The war between love and revenge – RagLak ff Part 7

Part 7
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Come let’s go to the plot.
“Ragini..!”laksh gasps.
“What reaction is this.?I should give that.but you..?(she starts beating him)how dare you accused me by watching that single video.idiot..stupid.”She gave him back to back slap on his cheeks.
Laksh widened his eyes in shock,can’t help but enjoys her tortures.
“Ragini,you are so cute in anger too..!”he whispers.
“You..!”she continued her work further.Initially it was a cute fight but later turned into an serious one.
“Ouch..enough please…r.ragu..aah…’s h..hurting….aah…p.please..please..ragu..please.”he stuttered and requested thousand pleas but Ragini is Ragini right,she never gave up in torturing him but this time her words chopped his heart.
“It hurted me too laksh.Do you know how it would be when someone you love the most says that their love is all fake and it’s only for revenge.?do you know how your heart would feel when you are betrayed at the marriage hall.?do you know how it would be when you’re accused for the mistakes which you have never done.?do you know how it would be when your love ignored you.?do you know how it would be when your love says that they lost the trust on you with the SINGLE VIDEO CLIP.?You know what laksh,if I were in your place then I would have trusted you with all my life.But you have failed.Is our love that weak?I am broken Laksh,deeply inside.I felt like our love is still alive that’s why I came back to you to save my love even after your BETRAYAL on our wedding but it was over long back when you lost your trust on me.Everything between US is OVER,nothing remains.I will get away from your life forever after finding the real culprit of sanskar’s murder,after all you accused me once right so I have to prove that I AM INNOCENT and moreover sanskar is my best friend,I have to do it for him and swara.”she clenched her eyes shut to let out the salty tears.
“Ragini.!”laksh says painfully when his tears trailed down his cheeks.
Ragini rolled the knob of the door and went out with heavy heart,he followed her.
She knocks kavitha’s room.
“Come in.”she heard the voice,laksh holds her hand and sighs her not to go away from him.She jerked and opened the door.
“Ragini.You this time.Laksh you too came.Is anything important.?”She uttered to get confirmed that nothing went wrong.
“Everything is fine Kavi.Shall I share your room for few days.”Ragini asked her.
Kavitha quizzed laksh through her eyes,he lowered his eyes in disappointment.
“Why not Ragini but..”before she complete the sentence Ragini cuts her.
“I am tired.Let’s speak the rest by tomorrow.Good night.”Ragini greeted and occupies one side of the bed. Without looking at laksh she covered herself with the comforter till her face.
“IGNORANCE.”hurted him the most which burnt him alive,by now he could have sensed the hard times she might have gone through in the past which he had gifted her in the name of”LOVE”.
“I am sorry.”He mumbled clenching his eyes shut.
“Laksh.”he felt a tap on his shoulder,the next moment he buried his face on her shoulder.
“I can’t bear her ignorance Kavi.”he muttered while sobbing.
“Relax bro.Relax.”she tried consoling but couldn’t help.
“She needs time bro.You have to wait for her forgiveness.She was not able to digest the fact that you lost the trust on her with some fake proofs.I don’t know what makes you to accuse her for sanskar’s murder.Just a single video tilted your trust upside down.?I guess no.Something you are hiding laksh,tell me what was that.?”she quizzed him.
His face turned pale and frightened at the same time,the screen turned white and went to flashback.

Laksh’s pov.
“This video isn’t true.Just a fake one.How could Ragini do that.Sanskar is her best friend and moreover she cannot harm anyone,such a kind hearted girl she is.”I mumbled while throwing the pen drive on my draw and locked it.
“I need to talk to her.”I felt a urge to go but stopped at the doorway.
“Need to get it clear first.Let me check whether it is photoshopped..!”I opened up the draw and took the pen drive out.
I heard the door opening sound and immediately hid the pen drive in my pocket.
“Mom.”I hugged her the next moment,my every sadness faded away with her consoling words but the video kept flashes in my mind.
“I will get back after an hour mom.”I mouthed and took her blessings.
“Bless you beta.”she placed her hands on my head and gave a send off.
On the way to my office,everything kept ringing in my mind.It hurted.My head is hurting causing severe headache but it turned into heartache when I reminisces something.
“The saree which I gifted Ragini two days before and noone other than us knows about was the one she wore on that clip.”I nudged away that thought and consoles my brain that it wasn’t her.
“I need to talk to Mr.Verma.”I said to myself and insists the driver to make it fast.
When I reached the office,everyone looks at me differently and conveyed their condolences,my eyes went towards Mr.Verma who is lowering his eyes and he is frightened.
Frightened of me,but for what.?,I thought myself.
“Mr.Verma,come to my cabin.”I ordered in my bossy tone.
“Sir.”he was about to say but I ignored and went inside.
Few seconds later,I felt a knock on my dear.
“excuse me sir.”he asked and I replied him to come in.
“What was this.?”I threw the pen drive almost on his face.(Little rude me)
“Sir.,I know you won’t believe it but that’s the truth.Ragini Madam murdered Sanskar sir and I witnessed everything but couldn’t save sanskar’s sir because I was frightened that mam would harm me and my family too but I can’t hid from you sir.I am sorry.”he answered lowering his eyes.
“I will kill you if you accuse my Ragini.What will you get by this photoshopped video clip.?”i asked by clutching his throttle.(arrogant side of me)
“That isn’t photoshopped.i will prove you now.”he said struggling under my clutch.
One second my emotions overtook everything and I wanted to prove him that my Ragini is innocent.But what’s the reason to prove him.?My heart knows that my Ragini can’t harm anyone and that’s the truth.
But the shocking revelation came when he proved his side that the video clip isn’t PHOTOSHOPPED.
“No Ragini cannot be..”my words strucked in my throat.
I felt an urge to talk to her and immediately does what my heart says,I drove to her home without informing.
I knocked the door but no one is responding but the door is left opened. I always wonder why this girl is so careless,forgetting to lock the door properly.
I made my entry towards her room,but my heart skipped thousands of beats when I witnessed Ragini stuffing that same cream colour saree into the washing bucket which is strained with RED COLOUR everywhere.
“I am sorry laksh but I have to hid this from you.”her whisper reached my ears to bring me out from my trance.
I was shocked and the hurt was too much to bear that I thought I could just faint due to exhaustion.
“How could she do this.?Hiding.?from me.?but why Ragini?you murdered sanskar.?but why.?for what?he is your best friend right.?how could a sweet girl like her had a courage to kill a man.?is it all acting.?”I kept bugging with back to back queries.
“Oh god.just kill me instead of giving this could I face swara now.?No..i won’t leave you Ms.Gadodia,you will regret for this.”I made a promise to myself and betrayal and pain witnessed in my eyes.
The one to whom I always showered with all my love is gonna face my betrayal and it would be too worse to bear the sufferings,I turned on my revenge mode when the betrayal overtook my love for RAGINI.
**end of the pov.

The screen turned black and shifted to the present where laksh is weeping badly on the floor.
“I got screwed Kavi..!I am fooled by someone.My impulsive brain failed to recognize the differences….”he howled.The pain was unbearable.
“Laksh.please control yourself.I think if we found Mr.Verma we could get the clear view about who the culprit is.!Trust me,she is your Ragini and she will come back to you at any cause but all you wanted to do is give her some time to cope up.”kavitha tried comforting him with her words but she doesn’t know what destiny have planned for them.
Will Ragini forgive laksh or leave him forever like she says.?

Shocking Revelation of the real murderer and the one who screwed laksh against Ragini.

Finally,another chapter is updated.Thank you for the love friends.
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