Wait WHAT!! Manav to Return in Colors’ show Choti Sarrdaarni??


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The shoots are finally resuming, yeah…. And yes, it brings a smile to our faces as we have all been waiting to see how the loose ends of our stories move towards completion or how it moves forward. The news regarding different shows have already started buzzing and the latest we hear is that Hitesh Bhardwaj who essays the role of Manav, Meher’s lover in Colors’ Choti Sarrdaarni might return to the show again.

Manav’s character was such a simpleton and a cute lover boy and it was sad for the viewers to see his death in the show. But now the makers are thinking of bringing him back as his character resonated so brightly with the fans.

Recently it was reported that post lockdown, the shooting of Choti Sarrdaarni has been resumed and to give the audience a new twist and drama in the upcoming episodes, the makers have already given a hint in the promo that someone is coming back in Meher’s life.

And if sources are to be believed, then Hitesh Bhardwaj’s character was always supposed to make a return and now post lockdown makers have planned to bring Manav’s character for more twist and drama in the show.

Watch out this space to know more about the show.

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  1. Yeh toh hona hi tha ……..

    1. Similar to every other indian drama. Not worth watching if Manav comes back or if the break up meher and sarab in any way. I thought this show will be unique but like all its was naive to think indian shows will move away from their regular tackticks…. this show will be garbage if Manav comes back and definitely lose its viewership.

      1. Yes, it would be such a nuisance and a mess to see Manav again. Why can’t the makers of this show continue their original and fresh approach of bringing together Meher and Sarab finally, that too, with cute Param in their wake?
        Really RUBBISH if they bring back Manav. PLEASE MAKERS, DON’T DO IT!

      2. This is like any other story line. Full of mess. I actually thought this will be a different show. But i guess it was wrong to think that. If I see manav. I will lose interest and i will stop watching show immediately. Might as well watch any other drama. Dont mess it up. I believe by bringing him back i think this show will be lucky if it stayed in the top 10 or top 20. I see it dropping all the way to the bottom. Dont mess it up. MAKERS LISTEN TO YOUR AUDIENCES. DONT DO IT.

  2. Sarab, Meher, Param and new baby are a going to create the best on screen family. Please dont let manav destroy this but atleast let him get justice for what was done to him. Dont let Manav destroy Meher, sarab and Params family unit. Otherwise this show will not be worth watching. It will be just like anyother indian show. This show is unique given the current story between Meher and Sarab. If Manav enters the show then it will be just like anyother tv shows such as Kasauti Zindagi Ki, Isharoon Isharoon main and others. Dont ruin a good story line by bringing Manav and destroying there love story and happy family. The show needs to build love story between Sarab and Meher. Dont do anything to ruin there love story. If that was to happen i will stop watching the show immediately because i would have been like any other story.
    If Meher and Sarab break up this show will be Garbage as it will be like any other TV show with same story. It wont be worth watching. Up until now the success behind this show has been the uniqueness of this show. But if they break up Sarab and Meher it will be like every other indian serial. I will definitely stop watch and it will lose viewership. This show is great because of the story of Empowering woman and how sarabjeet supports her. so dont ruin it by breaking up Sarab and Meher. Otherwise this show will be just like any other not worth watching.

  3. The bond between Meher and Sarab is so pure, and Meher and Param teach everyone what true love means. If Manav comes back to make Meher and Sarabs relationship stronger by making Meher realize Sarab’s selfless nature, all that he has done for her and her child and the growing love between them which neither of them have confessed, fine. If Manav returns as a crazy possessive ex like every other show, people will literally stop watching this show because it will lack its creative side for which we watched it in the first place.

    1. Perfect way to put it.

    2. Dont make this show like every other show on Indian tv. Dont break up meher, sarab and param.
      Thats one of the main reason why people watch.
      Dont mess this show up.

  4. This show is not worth watching if that ever happened. Makers listen to your audience who actually watch the show and look for something original. If i wanted the similar story line like every other daily soap i would rather watch kasauti zindagi ki. Dont mess up the show. If you do bring him back be prepared to lose millions and millions in viewership.

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