Aru knocks on Om’s room door.
Aru: Open the door Om.
Om: …………………………..
She again knocks.
Aru: Open it damn it.
Om: …………………………..
She again knocks.
Om: …………………………..
She again knocks.
Aru: Please Om.
Om: Why Aradhya I don’t deserve anyone’s company I am a blo*dy drug addict, leave me alone.
Aru: I will go but please let me in for a second.
Om opens the door.
Om: Say.
Aru: Tomorrow morning 5:30.
Om: Why?
Aru: Just be there.
Saying so she leaves.
Om wonders about her all time unusual behaviour.

@5:30 a.m.
Om is waiting in the garden.

@8:30 a.m.
Aru comes to the garden.
Aru: Hi Om.
Om: What the hell Aradhya if you don’t want to come then why do you call me here.
Aru: Will tell you soon and as for now, let’s go and have breakfast.
Om: No first answer me.
Aru: Do you really think I will.
Om gets angry at her and holds a flower pot kept and breaks it. Aru calmly.
Aru: Let’s go now.

Aru: Come on today you got to paint something.
Om: We are not here for my painting classes or to check weather I can paint or not.
Aru: Yup! But I want to see how do you paint.
Om: Aradhya if you don’t want to help me than let it be.
Aradhya picks up a paint brush and hands it over to him.
Aru: Come on paint.
Om with trembling nd sweating hands holds the brush and goes to the canvas.
Om dips the brush in the paint and tries to hold it firmly but he wasn’t able to hold it firmly as if some ominous power had stopped him or took over him. Somehow after gathering a lot of courage he takes the brush towards the canvas and begins to paint. But he soon throws both the brush and the canvas.
Om: No I can’t do this.
Saying so he leaves the room.
Aradhya looks at the direction he went and then goes to the canvas and the brush that are lying on the floor hopelessly and if they were lives they could have cried out today as for the first time they were disrespected by those hands which had considered them to be their first love.
Aru places the things at their position and then goes bear the window and stands facing the garden looking completely blank.

I knew it you would have lost your this ability also. That’s what drugs do make you hopeless, useless and worthless. I just want to get you out of this turmoil before you go so far that it becomes completely impossible for anyone to get you back.

I don’t want that you too become another victim of this monstrous devil. I just hope that what my Ma couldn’t do I could do that. I still remember that how ma use to help all those families in which someone use to be addicted. (a smile forms on her face on remembering her mother and those good old days that she had spent with her.). She became a support as she knew that all the addicts aren’t wrong some are forced into this menace, while rest enjoy it but it’s of no good to anyone. Only a secret bomb planted to silently destroy the youth.

He was sitting on his bed disappointed and frustrated. His aggression was very well witnessed by the beautiful antique pieces that now laid shattered on the floor, the room seemed no less than a graveyard, it wasn’t only due to the dead objects that lied there but even due to the haunting silence in the room. Om’s presence made no difference to anything there. Adding to the horror room was the ever dwindling weather and the ruffling of the leaves made the atmosphere more horrible.
The cloud growled in it’s own oblivion and it was then when Om looked at the monstrous weather outside. It was well evident from the expression of his face that he hated rain.

Aradhya entered his room and sat beside him.
Om dangerously speaks: I.. I .. I hate rain.
For a second the lurking danger in his voice even scared Aradhya but she controlling herself asked him to accompany her.
She took him to the balcony area. For her the same haunting clouds seemed to be pleasant and mind soothing, if she were a peacock she would have open her feathers and had made the surroundings laugh in the joy of her dance. The same rain that Om hated and considered to be his enemy was a hidden lover of Aradhya, the mesmerizing sound of rain and it’s freshness had such a pleasing effect on Aradhya that unknowingly her arms unfolded themselves to feel the small water droplets and cherish them.
Om looked at her uninterested and was about to leave but stops hearing Aradhya speak up finally.
Aru: It’s not the rain.
Om: What?
Aru continues: It’s not the rain but the memories.
Om uninterestedly: Excuse me.
Aru looks at him after establishing a control over her arms and fixing them back at their positions.
Aru: It’s not the rain but the memories, that make rain either pious or an omen. I have many memories with rain, even you would have actually all have. Some hate rain while the rest love it for various reasons. You hate it right.
Om bluntly: Yes because it never offered me any good.
Aru: Did any other season do. (She chuckles at her own statement.)
Om was again about to leave as he wasn’t willing to talk any further but Aru stops him.
Aru: Didn’t you play with your brothers in this rain, didn’t you get stuck in the mud puddle with your friends while walking back home, didn’t you playfully sprinkle these water droplets on your sister to irritate her. Didn’t you ever enjoyed a rain dance with your mom in this rain. (She looks at Om and his silence and unwillingness to move ensured her that he was thinking about the time and few memory scenes were playing in his head.) All these aren’t pleasant memories enough to cherish rain. It’s mind soothing, the melodious music that the bouncing rain drops play when they fall on the window panes, can there be a better song of nature Om. Like all other seasons rain is also one. I don’t get it when we don’t have grudges with other seasons then why do we target rain always.
Om looks at her trying to find the meaning behind her words. Aradhya understood and it was then that she realised that she got to emotional.
Aru: Sorry, I just said it like that only.
Om: Words are first clocked in head and then on the tongue.
Aru smiles at him.
Aru: I have enormous memories of the time that I spent with my ma and papa in rain, it was the most beautiful time of my life. But the day I lost my ma on that day also the clouds thundered paving way to rain. But still I like this rain alot as it feels that my ma is blessing me through these raindrops, the song of rain seems to be a message from ma that she has sent me from heavens. You should also try finding happiness in the memories of rain rather than regrets Om it will help you to retreat the past sooner.
Om just looks at her and then the rain as he is afraid of water all the while he was a bit a way from the railing only but now he was searching something may be a message in that music.
Aru begins to leave seeing him loosing himself but she turns back.
Aru: Om.
Om looks at her with soften eyes they were so magnificent and pure than ever she had seen them before also was a big doubt.
Om: Aradhya.
Aru gets off her trances and looks at him and says
Aru: 5:30 tomorrow morning.
Om simply nods and gets backing to his stare game with the rain, while Aru leaves.

@5:30 a.m.
Om was sitting in the garden.

@8:30 a.m.
Aradhya comes just to meet the venom spitting eyes of Om.
Om: What’s your problem Aradhya?
Aru: Nothing much. Let’s go and have breakfast.
Om takes a rod and breaks twenty pots kept there.
Aru calmly: Let’s go now.
Om angrily accompanies her.

This continues for the next two weeks. Every night Aradhya asked Om to meet her @5:30 a.m. In morning but she always use to be late and in anger Om use to break things around him.
Although two people had kept a constant track of Om and they both are none other than Shivaay and Aradhya, who have teamed up to make Om rid of addition and the rest supported them all the time.

Someone is seen sitting on the bench admiring the nature for it’s serenity and beauty.
Om approaches the person and gets shocked.
Aru looks at him and passes a smile and says
Aru: Come with me.
Om: But where?
Aru: Just come.
Om nods.



Stay happy
Keep smiling
Live your life for a cause.
On this note signing off for now.

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