Warrior High 13th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Warrior High 13th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kamini comes to library, Utkarsh hides his magazine. Kamini stands there for a while and day dreams about Kartik coming there. He says he came to take her along him, Kamini says she knew about it. Kartik asks her to come into his arms, she goes and hugs him. Kamini opens her eyes.
Charlie was looking at Niti, Sid brings him to sense and asks what is he staring. Sid watches Siali sitting with Niti, he says why has she come to sit here. He looks at Charlie, Siali smiled at him instead of Charlie. Sid says no, please no. Siali asks aww. What happened baby? She comes to sit on his lap and asks if she comes to his dreams all day and night, my muffin, my silly boy? Sid smiles and nods. He says she has got glued to him like a chewing gum. Siali asks like really? She hugs him, and touches his face saying she will snatch him his dreams. Sid heads to kiss her, Charlie resisted. Everyone was watching them disgustly. Sid watches Charlie and asks what he is doing here. Charlie says he called him here. Kamini tells them that one hour is over, they must go for lunch now.
Utkarsh hides his magazine in his pants, he tells Parth he is mad after Rose and enjoyed library’s session the most today. Parth says he has gone crazy. All the students head to go, Niti asks Utkarsh and Parth to go and have meal.
Ayaz calls Utkarsh to themselves, Rohit asks Utkarsh for a boy’s night tonight. Utkarsh says tonight he has to sleep early. Ayaz asks why? Utkarsh says he meets his dream girl at night. Ayaz asks him to tell her he will get a bit late. Utkarsh says he will ask her for only fifteen minutes, not more. Ayaz keeps hand on Utkarsh’s, he withdraws his and makes up that he has to go urgently today. Utkarsh turns and thinks why Ayaz tries to come so near.
Urmilla meets Mr. Prabharkar in office. She says that in the earthquake, some of the students got stuck in the building. She wants them to get all the know how about taking care of themselves. Prabharkar says he would be happy to share his knowledge with them.

Seemi brings ice pack for Siali. Niti appreciates her efforts for Siali. Seemi says Siali did a lot for her. Siali says had it been someone else, she would do the same. Krissane hears about this, she thinks her friend and her love is going away from her and this Siali is getting friends; she won’t let this happen. Siali asks Niti to get food for maa from Utkarsh’s dorm.
Utkarsh was sitting with Parth and asks a meaning of a word from him. Ayaz comes to call Utkarsh, but Utkarsh says he is studying right now. Sid comes to Charlie and says he wants to tell him something. He says he is reading this book about love, it is about different feelings in love. Charlie asks what is in it. Sid says it says when you are in love, you dream about that person again and again. Charlie thinks about Niti, and says it happens. When you like someone, you see your lover everywhere. Even in reality, you see that person. Sid asks Charlie if that happened with him too. Niti comes to dorm and asks Utkarsh about Maa’s food. Charlie rubs his eye, he takes the book from Sid and smiles staring at Niti. Utkarsh gives Niti the box, he tells him it has some insects he stole from back garden. Sid thinks he isn’t in love with Siali because he doesn’t like when she speaks a lot, he wants to make her shut up then. He says thanks God it isn’t love and goes.
Urmilla introduces Prabharkar, an earth quake analyst, he will give them guides about earth quake. Mr. Prabharkar says they must get away from heavy items of their house of school, they must go to a place where there is least furniture. He says if reaching such place is difficult, they must get under a heavy table and hide their head with hands. Charlie smiles as Niti looks at him, he was right that night. Mr. Prabharkar also tells them that they must also not rush out of houses but wait for it to slow down. He further says that after shocks are a common thing, they must get their gas and electricity lines repaired. He tells the students not to walk bare footed, there might be parts of small broken things. He also tells them to click pictures of their insured houses when damaged.
Parth comes to staffroom to Vibha, he asks if she took medicines. Vibha says she if fine. Parth says she can’t leave anti-biotics in half way. His mother says health comes first for a person, and asks where her medicine is. She says it is in the drawer there. He gives her the medicine and water. VIbha says he is just like her dadi, stubborn. Vibha thanks him for taking care of her in all this. Parth says very few people come close to him in life, but if they does he can do anything for them. He asks her promise to take medicines in time. She does. He leaves.

PRECAP: Ayaz wakes Utkarsh at night asking him to come out, as he doesn’t like it without him outside. Utkarsh comes down, Ayaz thrice tries to touch him on hips. Utkarsh slaps him, all the boys wake up in the dorm.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Hahaha……sid’s imgnatn was too funny…
    Nw ayaz ll gt angry nd ll tie utkarsh…..in d promo they shwed like ths…

  2. Tnx sona fr ur updt…?

  3. Very nic episode tv par ye ek matra show hai jo dekhne bala hai 3-3 love story de rahe hai dekh kar maaza aa jata hai aur utkarsh ke liye bhi koi aa gaya toh phir toh 4-4 ho jayegi aur maaza aayega guys i looking forward &&&&&&&&&&&

  4. Lol…..nyx….precap is bstst…♥

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