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Hi ? guys. Thanks alot for all the support and appreciation.
Moreover I will try my best to be regular or update the parts on alternate days but still reminding you all this is going to be a short story with approximately ten shots only as I don’t want to drag this so a big SORRY for that.

A bright and warm sun shone over earth marking it as it’s territory. The bright rays commanded over the dark parts of earth. But the rays had something different in them today, they were dancing beautifully on the enthralling tides making water as it’s partner for the salsa. The chanting’s going on in temple that some how seemed to be in synchrony with the chirping birds, early in the morning had a pleasing and calming effect on the nervous system. There was remarkable happiness all around. A viability in the atmosphere had made it different from other days. It was a significantly beautiful day, with high aspirations. Let’s see what magic does the day has in store.

She was tossing on her bed as entire night she was again thinking about Om and then she finally decides something and goes to get ready.

Rudra is standing bending towards the railing, putting his entire weight on them and is looking outside and is lost somewhere.
Shivaay places his hand gently on Rudra’s shoulder, Rudra turns a bit but still he is in same position and just passes a smile to Shivaay.
Shivaay too stands along with him resting his hands on the railing and speaks.
Shivaay: What are you thinking Rudra.
Rudra: Nothing much.
Shivaay: Still what happened, something is definitely there.
Rudra sighs and says.
Rudra: Everything changed so soon na Bhaiya. It seems like a thing of few day back only when you, O and me use to be so happy, everything was so perfect, but with in a few time everything changed. Our happy go lucky world smashed into pieces and none of us could do anything. O became like this, Anika Bhabhi also changed so much, even Soumya did. But you didn’t. Even yesterday you use to live for us and even today, first also it was you only who protected us and took care of us and even now. Accept the fact that my superman also use to stay happy, which he certainly has forgotten.

Shivaay is shocked hearing him, today his words spoke something more than they meant.
Rudra gets off the railing and looking at Shivaay continues.

Rudra: Bhaiya I just want to say that whatever happened was destined to happen, you or anyone isn’t responsible. It’s just time and our bad fate, which we can’t run away from. So please try to move ahead, please try to be a bit happy and if not for yourself try to live for Anika Bhabhi she really needs you.
Shivaay looked at Rudra actually he looked in his eyes, today his eyes weren’t of that baby Rudra that always were filled with joy and happiness but today he seemed to be someone else, he never behaved like this before not even on seeing Om in such a devastated condition. Somewhere Shivaay was trying to figure out the hidden reason that lied behind Rudra’s words. Today for the first time he could see Om’s reflection in him, Om’s truthfulness reflected in his eyes and they spoke trillions of things to him. He just moved forward and hugged Rudra tightly.
Rudra too reciprocates and both find solace in each other’s embrace but they were missing Om.

Dadi, ShivRu and AniSoums are seated and talking about something when Aru approaches them.
Aru with a hesitant smile says: Good morning everyone.
All pass a smile and greet her.
Aru: I want to talk to all of you.
Dadi: Yes Puttar say.
Aru gathering alot of courage says: I wanted to know about that man on the second floor.
Shivaay angrily: It’s none of your business.
Aru didn’t back off.
Aru: Please I really need to know.
This time dadi spoke up not willing to worsen the situation.
Dadi: He is my grandson Om.
Aru: Why is he locked in that room?
Shivaay lost his cool and shouts
Shivaay: Why the hell can’t you mind your own business.
Aru gets startled.
Aru: Please Bhaiya I can understand that you aren’t comfortable with me questioning about your family but it’s really important for me to know.
Shivaay: Why? Why is it so are you here to collect some sought of news or have you been paid to have a sneak peek in Oberoi’s life.
Aru was taken aback with his words, but she understood his situation.
Shivaay was about to leave when Aru says
Aru: I am an ADDICTION MEDICINE PHYSICIAN, seeing your brother’s condition I first only got an idea that he is a drug addict.

Shivaay turns towards her while the rest stand up at their places.
Aru continues seeing their blank expressions.
Aru: An ADDICTION MEDICINE PHYSICIAN is the one who treats the addicts, the patient could be addicted to any sought of intoxicant maybe alcohol, drugs or any form of substance abuse.
Shivaay: Om doesn’t want to take any medical help.
Aru: Why?
Rudra: Because he doesn’t want to talk about his life with anyone.
Aru: Do you guys know the reason of him being a drug addict.
Shivaay: Somewhat.
Aru: Okay what’s that.
Shivaay narrates her an incident that is muted……
Aru: That’s it.
All nod.
Aru: It’s okay he doesn’t want to take help from any outsider but maybe he could share his problem with his friend. If you don’t mind can I meet him.

All get happy seeing her do efforts and all look at Shivaay who nods happily.
Shivaay: Come I will take you.
Rudra stops them: But how did you come to know that Om is an addict to drugs.
Aru smiles at his question while the rest give ‘Issa kya hogaya hai ?’ Look.
Aru: It’s simple, actually when I first meet him, when I had opened that dark room a ray of light fell in his eyes and that light was too sharp too handle but he didn’t blink even once he was looking straight into the light. Moreover seeing him it seemed that he hadn’t bathed for too long.
Anika: Ya all of sudden he became water phobic.
Aeu: Not all of a sudden but that is due to drugs. Generally people who are addicted to certain specific type of drugs suffer from such symptoms. They become water phobic and sharp light rays stop putting effect on them but these all are preliminary I was a bit more confirmed yesterday when I meet him near the balcony, his arm had injection marks so I thought to confirm.
Shivaay: Thank you.
Aru: It’s ok.
Shivaay: I am sorry I was too rude.
Aru: No Bhaiya you aren’t at fault it’s genuine.
Shivaay smiled and all accompanied Aru to Om’s room.

Shivaay unbolted the door and the first person to rush in was Rudra, he jumped on Om as soon as he entered.
Om got startled but seeing his baby brother in his arms he smiled widely.
Om caring his hair.
Om: So finally my Dumbo got time to meet me.
Rudra: Shut up O. I would have meet you earlier only if this zaalim insaan (pointing at Shivaay) wouldn’t have put a heavy load of work on my tender shoulders.
ShivOm give each other ‘Iska kuch nahi ho sakta’ look.
Aru for the first time saw Om smiling and his smile was congenital and it spread to all as every single person in the room was smiling with him. She was mesmerized by the beauty of his smile and the effect that it had on others and even she smiled seeing him. Om noticed her and it was then that she came out of her dream world and straightened herself.
Shivaay: She is Aradhya, dadu’s friend’s granddaughter.
Aru came forward and extended her hand towards Om.
Aru: Aradhya Rajput.

Om: Hi Omkara. (Without shaking hand)
Aru: Can we be friends.
Om was taken aback by her gesture and he remembers their last meet and says
Om: I am a drug addict.
Aru took her hand back shocking everyone and then acted like thinking and finally said
Aru: Phir toh paaki waali dosti banti hai.
(Then we should become best buddies.)
She again forwards her hand but this time her first and last finger & thumb is out and the two middle fingers are inwards.

Om gave her a blank look like others and then she took Om’s hand and made him put his hand in a similar manner and touched his first finger, with her’s and similarly the thumb and last finger of both was joining and then she rotated her hand and finally shook it with Om’s.
Aru: Toh frieeeeeeeeendship paakki.
All smiled at her sweet gesture.
Om to smiles: Paakki.
Rudra: Aare yeh koi roti thodina ha Jo paakk gayi. (Oh come this isn’t roti that got cooked.)
All glared him.
Om: Shut up idiot.
Rudra smiled widely hearing it.
Aru: Oh please guys he is cute.
All look at her.
Rudra giving her a side hug.
Rudra: See I got another partners. Aradhya di you are sooo cute just like me.
Aru smiled at him.
Shivaay: Okay guys you all carry on I need to go to office. Come on Rudy.
Om: Bye. Go safe guys.
Rudra goes to Om and kisses him on cheeks and says
Rudra: Okay and you take care O.
Om nods and kisses him back followed by Shivaay and the three share a hug.
All leave leaving Aru and Om back.
Aru: So what do you do.
Om: Art and Sculpture.
Aru: WOW an artist.
Om smiles.

Aru: So come on show me your art work.
Om gets scared with the thought of going out of the room. He may harm anyone, he gets thinking.
Om hesitantly: No Aradhya you know na that I am a drug addict, I am trying to get rid of my addiction but if I go out I may not be able to stop myself from having something that’s not meant for me.
Aru sits him on bed and then takes his hand in her’s and very sweetly and calmly says
Aru: Om you know what’s my profession.
Om nods in no.
Om: What’s that?
Aru: A doctor who makes addicts get rid of their addiction.

Om’s grip on her hand gets loosened and he gets lost somewhere but Aru tightens the grip and getting him back to the world says
Aru: Om relax Shivaay Bhaiya told me that you aren’t comfortable with revealing your past and trust me I am not asking you to reveal that too me at least until and unless you are not comfortable with it. But you want to get over your addiction na. (Om nods) Trust me you can’t do that alone, you will need someone’s help. Please give me a chance.
Om: But….
Aru cuts him.
Aru: Om please you know it’s been approximately half a month that I have come here but since the first day till yesterday I didn’t see even a single person in this house smile wholeheartedly. Today for the first time I saw them smile, laugh and complain. Om they smile because you smile, they complain so that you can laugh, they live just to see you otherwise they are no less then body without souls. Please Om if not for yourself try it for them. And trust me I won’t force you, I will just help you, please give me a chance, please.
After thinking for sometime Om nods.
And Aru gave him her million dollar smile, seeing which Om also passes a smile.
Aru gets up and asks him to show her his paintings and he happily obliges.
Jo na keh sake tum
Jo na keh sake hum
Jo na keh sake tum
Jo na keh sake hum

Kehna lagi dono se woh
Khamoshiyaan O saathiya
Kehna lagi dono se woh
Khamoshiyaan O saathiya

Saathiya Saathiya
Saathiya Saathiya
Saathiya Saathiya
Saathiya Saathiya
Om steps out of his room, with Aru. It wasn’t the first time he came out of that room but he never did that in morning and ShivRu or AniSoums were always there. But today none of the four were there and it was morning.
When the first ray of sunlight touched him, his face shone brighter than ever, his smile was widest and purest at that moment. His body had found it’s soul after a long struggle and bad fated days & nights. He felt entirely renewed and freshened.
The slow moving air that was touching every knock and corner of his face seemed to be pleased and he felt blessed to feel them. The moment was so blissful for him. He wanted the time to stop, the surroundings to come at a halt. He was feeling the tranquillity of the breeze that was somehow making it’s way through the rigid edifice of that stone mansion. Till now he was just respiring, today he breathed. He felt like a prisoner who was freed after his lifetime imprisonment. Everything was beyond perfect for him.
All the while Aru was keenly noticing him, the way he was loosing himself in the beautiful surroundings.
Baadlon Mein
Ghul na jayeein
Hain Jo naghme thehre thehre
Do dilon Mein jazb karle
Saare jazba gehre gehre

Kal kya pata Mila na Miley
Nazdeekiyan o saathiya
Kal kya pata Mila na Miley
Nazdeekiyan o saathiya

Saathiya Saathiya
Saathiya Saathiya
Saathiya Saathiya
Saathiya Saathiya
Soon she got distracted and
Aru: Om…..
Om: ………..
Aru: OM…..
Om: ………..
Om comes back to earth and looks at her.
Aru: Are you here.
Om nods.
Aru: Shall we.
Om again nods and takes her to his real room-cum-work place.

Entire afternoon is spent in seeing Om’s work, undoubtedly they left Aru dumb struck, it was such a roller coaster ride, as if she was in a fantasy world. Those Sculptures and Paintings showed an unknown story to her. The words that Om didn’t say, the feelings that he couldn’t express were being told to her by his artwork.
The camouflages that room had adorned attracted her the most she was glued to her place.
It’s said a true painter is the one whose every single painting says a story and same was with the paintings that laid in that room proudly as in the room was pleased to host them.
“Did the sun ever shine so brightly,
As it did when you were besides me,
Was the night ever so Gleefully,
As it was with you beside.”
Read the words on one of his artwork’s.
Aru pointed at it and looked at Om. He understood what she wants to know but as he didn’t want to say, he just shock his head in disagreement and she understood.
“No idea why but the smile that adorns your face has become my preference.”
Were the words adorning another painting, it was a portrait of a beautiful women in her early twenties, her smile seemed to be so beautiful, that made Aru think, weather the purity lied in the smile or the hands of the painter who carved the smile in a way that anyone could loose themselves in it.

While brimming through the journey, Aru was reminded of the words from a poem that said:
“It’s sculptor well those passion read
Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
The hand that mocked them, and the heart that fed.”
How apt were the lines for the indescribable fantasy that she was viewing.

Tej, ShivRu make their way through the gate just to meet eyes of Anika, Soumya, Jhanvi, Pinky and Dadi who were seated peacefully in the sofa kept in there and were busy discussing something.
Three of the men got changed and came back to hall and settled themselves.
Shivaay to Anika: Where are Om and Aradhya.
Just then the two enter. Om seemed significantly disappointed seeing few people sitting in the hall but accept for Tej all were happy seeing him there.
Dadi and Jhanvi became teary seeing his condition but they controlled themselves.
Dadi: Om.
Om saw dadi after a long time and couldn’t stop himself and quickly made a place in her embrace for himself.
Shivaay looked at Aru and she signalled him that all is fine and asked him to be a bit patient he nods.
Dadi: How are you my child?
Om,with tears: I am fine. How are you?
Dadi: What will happen to me. I am totally fit and fine.
Om smiles at her.
Rudra: O what’s up man. What have you been doing without me all the time.
Om happily like a school going kid begins to narrate what all he did the entire day being with Aradhya.
All smiled but Tej was hell irritated seeing him and shouts
Tej: Shut up. And who the hell brought him out and permitted him to roam.
Jhanvi: What are you saying Tej. It’s Om’s house as well.
Tej: I can’t bear to see this useless drug addict here.
Dadi: Stop it Tej.
Tej: Please ma.
Tej to Om: Get back to your room.
Tej and Jhanvi begin to fight. While all try to stop them. Whereas Aru is shocked seeing them this way.
Om couldn’t take all this, his head begins to spin and his jaws get entangled with each other tightly, his hands begin to move in an uneven way and his body looses it’s control and he starts to have convulsions. He moves unevenly and finally falls on the floor all the while his body is shivering and his hands are in a half open fist and are moving unsynchronised.
His this movement shocks everyone and they rush to him.
Soumya: I will get water.
Aradhya shouts: NO NO don’t give him water. Take him to room. Soumya go get my bag from my room it would be kept on study table.
Soumya nods and rushes.

Aradhya comes out of Om’s room.
Shivaay: Is he okay.
Aru: Ji Bhaiya he is alright now.
Dadi: What happened to him?
Aru: Epilepsy.
All give her a blank look.
Shivaay: What’s that?
Aru: Mirgi ka daura. (Fits)
All nod.
Rudra: But how come all of a sudden.
Aru: It’s just a withdrawal effect.
Anika: What’s that?
Aru: If suddenly someone leaves drugs then this sought of effects are seen.
Shivaay: Till when will he be fine.
Aru: I have injected him, right now he is sleeping. He will wake up by morning.
All nod.
Aru: Which drug did he use to have?
Shivaay: No idea.
Aru: It’s ok. I have taken his blood sample and will send it to lab for testing.
Shivaay: Okay.
Aru: You guys can rest now.
All nod and leave but Shivaay and Anika go to Om’s room and sit on a sofa. Both stay silent for a while and then Shivaay asks Anika to leave and without retaliating she leaves.

She is studying some medical stuff from a book, with spectacles on her eyes and certainly as it’s quite late she falls asleep, while reading only.

Aru hears some noise from outside and gets up. She arranges herself a bit and walks out and gets surprised seeing what’s happening in front of her.

Om was trying to sneak out of the house silently.
Aru also tip toes without being noticed.

Om meets a man who hands over him a packet and in return Om gives him some money.
Man leaves.

I am sorry Shivaay I know I am breaching your trust but I can’t take this anymore. I am sorry my brother. I am sorry. Please forgive me.

Om leaves the place, while Aru follows him.

Om opens the packet and takes out injection from it. He pulls his sleeves up and was about to inject himself, when a hand throws it away. And the next moment.


Om feels a hard slap across his face and he raises his head to see up and finds Shivaay. Shivaay slapped Om.
Om gets up.
Shivaay in frustration + anger he fumbles a bit but manages to say: IIIT’S IT’S USELESS. IT’S TOTALLY USELESS TO TALK TO YOU OM.
Saying so Shivaay leaves the room but before leaving he looks at Aru pleadingly who is standing near the door. Aru just looks on.
Om is standing like a zombie at his place and the sound of slap and Shivaay’s words are vibrating in his head time and again. His body refused to react to any of the happenings. He was feeling guilty about his act but it was too late now. Tears had made their way through his eyes after a long time, the face which always use to shine with a magnificent smile was now showing utter guilt.

After a while Aru moved towards him, she picked up the fallen injection, took the packet from Om’s hand and kept both on a side table. She made Om sit on bed. Om was still expressionless.
Aru: Om.
Aru in anger: OOOOMMMMM.
Om looks at her.
Aru: What was this?
Om with tears and chocked voice: Aradhya I couldn’t control; I am sorry.
Aradhya gets up and was about to leave but Om held her hand and said
Om: Won’t you help me.
Aru sternly: I can help only those, who really want to leave their addiction. Not those who just pretend to.
Om stands up and says: I want to.
Aru: Sorry but it doesn’t seems to be.
Om: Please give me a chance.
Aru: What will you do then?
Om: I will try.
Aru: Okay, let’s see. Tomorrow morning 5:30 exact.
Om: Okay.
Aru was leaving when.
Om: But what at 5:30.
Aru: You will come to know.

Aradhya is thinking about what Oberoi’s told her in morning.
Aru: Do you guys know the reason of him being a drug addict.
Shivaay: Somewhat.
Aru: Okay what’s that.
Shivaay: Five years back Om went to London University of Art, as he was a student there he was called for six months to assist his teacher and he agreed to go. Over there he meet a girl she was Riddhima, Om’s junior and she was studying in the university at that time. Om and Riddhima fell in love with each other. Both wanted to get married but bada papa didn’t agree, so Om decided to marry Riddhima and live in London only. Dadi, Rudra and I got both of them married and they began to live in London. Two years later from out of no where I got a call, caller informed me that Om was arrested in case of Riddhima’s murder. Somehow we got Om freed and brought him back. For next ten months Om didn’t say a word he use to stay in his room all the time locked, then on Diwali when we called him for puja he came and I asked him to accompany me to get the priest while going our car meet with an accident, it wasn’t a major one but Om got hurt and I took him to hospital and it was then that we got to know that he was taking drugs.

Aradhya’s thought process was broken by the ringing alarm, she tilted her head towards the side table on which the clock was hissing with joy of irritating her early in the morning, the clock showed time to be 5:00 a.m. Aru switched of the alarm and hopped on her bed and went into deep slumber ignoring her heavy thoughts.

Aradhya to begin with her treatment.

So guys half revelation done, rest would be soon.



Stay happy
Keep smiling
For now signing off

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