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@MORNING 8:30a.m.
Aru gets up and after getting freshened up she comes out and finds Om in the corridor. Om comes to her.
Om: Where were you Aradhya? I have been waiting for 3 hours.
Aru casually: So.
Om: You said that we will be working from 5:30 and you yourself were sleeping.
Aru: I said that you should be up by 5:30. Did I ever say that I will also come by 5:30.

Om: What nonsense?
Aru: It’s not nonsense Om, it’s the truth.
Om: You are mad I don’t need your help.
Aru: Sorry but it’s not you who will decide that weather I will help you or not. That decision you took last night only. Now only I will decide that weather I will treat you or not. Well it’s time to have breakfast let’s go.
Om was hell shocked by her behaviour. His anger, impatience, frustration and irritation level was so high that he couldn’t control himself and held the vase kept on the side and threw it with a great force. Aru looked at him calmly for a while and then said
Aru: Let’s go and have breakfast.
Om furiously accompanied her.

Dadi, ShiAniRuSoums, Jhanvi and Pinky were seated.Aru sits down after greeting everyone with a wide smile. Shivaay doesn’t pays any heed to Om’s presence which upsets Om, while it confuses the rest.
Om: Shivaay….
Shivaay getting up from the table asks Anika

Shivaay: Anika will you please get me the envelope of money that I gave you yesterday.
Anika nods and leaves. On hearing about the envelope Om clutches his trouser and begins to crumble it by pressing along his hands and his hands being to become wet and his face too starts becoming sweaty, his face has an expression of fear due to which he lowers his eyes not willing to look straight and the colour of his face fades away, his pale faces becomes totally white as if his heart had stopped pumping blood.
Anika comes to Shivaay and says
Anika: Shivaay here is the envelope.


Please don’t open it now. Please please please please open it in office no no. Stop stop Shivaay please. Oh god please stop this. He may
get an urgent call from the office, please Khanna at least you call him. Where the hell has everyone gone now? All the time they keep calling him but now. Has this idiot again broken his phone. Please please stop Shivaay.

On the other hand Shivaay opens the envelope.

Om: Shit man!
Shivaay : Anika where is the rest of money.
Anika: Shivaay this is all you gave me.
Shivaay: No Anika ₹50000 are missing from this.
Anika: What? But I didn’t even open the envelope once.
Shivaay: Then where did the money go?
Anika: I have no idea.

Aru who was keenly and consistently noticing Om whose colour faded away on hearing about the envelope finally speaks up dragging everyone’s attention towards herself.
Aru: Om did you take the money.
Rudra: Aradhya di why will Om take money.
Aru signals him to stop, showing her hand and he silences himself. Shivaay to sees Om curiously.

Aru: OM I have asked something.
Pinky: Oh my Mata Aradhya what do you want to say that Om stole the money.
Om was still silent.
Aradhya being irritated by his silence getting up from her seat and banging her hand hardly on the table, startling Om, his body gets jerked backward due to the sudden action and he fearfully looks towards her unable to meet her eyes, she shouts
Om: I don’t know.
Aru with shriller and higher pitch: STOP LYING OM.
Om gathering alot of courage with his bowed head stands up and speaks in half chocked and trembling voice.

Om: Vo…vo…actually….I didn’t… Have money…for buying….drugs…and….yesterday..when I was with Aradhya…I saw A..A..Anika keeping an envelope in cupboard….I.. I… I knew where Anika kee keep keeps the keys…so after excusing m..my… myself I went… to Sh..Sh..Shiv… Shivaay’s room and took the (he gulps his own saliva)…… M… M… Mon.. Money.
All get shocked and get up from their seat.

Shivaay hopelessly throws the envelope on the table near Om and leaves the place, as no one knew what to do so they began to leave one by one. Leaving Om and Aradhya at the end. Om’s head was still bowed down with shame, firstly for being unfaithful to his brother and secondly for lying. Unable to do anything Om left to his room.

Om reaches his room with tears in his eyes. He gets in the room.

Om unbolting the door from inside says to himself in cracking voice and crying.
No Om you don’t deserve to go out. You are meant to stay here in the four walls of the room (he says pointing at the four walls and tears brimming down his eyes.). You… You… Don… don’t deserve anything….. Aaaahhh (he wails in pain.). You idiot man whenever you get out of this room you will create problem. Don’t you dear get out of the room you always end up hurting others.

He placing his back on the door slides down the door and sits folding his legs across his chest and placing his hands on his face and weeping silently. The scene where Shivaay spoke to him last night and the way he betrayed his brothers replays in his mind and along that some other memories too flash in his head. Being enraged at himself and his incapability to leave drugs he slaps himself.

You are useless.
He again slaps himself with blood gushing all over his face, his cheeks turning red due to anger and shame and his eyes become blood red and they begin to have enormous pain as tears make there way again through his eyes.
You couldn’t save your doll.
He again slaps himself.
Now you aren’t ready to leave drugs.

He again slaps himself.
You are such a useless man. Mr. Oberoi is right I am just a useless drug addict…..just a useless addict… An addict.
He hits his forehead and hitting it frequently says.
You are useless…useless…just a useless person.
He growls in pain hoarsely and again buries his face in his hands which were restlessly resting over his lap.
Om: Amhhh. Amhhh.. Amhhh…


Guys you maybe think that why did I make Om a thief. Actually this is entirely true as most of the drug addicts can not afford to buy drugs as they are to expensive so they tend to opt for illegal ways from which stealing is the most prominent one. Perhaps many can’t gather enough money for buying drugs through illegal methods also, so they use cough syrups that have tranquilizing or sedative effect on body and calms the nervous system. Some often tend to drink raw petrol also known as ‘kaccha tail’ in Hindi. (Well this isn’t something superficial but very very true as a few years back I had gone to Haridwar with my parents and a tea vendor told us about the pathetic conditions of drugs there as much part of the youth depends on kaacha tail or raw petrol that is a left over of petrol from airplanes or trains.)

Well if you guys also want to share something related to drugs it can be the way it is consumed, it’s effect or anything x y z….. What ever you want, you all are more than welcome. Moreover I will tell you more as we proceed.

Sorry guys due to lack of time as my practical’s are going on I am unable to write an entire epi so this one is short. I will give the next part by tomorrow if possible. SORRY for the delay.


Stay happy
Keep smiling
Live your life for a cause.
On this note signing off for now.

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  1. Wow..that was fabulous !! I just loved it..

  2. Jaya

    Amazing writting skills. 🙂 . Last time… Due to some reason i couldn’t comment on time so my comment may be in very last…don’t know whether you have read my it or not. Yeah i also agree most of the people cannot afford drugs becoz they are so much expensive and… Person starts making money in a wrong way. It really pains a lot while reading this article…how much om is suffering. Not only om so many people like om …suffering because of drug addiction…some take drugs to enjoy and some take as compulsion to decrease pain. Jabtak person itself doesn’t have determination to get rid of it…hum kitni vi kosis kar le…he won’t leave. I haven’t seen drug addict but have seen alcohol addict… in a very traumatized condition. Extraordinary lady! 🙂 . You have rose Very sensitive topic and…with so much perfection you have described also.

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Hi ? Jaya. I definitely read your comment in the previous part, without a fail it’s just that due to lack of time I am not able to reply to everyone SORRY for that. And THANK YOU ? for the appreciation dear. Ya you are absolutely right that leaving an addiction without self motivation is impossible well that’s the reason that even Aru is trying to make Om self motivated and checking out his level of determination and willingness but how will she do that and will she be successful or not is still to be revealed as leaving any sought of addiction is a very tough job as the one who is suffering only knows the pain and no one else. Plus I am really glad that you can feel his pain as my motive of writing this seems to be fulfilled and if I speak about drugs and it’s effect then we can go on and on as there is no stopping. So that’s it for now and I am thankful to you that you took an initiative to discuss your view point. ??

  3. Shivika

    Superbbbb…………u nailed it…….post soon…..

  4. Yashu

    Superb man….no words….too good…..waiting 4 nxt episode

  5. Fabulous… loved it… Eagerly waiting for the next episode…

  6. Kavya347

    It’s mindblowing Shivika. The topic of your ff is really serious and you have presented it in a very great manner. Really so deep and mature thoughts as well as inspiring and teaching to face the reality (no matter how harsh it is). It teaches to love ourselves, protect ourselves and apparently our loved ones. If u cannot help your self, noone can. The thoughts are really You are really awesome and the greatness of the story really cannot be described in words. Each and every part is superb and shows how passionately and thoughtfully you have written it. Great!!!!!☺

  7. What should I say now dear ?? Your always able to woo me by your skills dear ur a wizard in writing I should say and first time my laughter ka powerhouse is writing such a serious topic with such a flair dear you know what its a “legendary fiction” for me I thought when I spoke with you on calls that your words can easily make a persons mood change…. ??? ?love you ….. I am not getting words to describe dear ….emotions on peak

  8. Mindblowing

  9. Hi shivika di..just read full parts..really such a unique topic..ya drug addiction is such a growing problem in our society..due to poverty or for their desires people get addicted to them destroying themselves as well as society..really you have written it well..actually I got a break from Tu due to my studies..so will not be able to read or comment..surely I will read again my exams..sorry dear..but this is a pinky promise..

  10. Hello shivika
    Can u pls pls upload the nex part of ur fan fiction ? I’m eagerly waiting for it ……
    And I have a question …. Pls don’t feel I’m invading ur privacy or sum thing like that …. How did u get the inspiration to write about this ? Like drug addiction an all ? Also pls don’t mind but have u really met a drug addict or heard a real life story on drug addicts
    The way u portray the emotions is so good maan !!!!
    Pls upload fast

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Hi ? Sukanya. Firstly really a nice name dear and secondly it’s okay you can ask me whatever you want no need to give it another though. So let me answer you.
      Well talking about inspiration there was nothing of that sought but when I saw Om’s acting as a drug addict and the way Shivaay reacted and the entire situation, all this triggered my silly head and it cooked up something of this sought. Moreover I am from Punjab a teenager myself and well while sighing to the problems that addicts go through and the uncontrollable use that is taking place of drugs really makes me feel like hell, it upsets me, not only drugs but any social evil leaves it’s mark on our life. Even if I take you, when in your school days or anytime in life someone would have discussed about any social evil you would have had it’s impact for sure and would have thought about it same is my case the difference is just that I took this platform as an opportunity to pen it down.
      And I have never met a drug addict in my life but yes I have read about it alot. As I said already that I belong to Punjab and over here drugs is a big menace it has spoilt many lives. Perhaps I remember only one incidence I had visited a historic place near border area with my class over there an old man who lived there shared his views with us on drug addiction it’s impact and few other things. So yup it’s the only incidence accept that on my personal encounter with an addict NO I never met any. One more thing that helped me in penning all this down is that I am a medical student and in my syllabus I have a small topic of drugs and it’s effects. So that helped me alot.
      Well that’s it I hope so I have answered you satisfactorily and if you want to know anything else you are most welcomed dear.
      And ya I have uploaded the next part maybe soon TU will also post it and THANK YOU ? for reading this and I really appreciate the efforts that you took out to read this one.

  11. Manu24

    you just nailed it…

  12. Mrunal

    hey dear…
    u know u r tempting me to give a new nickname to u in case of this ff..
    and that will be ‘ Miss. perfectionist ‘ U R portraying it with so much perfection…
    I’m just speechless looking at ur efforts..
    u r really a rock star dear…
    love u loads…????

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