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Hi ? guys.
Guys I had already posted this yesterday but TU didn’t post it at right place so for delay I am not responsible. Scold TU if you want not me. ? SORRY GUYS.
Guys many of you wanted a happy ending that is Om and Omika together. All of you have thought from Om’s prospective or your individual prospective but just once think from a daughter’s prospective. How can she live without her parents. Maybe they are not her real parents but still for her they are her everything. So just once think that will she be happy staying with Om, leaving her parent’s behind. What sought of happiness it would be totally incomplete and there will always be a void in Omika’s life and eventually she will start hating Om for keeping her away from her parents rather than loving him.
And for Om and Omika being together I am not very sure about that but if you guys want them to be one then you will have to wait for a long time as for that I will end this season and maybe I will get back with Season 2 of W.A.D. If you want me to do so then I will upload it’s prologue-cum-promo soon. Just tell me in the comments section.
As far as OmAdhya are concerned from now own it is there story only. There love story begins from the next episode and it would be from Aradhya’s prospective. Today’s epi is just to make Aradhya’s clear about her feelings.

Thanks alot for reading and commenting guys. Without wasting more time let’s hoop on the story.


ShivKara and Aradhya enter after some talk session with elders all the youngsters disperse to there rooms. All ask Shivaay and Aradhya about Omika and they tell them what all happened a day back. All are upset for Om but proud of his decision.
The Oberoi’s make a way to Om’s room.
Rudra keeps his hand on Om’s shoulder, who was silently unpacking his clothes. Om turns to look at Rudra and seeing him he couldn’t control and broke down. He hugged Rudra as tightly as possible and spoke
Om: You will never leave me na?
His one question broke Rudra’s heart into thousands of pieces. Rudra hugged him tighter and said
Rudra: No never.
Every single person present there couldn’t stop his or her tears from trailing down.

Aradhya gets in and throwing her luggage aside smashes the door and closes it.
She goes near her bed and finally breaks down.
She cries badly, shouting at her fate.
Her phone rings and composing herself she picks the call.
Aradhya: Hello Papa.
Surayaansh Rajput (Aradhya’s father): Are you fine Aru?
Aru: Yes papa what happened to me!
Surayaansh Rajput: Bachaa I know you share all your secrets only with your mother, but sometimes try doing that with me as well I am not that bad at keeping secrets.
Aru couldn’t control herself and started weeping and questioned her father: Papa do you miss me.
Surayaansh Rajput being confused replied: Of course beta.
Aru: Can you stay away from me for my happiness?
Surayaansh didn’t answer to her question and remained silent.
Aru: Papa please say na.
Surayaansh Rajput: When you go away from me na, you don’t take only a part of me along with you. You take my life along with you. I can’t stay in peace even for a second.
Aru sobbing harder: Why do you love me so much? Just because I am your daughter.
Surayaansh Rajput chuckles and says: If that would have been the reason then our relation wouldn’t have been this strong. For Loving you I don’t need a reason. Now say what’s bothering you.
Aru crying harder says: I AM IN LOVE WITH A FATHER.
Surayaansh shocked: What do you mean Baccha?
Aru: Papa four months back when I came here my life was as normal as ever. But then one day I meet Omkara Singh Oberoi. The way I meet him I just pitted his condition of being a drug addict but he wasn’t like other addicts papa he was helpless. He felt offended, incomplete destroyed and what not. Then in order to treat him I decided to become his friend as I thought then he would share his past with me and he did, he did that papa but his past is unbearable for me. (She starts crying harder.)
Suryaansh: Relax Baccha calm down.
Aru didn’t stop crying.

Suryaansh sternly: Stop crying Aradhya.
Aru wipes her tears hearing her dad shout at her.
Suryaansh: Is there water around you.
Aru: Hmm.
Suryaansh: Drink some water.
Aru obeys him.

Suryaansh: Now breath properly.
Aru again abides.
Suryaansh: Feeling a bit better.
Aru: Yup!
Suryaansh: Now tell everything to me but calmly.
Aru: Ji papa. Papa he got married to a women in London but she betrayed him and left him after a few months of his daughter’s birth. Actually she got him arrested first in her own fake murder case and then mishandled his daughter. She did wrong with him just to take revenge.
Aru explains him Om’s past, while he listens everything carefully.
Suryaansh: So you feel in love with him, as he had suffered so much. But I don’t think so you will fall in love just because of his past.
Aru: That’s true papa, I didn’t love him just for his past. You know once I took him to our hospital there he meet Ira.
Suryaansh: Ira??? Whose that?
Aru: Papa she is a sweetheart, she stays in the foster house adjoining our hospital, she is my bestie.
Suryaansh: Oh ho. So what happened there.
Aru: Papa seeing her Om got a new life, I saw him laughing for the first time. He was happy with someone except for his brothers, bhabhi and Saumya. I thought Ira could act as motivation for him and slowly Ira mingled with him and the rest of the family in a wonderful way. But when we came to know about Omika.
Suryaansh: Omika???? Now whose that?
Aru: Aare uff… Omika is Om’s daughter papa.
Suryaansh: Oh ok. Carry on.
Aru: So when we got to know about Omika, Om told that to Ira she became insecure and upset. And in anger demanded Om not to go and meet his daughter. Om was surprised. Aru you know what he did papa.
Suryaansh: Ji janaab.

Aru being shocked: How? What would have he done?
Suryaansh: He didn’t go right.
Aru was more shocked hearing him and asked: How do you know?
Suryaansh: Hmm. You won’t understand now.
Aru: Aare please papa don’t say the typical dialogue.
Suryaansh: Which typical dialogue?
Aru: That only ” You will understand once you have your own kids.”
Suryaansh laughs: Haahaaa Haahaaa that’s true but I will tell this to you on the right time.
Aru giving in sighs: Fine. He didn’t go to meet Omika as he couldn’t see Ira upset but then after making Ira fine he went to meet Omika. And over there he just asked for one day to be spent with his daughter and then he will never meet her. You know papa I thought to find that what I have for him is love or not, so I decided to test him but his love, care, truthfulness, genuineness everything took my heart away. How can a father love his kids so much that for her happiness he left her. Why did he do that papa? Why papa?? Why??? All this is haunting me.
Saying so she again started sobbing.
Suryaansh: Puttar love can’t be tested nor it has any condition. Now you only tell me if when you wanted to go for higher studies I had sent you even after knowing that I won’t be in peace without you, still I had sent you. You know why?
Aru: Because that’s my dream.

Suryaansh: Right. And if I snatch your dream from you just to fulfil my wish of being with my daughter will that make you happy.
Aru confused yet innocently: No.
Suryaansh: So in order to fulfil your dream I sacrificed my wish. Similarly, Omika’s wish is her parents and Om’s dream is to be with his daughter. For his daughter’s happiness he sacrificed his dream. And for Ira he was ready to do the same. Sometimes it’s not about our happiness, at times it’s about the happiness of our loved ones. If I had not allowed you to fulfil your dream you would have been with me but you would never had been happy and how could I be happy seeing you upset. Kuch pana ka liya kuch khona toh padta hi hai beta.(In order to get something you have to loose something my dear.)
Aru: You miss me na papa.
Suryaansh: Hmm. Of course I miss you.
Aru: Papa.
Suryaansh: Kaho kya baat hai baccha. (Say what’s the matter my dear child.)
Suryaansh smiled: And know what was this for.
Aru: For always being there for me. After ma you loved me like anything, although you were broken still you took care of me, held me. And THANK YOU for always loving my mumma.
Suryaansh smiled and with moist eyes said: Aare bass kar. Bewakoofon wali baatain kar rahi hai tun.
(Aare stop it. You are talking like a fool.)
Aru: Don’t cry papa, you tears break me.
Suryaansh: I am not crying.
Aru: Stop lying to me I know you well.
Suryaansh: Aacha. Leave all that what are you planning to do.
Au: You have done masters in changing the topic.
Suryaansh: No PHd.
Both chuckle.
Aru: I don’t know but after talking to you I am feeling much better. Will you accept him, if he agrees.
Suryaansh: The way you explained him, if he loves you back with same sincerity then maybe yes.
Aru with lots of emphasis: MAYBE.
Suryaansh: Yes maybe.
Aru: Papa you are very bad.

Suryaansh: Aare stop it first he should agree and I think so he won’t.
Aru: I too know that.
Suryaansh: Then.
Aru: I am not going to tell him.
Suryaansh: Madam Rajput kabhi bhi lada bina haar nahi manta.
(Madam Rajput’s don’t accept defeat without fighting.)
Aru: Oh hello! This is Hitler’s dialogue.
Suryaansh in warning tone: Baccha He is my father and your grandfather so talk with respect.
Aru making faces: Fine. Whatever.
Suryaansh: Ok now cheer up and start your new journey with positivity and remember one thing always that love never needs to be loved back, if that happens then it will be selfishness not love.
Aru: Ji papa.
Suryaansh: You got to be very strong.
Aru: Yup! You are there na.
Suryaansh: Always Baccha. You may not win this one.
Aru: Ya I already know that I am the only one to loose but still I will try. It’s a win win situation for me isn’t it.
Suryaansh: Of course.
Aru: Bye papa.
Suryaansh: Take care dear.
Aru: You too.


Sorry for no OMADHYA scene today but from next epi it will be just them till the end.

Keep smiling
Stay happy
For now signing off

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  1. Fabulous…im totally speechless yaar..Wonderful episode of Fathers Love..

  2. Yashu

    Loved it yaar…awesome…..

  3. Pratha

    I really want that u write as per ur convenience n there is no need to separate omika from her parents as ur pov is correct n I also agree with you ….
    Pl. Post OMADHYA from next one as u said in ur precap don’t disappoint me…

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Oh dear I promise to post OmAdhya’s part for sure in the next one. I won’t make you guys wait for long. And about Om and Omika I have posted the promo please do check that and let me know what you like more I will try my best to meet your expectations.
      GN SD TC ?

  4. ur pov and ur writing always surprise me. u r fab . i m following this ff from first episode and ur every episode makes me laugh cry angry and share lots more emotion with each character.

    yes u r right its not good to separate omika from her family but om omoika can share a student mentor bonding and can meet her original family.
    but it is just my pov ,u can develope the story according to ur pov.

    thank u for sharing a good ff with us thank u once again

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Hi ? dear I am really glad that you like my work and about Om and Omika I am hell confused. I have posted season 2 promo you can check it out by tomorrow morning and in that I will include everything like teacher student bond that you want. But if you didn’t like the promo then I will include that thing in this season only but I am really not sure how. So just spare me for this and do tell me what do you want I will try my best to get things upto ur expectations.
      And THANKS ALOT for reading and supporting me it means alot dear.
      Gn sd tc ?

  5. Amore

    OYEEEE!!!! repost??? *pout* isse better k next chappy post karti… yahan mai curiosity se paagal ho rahi hu *pout*


    just a thing to say today which am remembering “aata hai jab jab tu mere dar par ghayal dil aur dhadkan banjar ghayal dil aur dhadkan banjar haldi mali jo ghav pe tohre har zakhm mera hara ho gaya ye kya ho gaya…. prem me tohre”?????????????????

  7. It is awesome dear…. Simply fabulous

  8. Samm

    i can’t think of anything else besides the precap! finally, it’s coming!! 😀

  9. Wonderful… Post next part ASAP.. Eagerly waiting ?

  10. Wonderful part….om and rudra that one scene even though it was small I loved it so much and I am waiting to get omadhya scenes….what nice father aru has got i am in lov with your writing sweety
    Lov you????

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Oh my princess I can’t explain how glad I am that u noticed OmRu’s part. Btw I have a complain from u and that is why aren’t u posting ur ff please kardo post it’s high time. ?
      GN SD TC

  11. Amazing update…

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