The War Between My Heart And My Mind (KANCHI) FS – Shot 04

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Hello!….back with 4th shot….hope u all r fine……thanku all for commenting liking disliking reading….sorry for not being regular but what to do guys i am busy in studies but this will continue till 24th of this month bcz after it I am going to get a vacation of 2 months so after that I will be regular but for now let’s go to the plot:


Kabir again joined SDCH Veer tried to misbehave with Sanchi but she got saved Kabir told Sanchi about their past relation Pragya nd Isha tried to cheer up Sanchi nd entry of 2 new doctors
Shot 4:

Jaya:so dear interns as u all know by now that they r new doctors nd a good news for u all after 7 days there will be a party as not the 16th anniversary but as the 1st anniversary of SDCH…….yes u heard it ri8 till now the hospital was under a cluprit who just want money but now everything will change………….have a good day

She went all the interns met with Vinay nd Simran nd at last Kabir came to her


Vinay:hi yrr hru did u make any gf or still single btw i am also single now also single now my all gfs left me

Kabir:will u plz shut up btw Dr.Simran as u r in my department i want to tell u about some rules so come

Simran:sure (Simran’s eyes were glistening with happiness seeing the hottest guy she had ever seen)

She went behind him

A idea came into her mind nd she suddenly fell down (as per her plan)

Simran:Ahhh ahhh

Kabir:what happen

Simran:don’t know how i fell down nd get injured can u plz help me


Sanchi saw this nd came to them

Sanchi:oh……i can help u Dr.Simran come give me ur hand


Simran (in mind):God……what the hell y she just popped in between

She gives her hand to Sanchi nd started to walk slowly

Kabir looks on

Sanchi takes her to Jaya’s cabin nd made her sit at sofa

Sanchi:stop ur acting I know u r doing this to get close to  Kabir but that is not going to happen so leave

Simran:what r u saying

Sanchi:like I don’t know anything

Simran:hmmm…….so u got to know everything seriously at first u betrayed him broke ur marriage with him nd now u r acting like u love him

Sanchi:how u know that I broke my marriage with him

Simran:r u deaf or what everyone is talking here about this only nd u…..huh

Sanchi:but that’s…….ahhh……leave it I don’t want to waste my time on u just go from here

Simran rolled her eyes nd went from there

Simran came out of the cabin nd give a high-5 to Vinay

Vinay:how it went

Simran:perfect………nd seriously if u had seen that moment u haven’t stopped laughing even I was hardly controlling it

They both laughed (so Simran is not negative…….nd Vinay nd Simran will play a cupid for them)

They went in to a flashback:


Isha nd Pragya were in cafeteria

Isha:yrrr Pragya we have to do something to unite Kabir nd Sanchi

Pragya:yaaaa but what……hey let’s peep into his cabin I am sure we’ll find some clue or etc

So they went nd they heard Kabir talking to Vinay on phone

Kabir:so u r coming here with another doctor that’s nice


Kabir:hey I have some work so will talk to u later ok

Vinay:ok byeee

They cutt the call nd Kabir went for his work leaving his phone there

They called Vinay nd somehow agreed him to meet them

They told him everything nd he agreed on it nd also agreed Simran

Flashback ends


Vinay was in Kabir’s cabin lying on the sofa

Kabir:Vinay how many times I have to tell u that this is a hospital not ur home

Vinay:relax bro chill

Kabir rolled his eyes

After 7 days:

At night as there was a party everyone came there

Sanchi came wearing a beautiful black nd red gown……her hair were open…….she had done light makeup nd was looking gorgeous

Kabir tried not to look at her as he knew if he will look at her he couldn’t stop himself from getting his eyes off from her

Simran saw that Sanchi was coming towards Kabir so she went to Kabir

Simran:hi Kabir…..I must say u r looking very handsome

Kabir:thanks……u r also looking very pretty

They smiled

Sanchi(mimicking Kabir):u r also looking very pretty……huh…… this whole hospital he only got this witch to talk…..I will fire her from the hospital……(she thought)

After sometime:

Simran came to Sanchi

Simran:ahhh…….u r thinking that u can fire me from hospital……..u r not the dean……ur mom is dean….so left this thought nd moreover do u have any reason for it……no

Sanchi went from there ignoring her

Sanchi went out of the hospital sadly

Kabir saw her nd get tense seeing her sad

Kabir (in mind):should I go to her…… why should I interfere she must be sad bcz of Veer though he betrayed her but she still loves him….but what if she is tensed for some other reason hmmm I should check

He went behind her

Sanchi was in garden roaming here nd there

While walking Sanchi’s foot got stuck in the grass nd she fell down

Kabir was about to ran to her but stopped

Kabir:should I go to her or not… she should know how to bear the pain nd she is not a child nd moreover she is also a doctor but………huffff…..I am doctor nd I have to help her

He went to her nd helped her to stand nd made her sit at bench

He started to a some type of massage at her foot……she was staring him lovingly but suddenly he twirled it nd she shouted


But then she realized that her foot was not giving her pain anymore

Sanchi:wow………it is ok now…..nd moreover it is not even paining

Kabir:come now no need to be here

Sanchi:nd y do u care????

Kabir:u r coming or not


Kabir:ok as ur wish but then don’t tell me that I didn’t told u about different insects which r in this garden nd if they bite u then…….

Sanchi:come what r u waiting for

She went Kabir went behind her smiling slightly

Nd after a long time of speech of Jaya nd of some other important members of hospital finally party ended nd all went to their homes



So here it ends next epi will be last……so hope to see  u all soon…..


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  1. Superb episode dear, you just nailed it. Waiting for next one please post next part soon. Take care.

    1. Dimple457

      Thanks dear………I will try to post as soon as possible and u too take care?

  2. Anee

    Heyyy!! Dimple It’s really really amazing updates dear….I enjoyed each and every scene…which was very beautifully described….Waiting for next one…luv u bye tc..

    1. Dimple457

      Thanku so much di……and once again congrats??….luv u too…..and u too take care??

  3. Nice

  4. Superb episode

    1. Dimple457

      Thanks dear

    1. Dimple457

      Thanks dear

  5. amazing dear

    1. Dimple457

      Thanks dear

  6. Amazing…

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      Thanks dear

  7. Dhruti

    superb story….

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      Thanks dear

  8. Anu88

    So so amazing and awesome episode dear………

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