie. Utkarsh was watching intently and says to Ayaz that he has never watched such movie. A boy starts to vomit, Ayaz asks Rohit to take these children away from here. Utkarsh asks Ayaz what happened to him, Ayaz says he is a kid. Utkarsh says if he is sure whatever they are doing isn’t wrong. Ayaz asks if he is a child, Utkarsh says no. Ayaz says if he stays with him, he will learn a lot.
In the corridor, Rohit watches Seemi running and thinks it seems it is his lucky day. He wishes her birthday and asks what is she doing. Seemi was in a hurry. Rohit says he will drop her to dorm room, she looks good in this dress and he likes her a lot. They hear foot steps, Rohit says they must go to class room as teachers are at round. Seemi resists but he takes her saying he will drop her.
Utkarsh drinks a whole water bottle in one go, when Ayaz announces the movie has ended. Utkarsh asks what if he tells someone about the movie. Ayaz says he himself will be the first to get caught. They head to go to their dorms.
Vibha is worried about the voices from library. Niti comes out saying all the girls have come, she must look for Siali. Vibha stops her and asks where she is going so late. Niti is silent, Vibha says if she can’t tell her she can’t even go and asks her to go back to her dorm. Seemi was walking in the classroom when Rohit asks if she likes him or not. Seemi says this isn’t the right time for this and she is getting late. He says he watched a movie and she only thought about her. He wants to make a friend of his and hers. Rohit holds Seemi saying he feels a lot for her, she resists.
Kamini comes out of the library, thinking it is better there is no one here. She watches Vibha’s shadow and runs away. VIbha runs behind her but fells down. She is shocked to see it was Kamini dressed in uniform. Kamini curses that this girl has been a headache for her. Vibha wonders what she is doing in uniform, no one can get what is going in in her mind. Kamini changed into saree, and wonders what if Vibha has seen her face. She jerks her idea then says she can’t.
Siali and Sid hears Seemi’s voices. They run into the classroom, Siali takes Seemi behind her. Rohit shouts at Sid to go out. Siali says she is going to complaint about him from principal. Sid asks Rohit what is this, Rohit says to Sid he also do such things. He asks what he is doing so late with Siali, he has even given his jacket to her. He says to Siali she must be feeling cold. Rohit says the difference between them is only that Siali agreed and Seemi didn’t.

PRECAP: Vibha asks Parth that he knows where they all are, Parth thinks he must save Utkarsh. Vibha says to Sid, Siali, Seemi and ROhit that they have broken rules and will have to be punished.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. OMG!! Sid was too romantic.. I love sidali! I m happii tht kamini ka face toh dikha vibha ko! This serial is going too good. Jst lovee it

  2. Omg sid you were really protective and moved when you saw siali drenched and with cake over her face.you are really too good.love you sidaliand krisanne you are really disgusting.

  3. thank u telly for updating

  4. awsm epi nd show as well. . .love u sid nd siali. . . .nd realy hate u krissane . .

  5. Wowow….awsmmmm epsdd…
    Really sidali was jst awsm tday….scene was so romantic…luv u…bt vibha hd caught thm…so sad…sid hd bcm so protectv fr siali…:)
    Hi princess, do l know you?

  6. Sid is the flatter one… But i think he loves siali a lot from his heart

  7. Wow nice epi… kamini has been caught by vibha.. and sidali scene and nextday punishment…. next epi on monday nly… gonna miss it…

  8. I loved the background tune that was coming in romantic scene between Sid siyali.. what an awesome tune.. hope to listen in coming epi also

  9. Fairy i m kyy princess nly.. Remember??

  10. yeah..princy..l hv rememberd u…
    missed u sooooo much yaar..cm to kyy whn u ll gt tm…

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