Hi ? guys THANKS ALOT FOR YOUR COMMENTS I am really happy after reading them.
Plus many of you asked why is Om leaving Omika the reason is in this part only and that too by Om, he will be justifying his own act.
Plus their is no ending note for this part as I felt to like leaving it in a sync. I hope so you guys will enjoy this one.


Om introduces all of them to Omika and they just get flattered by that cute little angel . And he introduces everyone to Omika she gets really happy and excited seeing everyone.
Anika: How are you Omika?
Omika: I am fine. Thank you.
Ira comes: What’s going on buddy?
She asks Rudra.
Rudra: Come her you little pantar.
Ira sees Om and she smiles widely.
Ira: Hye! Handsome how are you?

Omika: Whose she?
Ira: Hi! I am Ira.
Om: Ira is my bestie and Ira she is Omika.
Anika: Billu ji what are you doing in kitchen?
Om: He is making Manchurian and chowmin.
Anika: Waah billu ji aapna wahan bhi aapna khana pakana ka jalwa dikhana shuru kar Diya.
(WOW billu ji (Mr. Cat) you began to show your cooking (in Hindi) magic their as well.)
Shivaay: Anika it’s called cooking.
Anika: Haan khana banana kahungi toh kya aapka Manchurian ka singh nikal aayenga na.
(Ya if I will say cooking (in Hindi) will your Manchurian grow horns.)
Shivaay gives her what the wuck look.

Omika: What?
Om translates for her and she begins laughing holding her stomach and pinching Shivaay’s cheeks says
Omika: Catty.
Back in Oberoi mansion all the youngsters burst out laughing hearing which Dadi, Pinky and Jhanvi also come there to enquire whether every thing is all right and then they are also introduced to Omika.
Dadi: Omika she looks so much like Om.
All get tensed hearing this and try diverting the topic.
Ira: Hye! Handsome where is my Miss. Latalpatal.
Omika: Whose this Latal…la…la…la…. What?

Ira: Miss. Latalpatal.
Om: Miss. Chatterbox. (he translates)
Omika: Oh. So whose she.
From door: Me.
Ira: So where are you give us your darshaan.
Aru comes near the phone.

Aru: Hello Miss. Lafantar.
Omika: Now what’s that.
Aru: It means something like….
She pokes Om to supply her with an apt word. Who nods negatively and says
Om: I don’t know.
Saumya: Someone who is really notorious.
Aru: Yup!
Omika: Oh ok.
Omika: So you are Miss. Chatter box.
Aru: Yes. Hi I am the one.

Omika shaking her hand says
Omika: Hi I am Omika.
Aru nods.
Shivaay: Aradhya please pass the pepper.
Aru passes.
Shivaay: Can you cut these vegetables mean while.
He passes a tray, Aru takes it and looks at vegetables in really a weird way and then begins chopping while rest are talking.
Shivaay looks at the vegetables that Aru is cutting.

Shivaay shouts: What are you doing Aradhya?
Aradhya looks at him confused and while Om and Omika look at the vegetables.
Om sarcastically says: She’s murdering vegetables.
Aru makes an innocent face and says
Aru: Actually I have never entered kitchen in my entire life.

ShivKara look at each other.
Rudra: Aare show me what has Aru di done.
Om shows him the vegetables which have been cut as if someone has taken out the entire anger on them.
All start laughing seeing the vegetables. Omika holds a slice of carrot and puts it in her mouth seeing which all laugh harder.
Aru: Stop it guys! Fine I don’t know even C of cooking.
Om: Leave C Aradhya you don’t know even a single thing about cooking.
Aru: So what’s the big deal. I am a doctor not a chef.
Seeing everyone laugh she points the knife at Om in irritation.
Aru: I don’t know how to cut vegetables but I know how to cut people. Stop laughing or I will do your open heart surgery.

Om diverting the knife: For the first time I have heard such a weird medical warning. Do you scare your patients also like this.
Ira: Yup! She would say to her patients eat the medicine or I will dig your stomach and plant trees there.
All again start laughing.
Aru: Fine. Can we stop it guys.

All nod but being unable to control again burst out laughing.
After a while they stop.
Rudra: All right Omika tell us whom do you like more among three brothers.
All look excitedly at her and she gives a confused look as she doesn’t want to hurt anyone. That’s when Ira come up with an idea
Ira: Look it’s really simple she doesn’t like anyone of you (all look upset and even Omika gets shocked but gets happy hearing what Ira says next) she likes O BRO’S the most.
Anika: Hmm clever haan.
Ira raises her collar in approval.

Rudra cribs: No. You have to name one.
Omika again gets confused and expectantly look at Ira again.
Ira: Why No? You guys only keep saying one for all and all for one. Isn’t it billu ji.
Shivaay nods in approval while All smile.
Omika: Thank you Ira.
Ira: No need we are just like friends-cum-sisters.

Saying this she blinks at Om who smiles back at her naughtiness.
Omika: Really.
Ira: Yup! Is there any thing to ask.
Omika: You know what Ira, I don’t have any siblings but after meeting you I feel so good.
Ira: Ditto.
Omika: Ditto???

Ira: Same to same.
Omika: Oh.
Both begin to talk with each other like they are long lost friends or sisters (just the way we talk with our bestie or sister).
All look shocked as their presence goes unnoticed as both the girls are so indulged in chatting that they forget the rest.
Anika: Aare guys even we are here.
Both look at her.

Ira: Fine. We will continue later.
Shivaay: Is anything left. You guys have spoken about like everything your schools, your countries, family, cartoons, friends, games, hobbies, books, studies. I mean like everything and still you are saying that you will continue later it has been an hour Ira.
Ira: So is it my mistake that you don’t know how to talk.
Omika: Right Mr. Catty let us talk.
All look at each other in disbelief.

Shivaay: Yeh dono toh Anika ko bhi bak bak Mai maat deti hain.
(They both are even ahead of Anika in blabbering.)
Anika: Did you say something billu ji.
Shivaay realising that she is there says “NO”.
Om: Anyways right now food is ready so let’s eat something.

The phone is closed and lunch is set.
Om feeds Omika with his hands she gets confused by his action but on seeing love, care and affection in his eyes she abides. Astonishingly even she has the art of reading eyes which is so much like Om.
Aru leaves after lunch.

Omika and Om have spent maximum part of the day talking and painting with each other and teasing Shivaay who has now a days become the most favourite prey of all.
Omika is presently showing ShivKara her paintings.
Om: WOW it’s beautiful.
Omika smiles.
Omika: This is my first painting handsome.

[After knowing that Ira calls Om handsome even she calls him handsome now.]
Om holds it in his hand and creases it a smile appears on his face, although the painting wasn’t very neatly drawn but that was the best painting Om had ever seen.
Omika: Can I gift this to you?
Om looks at her emotionally: Why?

Omika: Just like that I have meet my inspiration, my hero for the very first time I wanted to give this to you.
Om: I will always keep it safe with me doll.
Omika smiled and Om keeps the painting.

Omika: Mommy and dada haven’t come yet and I am feeling really tired.
Om: It’s okay you can sleep we will wait for your mom and dad.
Omika: But I don’t get sleep without mommy.
Om a bit awkwardly yet willingly: Shall I make you sleep.
Omika smilingly: Okay.
Om picks her up in his arms and walking around the garden begins to narrate a story to her after a while she falls asleep on his shoulder.
Shivaay holding Om’s shoulder
Shivaay: She has slept Om tuck her on her bed.

Om: No Shivaay at least not till I have to leave from here.
Shivaay: We can take her with us Om.
Om: No Shivaay.
Shivaay trying hard to convince him: Look Om we can give her a better life and she will have you as well.
Om: Shivaay ya we can supplement all her needs but I will never be able to give her a mother. The love she has got from the Owen’s is incomparable and that to at that time when she needed it otherwise god knows where she would have been now. I can’t snatch a daughter from her mother. I can give her everything but I can’t give her that love and care which Owen’s have given in past four years, what ever she is today she is due to them not me and please Shivaay no further discussion on this.

Saying so he moves from there patting Omika’s back while she is sleeping peaceful in his arms. What the Oberoi brothers didn’t notice was the presence of Owen couple and Aradhya there. They enter the house and ShivKara see them.
Emily moves forward to take Omika in her arms but

Om: Can I put her to bed.
Emily nods.
Om takes Omika to her room and lays her down on bed and covers her with a duvet. He then cresses her face and kisses her forehead gently. Then he switches the lights off and moves towards the door and once he looks back at her.
Shivaay: It’s time to go.
Om nods and closing the door he leaves.

Om: Thank you so much.
Michael: It’s okay.
Om hands him a card.
Om: This is my number if in any case you need any help feel free to contact me.
Michael: No no.
Om cuts him: I can never pay you back for what you did for me but please if ever and by any means I could be of any help to you then feel free to contact me.
Owen’s nod in agreement.

ShivKara and Aru leave.

They all come to a beach, Om walks towards a bench and sits there while Shivaay accompanies him but Aru prefers to stay back.
Shivaay in a very calm tone: Why? Why did you do this Om?
Om instead of answering, questions him back
Om: Why? Why did you do that?

Shivaay confused: What? What did I do?
Om looks at him and with eyes filled with guilt, pain and sorrow says
Om: Why did you let me go away 6 yrs back to London? Why did you send me far from yourself?
Shivaay being unable to answer looks at the sea waves.
Om himself answers: It was all because you wished for my happiness isn’t it?
Shivaay nods.
Om: Similarly the way you cared for your son (indicating at himself) , I am caring for my daughter.
Shivaay looks at him and Om hugs him tightly and breaks down completely. Shivaay cares his hair and back and tries to pacify him.

Om: Why is love all about sacrificing Shivaay?
Shivaay: That’s not always true.

The sky again changed it’s colour from blue to crimson, from orange to copper, from brown to black. The sun submerged to be born on the other side of earth. The moon paved it’s way to conquer the dark night to make it shine in it’s own moonlight. The breeze blew playing with face of the two bench mates. The only sound to be herd far and wide was of the dripping water, it stroke hard on the pebbles & stones and made the beach laugh in the joy of pain of the two bench mates.

Only three things were to be seen far and wide
The two men, song of the tide and the slow shedding tears from the eyes of the spectator.
The night flew the sun stormed back, beach was once again lively with children playing, people laughing and the monotonous sound of the passer by all fell on the ears so deprived of joy. Both looked at the surroundings and then at each other expressionless although deep inside the heart the pain was felt, silently they left their companion of night and made their way back home.


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  11. Fabulous… Amazing… loved it to the core… Eagerly waiting for the next episode… plz post soon…

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