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Anika: We all are here but where is Aru and our chotta packet bhada dhamaka.
Shivaay: Both would be getting ready.
Saumya: Ok wait I will check.
Om: I will also come.
Anika: Me too.
Shivaay: An entire army is going to get two people.

Saumya knocked on the door.
No response.
This time she knocked harder and Anika shouted Aradhya and Ira’s name.
No response.
Om: Wait wait.
Anika and Saumya look at him questioningly while he opens the door as it was not bolted.
Anika patting her head: We were shouting for so long and this madam didn’t lock her room only.
Om: Now shall we.
Both the ladies nod and three of them enter and find both the girls sleeping peacefully cuddling to each other.
Om: WOW, both didn’t wake up till now.

Anika goes to Aru and pulling her says
Anika: Get up Aru. Wake up.
Aru in sleep mummers: Let me sleep. You go and work with someone else.
Anika: Haain… What is she saying.
Om sees video game kept on the couch.
Om: I think so both were busy playing for maximum part of the night.
He says showing the game.
Saumya: But their luggage is packed.

She says pointing at two small travel bags kept by the cupboard.
Anika pushing Aru more: Wake up Aru we need to go.
Aru mumbling few words hides her face under the duvet.
Anika removes the duvet and shouts
Aru gets up irritated and says
Aru: It’s Wake up Sid not Wake up Aru.
She says rubbing her eyes.

AniSoums and Om look at her with disbelief and share “She is impossible” look.
Om sits at other side where Ira is sleeping peacefully even after so much of noise.
Om: When did you both sleep last night?
Anika: And why aren’t you up by now?
Aru in sleepy and irritated tone: If you have woke me up for playing KBC, then the door is there.
She says pointing at door and laying back.
Anika being irritated fully: If you didn’t wake up then I will throw water on you.
Aru’s eyes popped out of socket and she popped out of the bed: I am up.
She said yawning.
Om: Btw when did you sleep last night.

Aru: 2.
Om: Seriously, you both slept at 2. How can you?
Aru: What’s the big deal. Ira has holidays and I too am not going to hospital today, so how does it matter if we sleep late.
Om: Still she is a kid and needs proper rest.
Aru: She wasn’t feeling sleepy that’s why we both were playing video games and when she slept even I did. Moreover, who is asking you to wake her up. Let her sleep. But I didn’t get one thing.
She narrates her innocence in one go while fetching her clothes from cupboard.
Saumya: What didn’t you understand.
Aru: That why are you all here and that too…. At 6 in the morning.
She said gazing the clock.
Anika: Don’t tell me you forgot.
Aru: What Bhabhi?

Anika: We are going for a picnic today.
Aru: Oh yaah. Now I get it why all of you were shouting. But can’t we go at 12.
Anika: No. Go and get ready now.
Aru nods and sleepily drags herself to washroom for getting freshen up.
Om: Ira wake up Baccha.
Ira doesn’t responds.
Anika: Let it be Om, she won’t get up now and even if you wake her up she will get irritated and keep irritating all of us also.

Om: So what should I do.
Anika: Let’s take her like this only, she can freshen up once we reach our destination.
Om: Okay.

After half an hour all borded in a private bus.
Om was sitting at end with Ira sleeping near him and music plugged in. As soon as Aru entered she took a seat and dozed off, while Shivaay and Anika were talking to each other and RuMaya were sleeping cuddling with each other.
After travelling for two hours all woke up including Ira and were chatting, playing antakshari and doing all the fun possible.
They finally reached near a river and all got down.
Om: Shivaay are we going to stay near the river.

Om said a bit awkwardly as he is well aware of Shivaay’s taste and this was something that Shivaay would never prefer.
Shivaay: Of course not Om. We are going to our private island and that is in middle of the river.
Rudra: Bhaiya then why this bus journey, we could have gone there directly by chopper.
Shivaay making an irritated face said

Shivaay: It’s your bhabhi’s idea and she blackmailed me for coming in the bus. I don’t understand from where do these ladies get so weird ideas. We would have been on the island in twenty minutes but no she wanted a three hour long irritating bus journey. Thank god that she didn’t argue over the picnic location otherwise we all would have been in Lunavala.
Anika: Oh really don’t forget that all the fun we had in bus was because of my brilliant idea only.
Shivaay: You and brilliant idea. Excuse me please.
Ira: Stop it billu and billi can we go now please.
Shivaay: Ya sure. Come on.
From their they all went to the island via a private boat.

After freshening up all were sitting near the river on grass and talking but someone was getting bored and that is none other than”ARADHYA SINGH RAJPUT”.
Aru gets up and goes near the river followed by others.
Om: What are you doing Aradhya?
Aru: Have you ever jumped in a river.
Om casually: No.
But then he realises what’s cooking in Aru’s head seeing her expressions.
Om shouts: NO. NO you are not going to do that.
Anika: What?
Aru pointing at river.

Aru: This.
AniSoums understand and get excited.
Anika: WOW finally there will be some thrill in this boring picnic.
Saumya: Yes, Bhabhi already i am bored with that protein shake.
Aru: Okay then at the count of three.
Om: You girls are mad.
But who paid heed to him.
Aru: 3…. 2….. 1….. Jump
All of them jumped into river.
ShivRu: What the wuck.
Om pats his head.

Shivaay: Are these girls nuts.
Om: I think so.
Rudra: Bhaiya, O we shall also jump.
ShivKara: What?
Rudra: Please Bhaiya, please O.
He says making puppy face.
ShivKara: No way Rudra, you are mad.
Anika: Aare shri shri 108 baggad billa maharaj aa jaiya yahan aana Sa aapki koi shobha kam nahi ho Jaya gi.
(Come on Mr. Wild cat, if you will jump in the river that won’t decrease your worth.)
Shivaay: Shobha who Shobha.

Anika hits her forehead: Meri hi Galati hai Jo mai itna kathin shabdon ka upyog karti hun iss angraiz ki aulad ka Samna.
(Oh god! It’s my mistake only that I use so difficult Hindi words in front of this foreign return.)
Aru and Saumya laugh.
Rudra: Bhaiya let’s go.

Shivaay: No. No way Rudra.
Anika: Leave him Rudra you come, this man is useless. He can never have fun in his life. He only knows how to live a black and white life, no space for colours.
Shivaay: Oh really, you are challenging SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI.
Anika: Yes, Mr. Baggad billa.
This enrages Shivaay, so he removes his coat and shoes and jumps in the river.
Shivaay to Anika with raised eyebrows: Don’t challenge me.
Anika: Whatever, but you will have to accept one thing that till now you use to throw me in pool but today I got you in this river.
She says with tadi and raised eyebrows.

Shivaay: Hye that’s my step.
Anika: So what.
Rudra in crying tone: This is not fair Bhaiya you left me here and went inside to romance Bhabhi.
All giggle while Om hits Rudra’s head.
Ira confused: What’s romance, handsome?
Om’s eyes popped out of his socket hearing her question.
Om: Umm… Vo…
Aru: Ira don’t you want to come here.

Ira nods excitedly forgetting her question, Om sighs in relief while Aru chuckles.
Rudra: Come on let’s go partner.
Ira nods but then looks at Om and remembers the past incident where he was scared of water.
Ira: No partner, you go I will stay with handsome.
Om: Aare but why, you wanted to go so you should go.
Ira: But you can’t come in. I will stay with you only it’s okay.
Om: But…
Ira: No if no but.

Om nods obediently.
Rudra gets in the river and all start their masti, Om and Ira are sitting near the river. Om is felling bad that Ira is not enjoying with others and Shivaay understood this.
Shivaay: Om, Ira both of you get in.
Om: No Shivaay I can’t come in.
Aru: Look Om if you won’t come, Ira will also not come and this time is for all of us.
Rudra: Don’t worry O trust me I am here, nothing will happen to you.
Om smiles at him.

With ShivRu’s help and others encouragement making thousands of faces and throwing hundreds of tantrums Om enters in water with others. All the while he is in shivering mode.
All of them start playing water games.

The weather seems has become really cold by now and after spending maximum time in water all are now sitting in front of the born fire with food arranged.
Om: Aradhya, just give it to me.
Aru: No no ways, I will show this to everyone in the house. Yesterday you were making fun of me now see.
Om: Hye this is wrong.
Aru: No this is tit for tat.
She says showing tongue to him.

Om: Aradhya please delete that video.
Aru: No no no.
Aru: What?
Om tries to snatch the phone, but Aru doesn’t gives it to him and goes and hides behind Anika.
Aru in melodramatic way: Anika Bhabhi look at your devar he is irritating me.
Anika laughs and says: Let it be Om. What’s there in her phone that you want.
Aru: Bhabhi why are you asking him, I will show you.
Aru shows Anika a video of Om’s foolish antics in their water masti.
Om: Hye, this is not fair.
Shivaay: Don’t worry Om I am at your side.

Ira: Me too handsome.
Saumya: So I am at my sister’s side.
She stands with Anika and Aru, now all look at Rudra.
Aru: Rudy, we are partners remember.
Ira: No, he is my partner.
Shivaay sternly: RUDRA, remember about your office incident.
Rudra: Ya ya Bhaiya I am at your side, what’s the need to remember that.
Aru: This is pure blackmail, you guys are cheaters we won’t talk to you. Katti.
Anika and Saumya: Ditto copy to all.
Girls together: Katti katti katti.

All the boys laugh. All the girls being irritated with boys begin to laugh and Ira looks angrily at boys and orders them to do something. Boys nod.

Om starts singing looking at girls, followed by ShivRu.

Om: Main akela raat ka mela, tu kahan se aai

The boys go to girls and bump into them showing as if it was girl’s mistake this enrages the girls more.

Om: Aise mein tu bhul ke rasta mujh se a takarai

Om showing to Aru with signs that she is mad.
Om: Ye ladki zara si deewani lagti hai

He pulls Aru with her hand while she winces dramatically.

Om: Mujhe to ye gudiya japani lagti hai

All boys holding their respective girls:
Ye ladki zara si deewani lagati hai
Mujhe to ye gudiya japaani lagati hai

Om making Aru remember yesterday’s incident and taunting her:
Aisi nazuk hai ye, galti se ise
Koi chule to ye toot jaaye
Hey, Aisi naazuk hai ye, galti se ise
Koi chule to ye toot jaye

Om showing as if he is operating Aru with a key:
Chaabi se ye chale, chaabi se ye ruke
Chaabi se ye hanse rooth jaaye

Om irritates Aru more by saying:
Hai, Kaanch ki hai gudiya
Aafat ki hai pudiya
Kisi shaitaan ki naani lagti hai

All boys together:
Ye ladki zara si deewaani lagti hai
Mujhe to ye gudiya japani lagti hai

On hearing all this Ira pats her head and says to boys.
Ira: RIP.
ShivOmRu: What?
Ira: You guys will be surely dead after this as none of them is going to leave you.

Aru who was highly enraged pushes Om and starts singing:
Hum akele raat ka mele, tu kahaan se aaya (She sings questioning Om, that from where did he come all of a sudden.)

She pushes Om and continues:
Aise mein tu bhool ke rastaa, hum se a takaraaya

Aru showing that Om is mad and rounding around him sings:
Ye ladka zara sa deewana lagta hai
Gadi ka koi model purana lagta hai

Anika and Saumya rounding around ShivRu sing the next two lines and then leave giving them an angry glare and a solid ignore:
Ye ladka zara sa deewana lagta hai
Gadi ka koi model purana lagta hai

Aru pointing at Om sings to irritate him:
Aate jaate hue raste pe khade
Bade dekhe aise deewane

Om shows as if he doesn’t believes her and says: Aisa kyaa!

Aru agreeing: Aate jaate hue raste pe khade
Bade dekhe aise deewane

Aru pointing at herself and showing that how he stopped, looking at her pretty face, while Om gives her “You have a misunderstanding look”.
Jahaan pe bhi koi achchhi soorat aji
Waheen ruke kisi bahaane

Saumya to Rudra, showing his biceps and mocking at him sings:
Aise hero ban ke ga raha hai jo ye
Kisi naye film ka gaana lagata hai

Anika, Aru and Saumya rounding around ShivOmRu respectively:
Ye ladka zara sa deewana lagta hai
Gaadi ka koi model puraana lagta hai

Shivaay to Anika: Seriously, I am not like an old car model.
Anika: Leave it you just know how to show tadi/attitude.
Saying so she moves ignoring his words.

Boys together to the girls:
Ye ladki zara si deewani lagti hai
Mujhe to ye gudiya japani lagti hai.

Girls mocking at them:
Accha ji
Ye ladka zara sa deewana lagta hai
Gaadi ka koi model puraana lagta hai

Anika and Saumya enter in their rooms and lock it ShivRu knock their respective rooms.

Shivaay: Anika open the room.
Anika: No response.
Shivaay knocking harder: OPEN THE ROOM ANIKA.
After two to three times Anika gets irritated and shouts.
Anika: What the hell Shivaay? Just go to your team and don’t come to me. I am not going to open the room.
Shivaay: What the wuck, you can’t do this to me.
Anika: Who said I can’t obviously I can. Now just get out.
Shivaay in pleading tone: Please jaan, open the door.

Anika: Bhaad mai gayi aapki jaan.
(To hell with your jaan/life.)
Shivaay in disbelief: Anika…
Anika: Just leave and let me sleep. Get out Mr. Baggad billa maharaj.
Shivaay: What the wuck?

Rudra: Sumo open the door.
Saumya: No response.
Rudra: Please Sumo, open the door I am tired.
Saumya opens the door and Rudra smiles at her but before he could enter she throws a pillow and bed sheet on his face.
Saumya smacking the door on his face: Get lost from here Mr. Protein shake.
Rudra gets shocked.

Both ShivRu leave to Om’s room being all helpless due to their wives.

Both enter and find Ira and Om playing video games.
Shivaay: Ira what are you doing here, you were supposed to sleep with Aru.
Rudra sitting on bed: Yup! Partner.
Ira: I got stuck because of you and now if I loose my game, like snow white and Sumo di I will also throw you two out of this room.
Om laughs at the two.
Shivaay in his tadi: Who said Anika threw me out, actually I was willing to sleep with Om and spend some brothers time.
Rudra: Ya me too.
Ira: That’s why billu ji didn’t get a chance to pick up a pillow for himself and partner got a pillow smacked on his face.

Rudra: How sad Bhaiya Anika Bhabhi didn’t even allow you to take a pillow.
Shivaay: Very funny. Shut up idiot.
Ira: Hence proved you two have been thrown out.
She said clapping her hands together on her victory of catching the two thieves.
Shivaay holding Ira asks
Shivaay: How do you know this?

Ira giggling: Because even Miss. Latalpatal also threw me out.
Shivaay: We all have been blessed with same fate.
Om: Now come on let’s sleep.
Ira: No. I want to play.
Om sternly: No.
Ira to Shivaay making a crying face: Please billu ji.
Shivaay helplessly: Okay.
Ira jumps in joy.
Om: No Shivaay.
Shivaay: It’s okay Om, she has a holiday tomorrow.
Om to Ira pulling her ears: Very clever.
Ira smiles at him.
All the boys begin to play.

Picnic continued.


Keep smiling
Stay happy
For now signing off

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