Walking Together through the Memory Lane – Episode 2

2. Sameer and Naina’s heartwarming tale starts

‘A beautiful palace with full of red roses and looks romantic.

Many beautiful girls are decorating the hall. He wonders whats the place. It looks loosely like a fairy land. Suddenly the lights are off. He gets sudden shock as lights are off. The light gets on suddenly. The girls are seen with handsome men who hold their hands and kiss their forearm. Then a romantic song plays and the girls dance with their boys.

The whole place becomes beautiful and the girls look like fairies and the boys are their princes. Suddenly a girl stands alone and looks so beautiful than other fairies.

He goes near her and bent and proposes, I love you, Naina. Naina smiles and accepts and they dances which drives all the other couples attention. They praise the dance. He and Naina smiles. Doooommmmmm…’

Sameer wakes up suddenly.

He looks at clock pointing that its 4am. Some crackers are burst near his house. Sameer – “Oh, this crackers have spoilt my dream where I am dancing with Naina.” He smiles and says to himself – “For you its too much Sameer, I don’t know whether Naina would cross my path again but I am dreaming of getting best couple award.” He looks outside through window. The moon is bright and blue atmosphere with little smoke gives peace to his mind. He felt that the stars are talking to him about Naina.

He smiles again like a fool. Then he laughs.

He feels an invisible tear coming from his eye. Sameer Maheshwari’s this specific attitude is too new to know. He is a talkative boy who keeps his surrounding happy with his hilarious jokes and talks. He is not a topper but still a geeky boy. Many girls admire his looks. He is doing his +2. Like other youngsters, he too driven by hormones and crushes beautiful girls even teachers but had shy to talk with girls. Sameer’s parents Vivek and Vishaka aren’t strict but knows where to restrict him and where to be liberal. Now he is so sad that the crackers spoilt his dream. He remembers of Naina’s eyes. He feels that a cupid arrows at his heart. He thinks, “I met you one year ago. Still I have a intense feeling for you, Naina. Where are you? Will we meet again?”

Pooja-Varun’s wedding hall,
The whole Agarwal family and society are in the wedding hall. Varun is sitting at the mandap looks anxiously waiting for Pooja. Pooja comes in her wedding dress with Naina and Preeti. Varun smiles and he’s mesmerized by her beauty. Pooja blushes seeing him. Preeti whispers in Varun’s ears- “Jijaji, you’re looking like only for 2 hours she will be with you. Don’t worry, She would be with you forever. ” Varun gets shy. Naina and Preeti laughs.

Pooja asks them to shut up. Varun and Pooja smiles.

The marriage rituals starts. The couple take pheras, ties mangalsutra, sindoor. The couple is busy in taking photos with guests.

Naina, Preeti and Swati come to their house. No one is at the colony as they are in function.

Swati – “Would we able to complete the project within 2 days?” Naina – “We should complete the science project soon.” Preeti – “Our school is getting prizes for the past 5 years in this competetion. We should follow that legacy.” Naina opens the blue print of the experiment. Swati and Preeti takes the tools for the experiment. The girls starts to construct the Experiment model.

The theme of project is ‘Generating Current from Rain Water Harvesting’. Its such a big project in terms of size and concept. Naina, Swati, Preeti are doing first part of the model and Hema, Kamya and their teacher Shanti is doing another part of model. After completion, they would insert the parts. Naina is anxious just because Hema’s part was almost near to completion but her was at very beginning stage. Naina is actually experiment freak who participate in all science experiment type competition and won almost all the prizes. Especially, the competition at Gujarat University is very important for them and she is participating in that since she was 7th. Many schools across Gujarat is participating in that competition.

Swati – “Naina, its time now. Pooja di is going to her in-laws house.” Preeti – “Oops, come on. Lets go.”

The girls go to the wedding hall where Pooja is left teary eyed as she is going to miss her family. Varun consoles her. Bela and Anand gets emotional and hugs Pooja. Beena, Rakesh, Naresh bless her. Naina and Preeti hugs Pooja. Preeti to Varun – “Take care of my sister, jijaji. I know you are the best for her.” Naina – “Di, you got your prince. Enjoy your life there. But don’t forget to visit us.” She cries hugging Pooja.
Pooja bids farewell to the Agarwals. Rakesh – “I can’t even believe that Pooja has grown up. Still I remember like yesterday how she and Naina fight for biscuits and I would divide equally for them.” Naresh nods.

Sameer’s house;
Sameer rings up his friends Pandit and Munna. They three wished happy diwali for eachother. Sameer – What about the model experiment, dude?” Munna – “Don’t care. Its all toppers work.” Pandit – “Then, are we not doing anything for experiment?” Munna – “yes. We just go there to enjoy. So many school students come to that competition. Gujarat University is such a large one, there are so many things to enjoy. Toppers take care of experiment. We could enjoy.” The three laugh. Munna – “We can get many friends and most of the boys come here only to enjoy.” Pandit – “Even we can see many beautiful girls ID cards too to know them.” Sameer laughs.

They spoke for sometime and cut the call.

Sameer remembers seeing Naina in Gujarat University last year for the very first time.

But to his sadness, Naina hadn’t seen him. She was very keenly explaining her expo to the judges and students. He saw her name in her ID card but he had fear to talk with her. He develop a strong feeling towards Naina. Sameer has so many girl admirers in his ‘Keshav Vidya ka Mandir’ school and even many girls spoke during those expo but still he feels for Naina. He himself don’t know what had attarcted him but even after a year, he could remember Naina. He firmly believe that Naina would come to the science exhibition at Ahmedabad and would speak to her and even befriend her.

To be continued….



  1. Jasminerahul

    sameer’s dream was romantic like a fairy tale.hope naina n gang will be able to do thec experiment well n win the prize.but sameer mundit are going for the exhibition only to enjoy.these boys are so different from the girls.oh so sameer saw naina last year during the exhibition but naina didn’t see him.but he is waiting to see her.hope they will meet this time.nice pics

    1. Shesha485

      Thanks a lot

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