Warrior High 12th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Warrior High 12th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sid and Charlie come downstairs, Charlie asks why is he bunking maths class, Sid says he has something important to do. Krissane waited for him, he asks what is it. Krissane says she wanted to spend some lone time together, they are girl-friend and boy-friend; it has been so long he didn’t kiss her, she wants him to kiss her now. Sid is frustrated, then thinks it is about her manhood that a girl is asking him a kiss only. He comes near to her but suddenly Krissane turns to Siali. He wonders what she is doing here? SIali smiled at him. He says it is good it’s her, but realizes it was Krissane with her eyes shut. Krissane opens her eyes to see Sid wasn’t there. Krissane comes downstairs crying, Ayaz stops her and asks he is her friend, she must tell him what happened. Krissane says he has changed completely, she is giving her full to this relationship but there is a lot of difference between them. Ayaz offers to talk to him, Krissane says she will handle it herself. They are the popular most couple of school, but Sid has forgotten they are dating. Ayaz says he is a bit stressed because a lot is going on in school, boxing championship is also coming and Sid is responsible for junior’s league as well. Krissane says Ayaz is a good friend and goes. Ayaz thinks he needs to find out what is going on in Sid’s mind.
Vibha notices Kamini makes up in front of mirror, she comes to Kartik and asks him to take rest as the times of school are over. Kartik says he is preparing forms for boxing championship. Kamini says boxing is her favorite game, she thinks in this game a man’s courage comes out. She once saw the sport, what a show of strength it is. Rishab and Vibha smiles at her. Kamini says to Kartik he must also take care of himself a lot, he also seems to be strong. The peon brings tea, Kamini serves Kartik with the cup. Kartik says thank you, Kamini doesn’t leave the cup, Kartik says thank you again. Kamini serves the tea to others as well, then offers Kartik with biscuits. Karthik says thankyou but Kamini says it will effect his health adversely if he doesn’t take it. Rishab murmurs what is happening here. Kartik leaves saying he has something important to do. Vibha asks Kamini to pass cookies. Kamini asks Vibha to make an effort herself, else her body might rust. She leaves. Rishab says it is done that the sun rose from east not west. Vibha goes to get some books but drops some, Rishab helps her. Vibha says thanks to him, he says it is ok. Vibha takes her books and doesn’t notice his concern. Rishab smiles.
Niti and Utkarsh talk to each other that they have to work so hard in this school, in their orphanage they only had to miss meals. Urmilla hears this all, Sid stood behind her. Utkarsh and Niti watches Urmilla and leave saying good morning to her, Sid passes by. Urmilla asks Sid what it is about, Sid says nothing and passes on. Urmilla is worried.
Krissane says thanks to Sid in the library class for spending time with him. Sid wonders what happened to her, he thought she must be red in anger. Utkarsh brings about his magazine and puts it between the books. Vibha comes to library, she and Parth keep hand on the same book. Both offers it to each other, Vibha tells him this is a good book he can read it again, go to his seat now. Vibha goes to teachers seat, while Parth takes his seat. Utkarsh smiles looking at Rose’s photo. Parth asks Utkarsh has he gone crazy, he must not read it. Utkarsh says this is the real book.
Charlie looks at Niti, Niti smiles noticing it. Charlie dreams about dancing with Niti. He was staring at her but she was ignorant.
Kamini comes to Urmilla and says she wanted to talk about student’s permission. Students have to spend one hour after school in library, but this time they are already tired because of earth quake. They must reduce their punishment this time, so that they aren’t over-burdenized. Urmilla says she was thinking about it, but for now on they must let what is going on, she will rethink about it. She asks Kamini to send chemistry teacher to her.
Urmilla thinks she could do nothing about Utkarsh till today, she would do it for him. But she fears students start taking her lightly.

PRECAP: Kamini asks Kartik what he is doing here, Kartik says he came to take her along. They hug. Siali comes to Sid and asks what happened baby? Sid is elated to hear baby from her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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