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Hi ? guys. Here is the next shot but before that all those who haven’t read the promo here is the link do tell me what do you fell and I will unreveal the result in the next shoot.


@SHOT 14


@5:00 a.m.
Aradhya comes to garden and finds Om sitting their she gets a little surprised.
Aru: Good morning Om.
Om looks at her with calmness and with a smile replies
Om: Good morning. Come sit.
Aru sits and confusingly asks
Aru: What happened to you? Why are you here?
Om: Oh so are you suffering from short term memory loss.
Aru: No.

Om: Then FYI you have only asked me to be here every morning.
Aru: So you are here for that.
Om nods innocently, while Aru laughs.
Om: What?
Aru nods nothing.
Aru: So are you alright Om.
Om: Not completely but I am fine I have decided to live my life in a better way and for those who are there for me. I don’t want to hold on to past anymore.
Aru smiles at him.

Om: And after meeting Omika I have a hope now for my future for everything being normal. I know I can’t be with her maybe due to any reason but still I know where she is, how she is and trust me that’s enough for me. Moreover, I have ShivRu, AniSoums, Ira, dadi, mom, choti mom and…
Aru with raised eyebrows: And…
Om: And you.
He says looking at her and she smiles.
Aru: Always.
She says keeping her hand on his and he smiles at her.

Om: So will you start or I will have to wait till 8.
Aru laughs: No no no need of that. Come on lets go.
Om: Where?
Aru: Just nowhere.
Om looks at her weirdly: Are you really so complicated or this is a special perk for me.
Aru looks at him and with a naughty smile says: Special offer for Mr. Omkara Singh Oberoi, talk to Miss. Aradhya Singh Rajput and get compilations free free free.
How’s it?
Om: I thought Rudra is the only one to crack all the PJ’s of world but nice to meet you too.
Aru chuckles: Okay jokes apart.
Om: Seriously was this a joke.
Aru poking him: How rude.

Om: Fine say what you want to.
Aru: I was just asking you for a walk. Now will you come.
Om making faces: Fine.
Aru: What fine?
Om: I said let’s go angry bird.
Aru: Do I look like an angry bird to you?
Om: Ya and that too the big red one.

Aru: Red one, then you are…a…a… Micky. Micky mouse.
Om: I am not a micky mouse.
Aru: Yes, yes, yes you are.
Rudra from back: And you both are our new Tom & Jerry.
OmAdhya together: WE ARE NOT TOM & JERRY.
Rudra: Leave that where are you two going?
Om: For walk. Want to join.
Rudra in his cool dude style: No I have to go to gym.
Om: Then what are you doing here.
Rudra: Nothing.
Om: Fine we are going.
Aru: Yes, bye.
OmAdhya leave.

By now the cool Rudy had told everyone about the great Tom & Jerry fight and everyone was ready to pull OmAdhya’s leg.
Both OmAdhya join the table.
Rudra: Good morning Tom & Jerry.
Both OmAdhya glare him.
Rudra: Aare what I just wished both of you. Bhalai ka toh zamaana hi nahi raha.
Aru: What’s in food today?
Shivaay: What will you like to have Tom.
Aru: Bhaiyaaaaa…

Shivaay: What happened?
Anika: Jerry please pass the cherry.
Rudra: WOW Bhabhi what a rhyming.
Both AniRu do logic sign and share a hi-fi.
Om: Anika Bhabhi don’t team up with this duffer.
Anika: Aare I am already in his team and even our Tom is in his team.
Aru: Bhabhiiiiiiiii.
Om: Aradhya why the hell you always keep shout.
Aru: You shut up Mr. Mickey Mouse.
Om: Please Miss. Angry bird.
Aru pointing finger at him: I am not an angry bird.
Om: So I am also not mickey.

Saying so he pushes her finger down with his finger.
ShivRu and AniSoums: Ya ya we know you both are our Tom & Jerry.
OmAdhya: NO we are not Tom & Jerry.
Om: Ya obviously she can’t be Tom as he’s so cute.
Aru: But you can definitely be Jerry. The problem maker. And btw I AM CUTE.
Om: WOW I didn’t know that you have so many misunderstandings. By the way who told you that you are cute.
Aru: I don’t need to ask that I know I am cute.
Om: Oh really. Well self praise needs no recommendation.
Aru: Are you throwing tantrums at me.
Om: Ya, do you have any doubt.

Aru: Actually, right you can’t be mickey or Jerry. You are just like saas (mother-in-law) and that too the one which is shown in daily soaps. Boring, irritating and the one who always keeps throwing tantrums at her bahu (daughter-in-law).

Om: Oh really, but you are definitely the angry bird. And look you are also becoming red with anger. Anger is definitely permanent resident of your nose.
Aru: Oh really.
Om: How many times will I have to clarify it to you.
Both keep having their Tom & Jerry fight while Shivaay on the other hand says
Shivaay: Now I get it why did you guys use to enjoy so much when Anika and I use to fight.
He says stuffing food in his mouth, while the rest laugh seeing the newly found Tom & Jerry.

After few hours of breakfast.
Om was trying to paint, when Aradhya came in his room.
Aru: So what is Mr. Artist upto today.

Om: Nothing, just trying to paint something.
Aru: What?
Om gets aside to let her see his painting, it was of a beautiful sunset.
Aru: Umm. So why are you painting a depressing sunset.
Om narrowing his eyes: Why do you feel that sunsets are depressing?
Aru: Ummm. Maybe because the mark the end of the day and hope too.
Om: Or maybe they mark the new start too.

Aru: How?
Om: Suraaj dubta hai,
Asmaan Chand ko Dena ka liya,
Waqt nikharta hai,
Ek moka insaan ko Dena ka liya.
Aru: INTENSE. But what does it mean?
Om looks at her: The end of one thing marks the beginning of other, which eventually leads to hope and improvement.
Aru: Okay, in that case I agree to your opinion. By the way even I know drawing.
Om with raised eyebrows: Really.
Aru: I can prove that.

Om giving her a chart paper and pencil says: Okay prove it.
Aru holds the paper and pencil and sits on the sofa and begins to scribble, while Om gets back to his work. After about half an hour. Om looks at Aru and finds her still scribbling.
Om: Are you planning to draw eighth wonder Aradhya.
Aru: Shhh. Let me concentrate.
Om looks at her disbelievingly and then being suspicious he goes to her and peeks into her drawing board. In a while he bursts into fits of laughter.
Aru looking at him: What? Why are you laughing?

Om seeing her make such a cute face pulls her cheeks and asks: What’s this Aru?
Pointing at her board.
Aru innocently: Drawing.
Om: Aru these are body systems, digestive, respiratory and a…a…
Aru with same innocence: Circulatory.

Om: Right and you are calling it drawing.
Aru with puppy face: Didn’t you like it.
Om seeing her innocent yet dramatic face says
Om: Ya I like it alot but pardon me dear it’s not biology class.
Saying so he again starts laughing. Now this enrages Aru and she takes a paint bottle from Om’s stuff and empties it on Om, who stops laughing and looks at Aru all shocked, now Aru on seeing his colourful condition starts laughing loudly.
Om: What the wuck Aradhya? Have you gone nuts. You spoiled my dress.
Aru: Hahahaha awww stop being a complain baby hahahaha. Oh god hahahah I can’t control look at yourself Om you are looking so hahahaha funny hahahaha.

Saying so she shifts Om’s gaze towards the mirror, his neat white shirt was by now pink, his face had pink lines and a bit of the colour was also present on his silky hair. This was it for him, everything was bearable but colour on his HAIR. NOOO.
Om looked at Aru and smiled, Aru got confused by his this action so questioned him through her hands and eyes as she was still laughing “WHAT?”.
Om smiled and poured a blue coloured bottle on her, she got silenced in a second and looked at Om shocked. And now begins the colour fight. One by one the colour bottles from Om’s mind-blowing collection were being emptied by OmAdhya on each other.

By now both of them were a colourful mixture of pink, blue, yellow, green, red, violet, grey, turquoise making a wonderful colour pattern beautifully showing the newly found colours of their life on themselves.
After ten minutes a voice halted the Tom & Jerry in their PAINT FIGHT.
Voice: What the wuck?
Both look at the door and find Ira staring at them.

Om: Hye! Ira, when did you come?
Ira to Rudra who was with her: Till now I was doubting your name but now I really want to praise you for your newly found sensibility.
Rudra raises his collars in pride.
Aru: Which sensibility Miss. Lafantar.
Ira: Sensibility of giving you two the name.

Om confused: Which name Ira.
Ira: Tom & Jerry.
OmAdhya: Not you.
Ira innocently: Handsome you only taught me how to speak truth.
Om: Oh really.
Ira nods, Om was about to hold her ear, when she shouts and hides behind Rudra.
Ira: No, you are a colour boy.
Om: A colour boy seriously. Is it my naming ceremony going on, every few hour I am getting a new name today.
Aru: Whatever, you idiot you have spoiled my dress.
Om: As if you have designed one for me.
Aru making faces and giving a whatever look moves away.

Aru & Om’s P.O.V….

Pheww I hope so this much OmAdhya scenes were enough. THANK YOU ? for all your comments and support.

Keep smiling
Stay happy
For now signing off

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  2. Yashu

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  4. Lovely update

  5. Sanskriti120

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  6. Pratha

    Loved d paint fight, I litterely thought that there is going to be an awkward moment between them but….
    But no problem overall it was just a fab….
    Keep writing this type of lovey dovey epi

  7. Oh god omadhya??????????????
    Dear this was one heck of a laughter-gasp-squeal-gasp-eyes widened fest……
    OMG…its cho cute…Loved shivaay’s reaction at their tom and Jerry fight….Update ASAP!

  8. Amazing.. Fabulous update… loved it… Eagerly waiting for the next episode..

  9. Alekhika20

    Fab updt

  10. SURBHI

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  11. Savanshi27

    Well first of all Hello dear!!!!
    Remember me… U diappearing Angel???
    Why would u???????
    Aakhir hm Aapke hai kaun????
    Jawab bhi sunte jaiye janab??
    TU hi to Jannat meri.. tu hi mera junnon… tu hi to mannat meri.. tu hi rooh ka sukoon???
    to isliye… aap aae Bahaar aai…
    aur Ab ye mausam ka jaado has mitwaa… isiliye… Kya karun haayee.. Kuch kuch nhi bahut kuch hota hai…
    kyuki… Kora kagaj tha he maan mera… likh diya.. O’Bro and WAD Tera???
    isliye… jab aap unhi jaldi jaldi update dete ho… acchaaa Lagta hai???
    TO chale aao-ae-huzoor kyuki…
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    1. Savanshi27

      Well a small edit… it’s disappearing Angel???????

    2. Shivika22kapoor

      Correction madam you are my disappearing Cinderella and I didn’t forget you madam it’s just you who forget me always and go on disappearing mode.
      Well I never got such a musical ? comment and this was amazing.
      Thankuuuuuuu so much waisa aap yaahan kaisa pohaancha janaab.
      Chalo thankuuuuuuu sooooooo much ? agar fir Sa disappear hona Ho toh Bata Dena.
      Bye ? take care ? dear ?

  12. Chandini

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