Warrior High 11th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Students get to their classrooms. Krissane stops Sid. He asks what happened. Krissane says he is upset since last night. He says it is nothing, chill. Krissane says he can’t hide anything from her. She can tell looking at his face if he is upset of not. Sid watches Siali and group coming, and assures Krissane he is fine. Siali passes by him. Krissane was telling him to share whenever there is a problem. They had gathered in the assembly hall. Niti and Charlie share looks. Sid takes place besides Niti. Utkarsh asks Parth to come behind him as he is taller. Parth stands behind Utkarsh. Kamini says they have collected them here for an important talk, Vibha will explain. Vibha announces that in Nepal’s destruction Warrior High is also contributing. They must all bring whatever they want to contribute from their belongings. She says with their contribution someone can be strongly helped. Siali and Sid share looks again, they all disperse.
Rishab returns Urmilla her file. Urmilla asks him to get Sid in her office and waits for him. Sid comes in with a box and places it on the table. Urmilla says she has already donated some money, what he is donating. Sid asks her to see by herself. She opens the box and finds Utkarsh’s jacket in it. She asks why it is here. Sid says she told him to give it to Utkarsh because he is orphan, how it matters if he gives it to Utkarsh or any other orphan. Sid says he is getting late for class. Urmilla thinks what has happened to Sid, she must find out before he shares his problem with someone else.
The teachers collect dresses. Krissane donates her party dress. Niti asks will they wear her short dresses in such catastrophe. Niti says they would need things like socks, sweaters and blankets to cover themselves up. Vibha stops both from arguing. Niti leave, Krissane asks her friends to get her sweaters from cupboard.
Utkarsh asks Siali if she put ointment. Niti comes and shows Siali what Krissane has been donating. Seemi asks what they are donating. Siali says they haven’t got much to donate, they will arrange something. Siali feels pain again, Utkarsh is concerned.
Urmilla boasts that this contribution would really help the people of Nepal. Urmilla comes to assembly next morning and appreciates the students. They not only donated their valuables but their pocket money as well, the total is eighteen thousand rupees. One of them has even donated 50,000 rupees but that person wants her to keep the name as a secret. She tells them they will have a special class tonight, they have called a specialist to conduct this class who would give them guideline to overcome such natural calamities. She tells them to go to their classes, and have a nice day. Kamini passes by Annie and asks her to stand straight before leaving. Annie whispers she hates her, she is so annoying.
In the corridor, Urmilla says to Kamini she is really proud of her. She donated 50,000 and didn’t reveal her name. The other staff was also there. Kamini says she saved this money from her job but what she would do with this, she has no one so spend this money. The people of Nepal would use this money, someone would take benefit from this money. Urmilla hopes she would pass these values to students as well. Vibha wonders Kamini donated all her savings.
Annie says look who’s here as Charlie and Niti pass by. Krissane says what is wrong with Seemi, why she joined Siali’s group. Krissane says she herself was a loser, what she thinks about herself. She still thinks she can impress Sid, she hates her. Annie asks why is she so worried, Sid is here. Annie asks there is a lot of time she didn’t tell anything about her and Sid, by the way don’t mind but it doesn’t seem if they are dating. Krissane asks if she would need to submit her relationship details to her. There are many problems in school, and relationships aren’t easy. They guys don’t have boyfriends because they are not lucky as Krissane who is dating the hottest boy in school. Krissane leaves, and thinks they aren’t wrong, she and Sid have not been able to spend time and she must talk to Sid about it.
In the classroom, Utkarsh is frustrated about night classes, so is Niti. Niti this school is all about studies. She says they might makeup that they are ill. Parth scolds them both that this class is really important for them. Siali says the same. Utkarsh asks what has happened to them both, Niti gets melodramatic. Siali asks why are they considering earthquake as a joke. In Nepal, so many people have lost everything in earthquake. Ask people who have seen their children die, whose children would no longer go to schools and play. Siali and Parth head to leave, Utkarsh and Niti holds ears and do sit stand in front of them for saying sorry. Parth and Siali smile. Niti and Utkarsh tease Siali that they are leaving her just because of her foot injury.
Vibha comes to the class and begin the lessons.
Urmilla gets Anvesha’s call. She says she was about to call her, everyone is fine. She tries to explain but Anvesha didn’t listen. Urmilla says the earthquake can reoccur at anytime, she has arranged a special class tonight. She says she will keep her updated. Hanging up the phone, Urmilla curtly says this woman can never get satisfied. She needs the full authority of school being so far away. When this Anvesha Rajput will learn to trust her.

PRECAP: Ayaz stops Krissane who was crying. Krissane tells Ayaz that Sid has changed completely. Rohit and Ayaz asks Utkarsh for boy’s night out, Utkarsh says he has to sleep early tonight, sometime later.

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  1. Tnx sona….yup nice epsd……mr sidali momnts plz….nd nw fr sid krissane hs to cry…..nd utkarsh shldnt go out wd d boys…they ll tk him wrng plc…..

  2. What is ayaz & rohit upto?
    Are they going to rape utkarsh?

  3. I think kamini give this big amount to impress parth or new teacher

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