Waaris 28th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Mannu fools Chandar

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The Episode starts with Rohan recalling Chandar’s and Mohini’s conversation about someone. Mannu says we have to get this man before marriage. Raj asks how will we know who is this man. Mannu says we can get his number if we get Chandar’s phone. Raj says I will trap him. Mannu says girls have to trap him. Sakshi asks shall I go. Raj asks can you. Sakshi says yes. Mannu says I will go. Raj says you won’t go, you stay away from that creep. Mannu says I will make him busy and you take number from his phone. Sakshi looks on.

Raj says we have to be careful Rohan, Chandar is a creep. Sukhi talks to Jagan as doctor. Jagan comes to hospital and catches him red handed. Sukhi gets shocked. Jagan slaps him. Sakshi and Mannu make Chandar hear them that Mannu is going for bath. Chandar smiles and looks on. Chandar thinks to go and see Mannu. Chandar comes there and sees Mannu’s dress. He goes to washrom and looks for Mannu. Raj searches for his phone. Chandar gets shocked seeing Rohan. Mannu and Sakshi hide and look on. Rohan asks Chandar to take bath as well. He asks Chandar to sing and bath, so that people know someone is inside. He goes. Chandar gets angry and thinks to make joke of Mannu and Simran. He goes. Mannu says don’t know Raj got his number or not.

Jagan comes home and beats Sukhi. He scolds Amba. Babli asks why are you scolding Amba. Jagan scolds her. Raavi says forgive her, how can you beat her. Babli argues. Jagan says I forgot you all have Mannu, you all cheated me, see what I do now, till Simran gets married, none will come out of the room. He locks Babli and Sukhi in room.

Chandar looks for his phone. He gets the phone at other place and says someone came in my room. Raj gets number and gives to Mannu. Mannu thanks him. Sakshi tells how they fooled Chandar. Raj gets worried for Mannu. Sakshi says you care for Preet a lot, it doesn’t look you guys don’t have love in between, Rohan was in bathroom, not Preet. Mannu calls on someone and says your daughter has life risk from Chandar, trust me, I m sending you an address, meet us fast. She tells Raj that they have to keep that girl safe, this girl will become a witness. Sakshi asks who will take care of Simran if you go, I will go with Raj. Rohan says don’t worry for Simran, I will take care of her. Raj and Mannu leave.

Mannu and Raj meet the man and his daughter. The man asks them to say what’s happening. Mohini asks goons to find them. Mohini tells Chandar that they have run away. He says it means they will meet Raj and Preet, it means Simran is alone, it will be great fun. The girl asks Mannu to save her. Mannu asks the girl not to get scared. The man asks are you that Mannu who was Shah years ago, I heard about you many times, you should have been Shah always. Raj and Mannu see each other. The man asks them are they husband and wife. Goons come there. Mannu and Raj ask them to hide fast. Mannu says we have to take them somewhere so that Mohini doesn’t doubt.

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  1. This is the best epi…finally sakshi realising that Raj loves Preet.Rajpreet rocks…hope that Rajpreet will expose chander real face in front of panchayat…plz cvs Preet ko shah bana dijiye..Farnaz u r fantastic actress..

  2. Yes. They have to bring back the mannu in Preet to save this show

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