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After getting cleaned up Om goes to garden where Ira was sitting silently. He went to her and patting her shoulder asked
Om: What happened Ira?
Ira: Nothing.
After few minutes of silence she looks at Om and asks
Ira: Shall I ask you something.
Om: Go on.

Ira: Did you leave Omika because of me.
She said this with lots of hidden emotions, for a while if even in her weirdest dream if her handsome said YES, then she would have cursed herself badly for this.
Om smiled at her and said
Om: Of course not. It’s not you but for Omika’s happiness only I left her there. She is happy with her family over there.

Ira: Even you are her family.
Om: Yes I am but she is more happy with them.
Ira: Don’t be upset handsome. I know I can’t take her place but I will always be with you.
Om smiled at her innocence said: Pinky promise.
Ira: Snow white’s pinky promise.

Both lock their small finger with each other.
Shivaay from back: If you both are done with your emotional sequence then may I sit.
Ira: No you keep standing.
Shivaay emphasizing: IRA.

Ira emphasizing: JI BILLU JI.
Shivaay nods his head in disbelief.
After a while all the youngsters join in and they are having a chit chat when Aru comes in rage and goes and stands in front of Om, with her hands on her waist and eyes throwing daggers at him.
Om calmly: What happened Aradhya.
Aru: Why the blue colour isn’t getting off my shirt.
She says showing her shirt from which all the colours were removed accept for blue, Om stands up a bit nervous and says

Om: Vo… Vo… Vo…
Aru: Vo… Vo… Vo…. Say something ahead as well.
She shouts.
Om getting a little afraid, while saying he initially looks at her but then turns his face to hide himself.
Om: Vo… Actually the blue colour was a fabric paint.
Aru: Hmm. (Then she realises what he said and opens her mouth in utter shock) WHAT? WHAT WAS THAT PAINT DOING WITH YOU?
Om: Common I am a painter.
Aru: But how can you pour that paint on me.

Om: It’s really simple.
Saying so he took a water bottle from Rudra who has brought it with him. And opening it pored the water on her, just in order to demonstrate it to her that how did he do it previously. Everyone’s mouth got open in a perfect “O” shape as the water landed on Aru, soaking her wet. This enraged Aru more as she had took bath just a while ago. She looked at Om with double the anger as before, as Om realised his act his mouth also became a big “O”. He thought in his mind that ‘he was dead today.’

Aru in a scary tone spoke: RUN FOR YOUR LIFE MR. OBEROI.
As soon as the words left her mouth, Om began to run and Aru began to chase him.
As Om was running ahead and Aru following him, Aru didn’t notice something coming in her way and tripped and fell spraining her leg. Seeing the way Aru fell, Om couldn’t control his laughter, this shocked Aru, while the rest ran to help her. Even Om went to her and with Rudra’s help was about to pick her up but she pushed him.
Aru: Why the hell are you laughing.
Om: Actually you fell in a really funny way.

He said trying to control his laughter.
Ira patting her head mummers: Please god save my poor handsome today, I am sure Miss. Latalpatal will not spare him.
Finally Om and Rudra pick Aru up. Aru’s one hand is around Om’s neck and other around Rudra’s both take her inside the mansion and make her sit on sofa, Om was still giggling at Aru.
Aru: Kisi na saahi kaha hai.
(Someone has rightly said.)

Rudra: Kya? (What?)
Aru: Ki haar ek friend kameena hota hai.
Saying so she glared Om, who bursts into fits of laughter.
Aru getting irritated: Have you seriously lost it Mr. Oberoi.
Om: No actually I am remembering the way you fell, that was so funny.
By this time Anika was ready with the ointment and was about to apply it but Aru screamed.
Anika gets aback shocked and so do the rest.
Anika: What happened? Why are you shouting?
Aru innocently: It will pain.
Rudra: You are a doctor Aru di.

Aru: So so what if I am a doctor. I am a human too it pains man.
Rudra: Point.
Ira: Stop being a coward okay.
Aru: I am not a coward.
Shivaay to Om: Om by the way you were telling how did Aru fall.
Om: Ya actually.

While Om was explaining Shivaay signalled Anika to apply the ointment who nodded her head in agreement.
Om: Actually maybe she tripped on something and when she was falling all her hair were flying in the air, her hands were raised in air and her mouth was wide open. For a while I felt that she was going to dance in the air. She was looking so funny with all her hair raised.
He said raising her hair again.
Aru in irritation shoos his hand off. While rest chuckle imagining her like that.
Aru: Jhoota. You are layer Om.
Om: Oh hello! I don’t lie haan.

Aru: No you are lying. I can never look so bad.
Saying so she hits him with a cushion.
Om: Accept it. You were looking like a joker. Really very funny.
Ira: But there is something missing.
Om: What?
Ira takes a red cap and puts it on Aru’s nose, who glares her angrily, while rest laugh looking at her.
Saumya comes there with haldi milk (turmeric milk).
Saumya: Drink this Aru di you will be fine soon.

Aru angrily: No. I am not drinking anything neither an I talking to anyone.
She shrugs like a child. All smile at her antics.

Anika: Done.
Aru: What?
Anika points at her feet.
Aru: Ahh… Ahhh… You are very bad I won’t talk to anyone. You did this purposefully.
Dadi comes there: What happened?
Aru complains about everyone to dadi.
Dadi: Very bad Om how can you laugh at her.

Om: Are dadi she was looking really funny. Wait I will explain you.
Aru hits him again and glares angrily, he sits down quietly.
Aru: Look dadi he is bullying me.
Om: Yes you are a school going girl and I am bullying you. What a big lie.
Aru: It’s not a lie, you are actually a bully.
Dadi: Wait. Now Om, Ira, Shivaay, Anika, Rudra and Saumya you all will be punished for hurting my daughter.

Aru smiles and hugs her while the rest protest.
Shivaay: Dadi I didn’t do anything.
Aru: No he is lying, he only asked Anika Bhabhi to apply ointment.
Ira in order to save herself from punishment takes Aru’s side: Yes yes. This baggad billa did that.
Rudra to joins in: Yes, he is the one.
Shivaay: WOW in my house only there is an ANTI-SHIVAAY COMMITTEE.
All nod in yes and then chuckle.
Dadi: All of you will be punished. So I am not going to listen to anyone.
Om: But Dadi what punishment.

Dadi: You all will drink one full glass of haldi (turneric) milk, with Aru.
All: Chee. Never.
Aru: Please dadi not haldi milk.
Dadi: No, no excuses. Saumya go and get haldi milk for everyone.
Saumya reluctantly nods.
All of them then drink haldi milk making face and showing thousands of tantrums.
Rudra: O I hate you.
Om: What did I do now?
Rudra: Because of you instead of protein shake I have to drink this turmeric milk. Yuck…
Aru: Even I hate you.
Om: Now why do you hate me.

Aru: Because you spoiled my favourite shirt.
Om: And how am I supposed to know that, that was your favourite shirt. Was there any label on which it was written caution don’t spoil this is my favourite shirt.
Aru: Excuse me, shirts aren’t worn so that someone can spoil them.
Om: Well same applies to you too. You spoiled my, clothes, paint and even messed my room.
Aru: So who had asked you to trouble and tease me.
Om: I had only asked you to make a drawing but what did you make.
Aru hesitantly: So…. So…. So what. Even thought they were diagrams, yet they were drawings and that too well labelled.
Om: Oh god Aradhya who the hell on earth labels a painting.

Aru casually: I do.
Before he could speak further all shout in unison.
Ira: Well the truth is you both behave in the same way and if you don’t want us to call you that, then simply don’t behave like that. Right guys.
All except OmAdhya: Yes.
Shivaay: Btw I had planned something for the weekend anybody interested.
Anika: No. No one is interested in business tour.
Shivaay: I didn’t say about business tour Anika.
Anika: But what else do you think accept for business.

Ira getting irritated: Now you billa and billi don’t begin. Mr. Billu ji will you kindly take the pleasure of sharing your plans.
Shivaay: Thank you my lord. I think so we should go for a picnic. It has been ages since we all went out together.
Ira: WOW. I love you billu ji.
She says hugging Shivaay, who hugs her back.
Shivaay: Umm. Buttering mode on haan.

Ira making a puppy face and twinkling her eyes repeatedly: I am not your buttering you.
All chuckle at her antics.
Shivaay: Fine. Then all be ready tomorrow morning by six we will be leaving.
Rudra: Who all would be coming accept us.
Shivaay: Probably no one else as all are busy with their respective works.
Anika: Okay.


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